Our Current House

This house was love at first sight for us… even if the sight of it might have been a little unnerving to other buyers (think blue trim, wallpaper everywhere, lumpy carpets, and a leaky roof). We’d saved our pennies for years and dreamed of getting into this sweet kid-friendly neighborhood – always hoping a house that needed lots of work would come up for sale (we definitely couldn’t afford any of the already-renovated ones). After seven years, one finally did! So here she blows.

Note: This house is still very much in the “just getting started” phase, but here’s a floor plan and a video tour to help you get your bearings.

– The Front -

Here’s what it looked like when we first laid eyes on it.

And here it is now on a nice sunny day, after getting some dangerous trees removed, replacing the leaking roof, adding a new coat of paint on the freshly repaired trim & siding, and painting the front door. We also got the yard leveled and then seeded it this fall, so that’s coming along slowly.

- The Portico -

The little portico off the front of the house charmed us from day one.

We love it even more now that we’ve removed the slatted screen door and painted the sidelights white like the trim, along with painting the door bright teal.

- The Garage -

The side of the house with the garage wasn’t bad to start with at all.

But it definitely looks crisper thanks to the new paint job on the freshly repaired siding. We can’t wait to paint the cream doors a dark tone (either black like the shutters or charcoal like the roof) and we switched out the light for something a little bigger and less rusty, but we’re not sure we love it yet.

- The Foyer -

Here’s the foyer as it looked on move-in day.

And here it is now that we removed those dark heavy doors that blocked access to the kitchen, stripped the wallpaper, painted the blue trim white, and gave the walls a fresh coat of paint. We also hung a new light fixture & art, painted the ceiling, and dealt with the dingy grout.

- The Stairs -

Our stairs started out with blue trim and balusters as well as an old stained stair runner.

Here they are now after a complete overhaul (new trim paint, spindle paint, stain for the railings, and a new runner to name a few).

- The Half Bathroom -

Here’s the half bathroom before.

And this is it now that we’ve removed the old wallpaper, painted the trim and walls, hung a new mirror, finished painting the vanity, and hung some art and a secondhand light as well as replacing the faucet. We’re planning a deeper room makeover down the line once we save our pennies (perhaps with a tiled accent wall or some grasscloth wallpaper?) but we love that we could find some cheap secondhand charm in the meantime.

- The Dining Room -

The dining room is full of more wallpaper and blue trim.

All we’ve done is plop down our furniture and remove the wallpaper, but we’d love to update everything from those corner built-ins to the walls and light fixture down the line.

- The Living Room -

Here’s our salmon pink living room as it looked when we got the house.

We’ve painted the salmon walls and whitewashed the brick. Next on the agenda is to paint all of the wood trim a glossy white color to lighten and brighten this whole room (along with adding curtains to cozy things up). Adding coffered beams and perhaps a soft blue tone on the ceiling is on our wish-list too.

- The Office -

The office is a room that gets great light and we loved the bay window from first sight.

Here’s how it looks now, after removing the curtains, cleaning/sealing the original hardwoods, painting all of that blue trim, and adding a secondhand desk. We’re hoping to tackle wall paint as well as a full office makeover soon (we need storage, a craft/photography area, etc), so we’ll keep you posted.

- The Kitchen -

The kitchen is a really dark room with wood everywhere (on the cabinets, the walls, and even around that fluorescent light!). The faux brick linoleum flooring and stained laminate counter aren’t doing the room any favors either.

We like to live in a house for at least a year before doing any major kitchen or bathroom gut-jobs (to see how we use a space instead of rushing into anything right away). But we love making inexpensive interim updates with things like paint, which we call Phase 1 (more on that here). So far we’ve removed a few cabinets, snagged a crazy-deal of a table, painted the trim & paneling, painted the walls, patched/painted the ceiling and replaced the lights, hung some open shelves, painted the upper cabinets, and stained the lower cabinets. Still want to update the counters and the floors…

- The Master Bedroom -

All of the rooms upstairs had old stained and threadbare carpet, so the master wasn’t feeling very masterful.

So far we’ve painted the cream trim and doors white, and replaced the old carpeting with hardwoods that we laid right before we moved in along with painting the walls. We can’t wait to add some built-ins behind the bed to make those windows look centered and to hang some window treatments among a few other furniture/art related things.

- The Master Sink Nook -

Beyond having a bathroom with a tub/shower/sink/toilet, there’s an additional sink out in a nook that’s off of our bedroom. Here’s a before shot:

And here’s the sink nook now. So far we’ve ripped up some old carpeting along with painting the walls and trim, hanging a nice big window-ish mirror, stenciling the floor, and updating the vanity by adding shelves and new hardware along with refinishing it.

- The Master Bathroom –

Things in there looked like this when we moved in:

So far we’ve removed the glass shower doors, hung a curtain nice and high, removed the wallpaper, prepped the walls, and then painted them along with adding a border of molding for a pop of color on top. Eventually we’d love to combine the choppy sink nook and master bathroom to make one spacious room with a nice large double sink (instead of having a wall that divides one small sink from the other).

- The Master Closet -

Here’s what our closet looked when we got the house.

And here it is now, with a $5 yard sale mirror and a hand-me-down dresser along with some fresh paint on the walls and trim (and of course those stenciled floors since it connects to the sink nook). We’d love to add some built-in drawers and shelves to really customize it so we can store a lot more in there down the line.

-Upstairs Hallway -

This is probably the area that has come the furthest so far, so here’s the before.

This is what it looks like now that we tore up the old carpet, painted all the blue trim and doors, laid new hardwood floors, painted the walls, and got new light fixtures. Next we’d like to add some substantial wainscoting along the bottom half of the wall, hang art, and do some crown molding.

- Clara’s Room -

Clara’s bedroom had old carpeting and more of that blue trim going on before.

Here’s the room now that we painted all the blue trim, laid new hardwood floors, and hung some curtains. We also painted the walls and the ceiling (along with Clara’s closet), made a canopy for over her bed, and added crown molding. And our most recent addition to the room were some colorful painted raindrops along with a playful pink closet door thanks (to Clara’s “designer input”) and a wall of fun for her to interact with.

- The Nursery -

This room started out with more musty carpeting and some pretty intense mauve trim and doors.

Here it is now that we painted all the pink trim, laid new hardwood floors, got a rug, added built-ins to each corner of the crib wall, tackled some baby bedding, hung some extra thick crown molding, filled up the built-ins, made some curtains, added a cabinet for open storage and diaper changes, and made a mobile for over the crib. We still have a few other things to do in here, but we’re definitely excited to be in the home stretch.

- The Guest Bedroom / Craft Room -

This was another room with dingy cream trim and old carpeting like our master bedroom.

Once again we painted all the trim, laid new hardwood floors, and plopped down our furniture. We even hung the curtains from our last house’s dining room. Still have to paint the walls and figure out some long-term furniture things along with hanging art, getting a light fixture, etc.

- The Hall Bathroom -

The hall bathroom upstairs boasts two shell shaped sinks (we have five of those total in this house), along with some old damaged floor and shower tile.

So far we just added some faux wood blinds for privacy, some new mirrors, and some bright bathroom-y accessories (nothing says “don’t stare at the cracked tile” like some faux tulips). We also hung the shower curtain nice and high, which helps to cover up some of the bad tile in the shower.

- Laundry Nook -

This is the laundry nook at the end of the hall as it looked when we bought the house.

Here it is now, pretty much the same except the blue trim is now white,the old carpet is hardwood flooring, and our old washer died so we got new appliances. We’d love to eventually build out the cabinetry so it’s balanced, bring in frosted doors to block the sound, and maybe even add a tiled accent area along the back wall. Someday…

- Unfinished Storage Room -

This is room that you access if you turn right at the laundry nook. We’d love to finish it eventually to create a bunkroom and movie-room for older kiddos way down the line, and in the meantime it’s pretty great for storing holiday stuff and extra ceramic animals. So there won’t be a progress photo for a while, but we’re already excited about how much fun this room will be someday…

- The Varanda (said ironically with a fancy accent) -

This space started out as a fishbowl-feeling sunroom full of old carpet. Nearly every sliding door was broken, so it sealed us off from the deck, and the glass doors were constantly fogging up to obscure the view.

We realized that opening it up to the deck would add a lot more function for our family (now there’s a shaded area with easy flow to the rest of the outdoor space), so we ripped up the old carpet and removed the old broken doors. We also lofted the ceiling and got some electrical work done, as well as installing a blue beadboard ceiling (plank by plank) and hanging two fans to keep cool and ward off mosquitoes. Our next step it to lay some outdoor-friendly tile and eventually furnishing the space to create a fun loungey area to hang out in like this. Maybe even with an outdoor fireplace someday…

- The Back Deck -

The deck was in rough shape when we bought the house.

Here it is now that we got the perilous tree outta there (we actually would have loved to save it but the inspector and an arborist friend of ours said it had to go) and painted the trim and siding. We also patched the hole left by the tree and stripped and re-stained the deck.

- The Back Of The House -

The back of the house was pretty brown looking thanks to the rotting roof and the cream trim & siding.

Thankfully the new darker roof, white trim, and putty colored siding make it feel more dimensional and balanced to us. We also have plans to paint that back door as well as the utility box to help it blend a bit more, and have been talking about the possibility of adding black shutters to the sides and back of the house like the ones in the front.

- The Backyard -

The backyard was a little lacking in grass when we moved in, so we knew we’d have some leveling and seeding to do.

We also wanted to add some more year-round privacy when it comes to the woods that border our yard (all of those trees lose their leaves in the winter and the house feels a lot less nestled). So we leveled the yard and seeded some grass along with planting some privacy-providing evergreens that should fill in like a nice dense fence. Eventually we’d love to redo that old cracked walkway and reseed the grass so it comes in nice and thick.

In summary: we’ve got big plans for this baby. And thankfully we’ve learned that we’re hopelessly in love with the act of upgrading a house (we did this stuff for fun far before we did this as an actual job). So the journey is even more exciting than the destination is for us (more on that here). We’ve also learned just to take things one day/project/victory at a time to avoid getting too overwhelmed. And seriously, is there anything more fun than crossing things off of a giant list? (NO. The answer is NO).