May Superlatives: Ninja Turtles & Hairy Sherry

As our freshly painted stools dry in the sunroom (woot! pics tomorrow!) we thought we’d finally catch up on the May superlatives that we owe you (sorry to those who have been asking about them!). So here’s a look back at all the stuff that we check off in May. We even tossed in some never-before-seen stuff for kicks. You can check out all of our superlatives dating back to January of 2011 right here (it’s over a year of projects crammed into 16 posts). Plus, since I got to play model a lot this month (hair model, permit-getting model, etc) I threw in a new shot of me sporting next season’s hottest look at the end of this round-up. Just remember you saw it here first.

Biggest Party Girl: Clara, who was pumped for her 2nd birthday party this month… or at least pumped for some of the supplies we bought.

Wormiest: Clara’s birthday party, which was a fun, color, and worm filled day thanks to the theme that the birthday girl selected herself.

Most Gigantic: Clara, at least in comparison to the sweet family of pigs that reside in the new dollhouse that we built

… and decorated for her.

Tidiest: Our new and improved bathroom drawer, after it got a little re-organizing and de-disasterizing as part of our organization week.

Most Secretive: Our storage ottoman (and other kiddie storage areas), which now houses a bunch of secret surplus toys that we can cycle in and out without having a sea of toys all over the place all the time.

Simplest: Sherry’s beauty routine, along with other ways we shared for keeping life simple around here.

Prettiest: Our reorganized Projects section that’s now been beautified with the addition of project thumbnails for easier browsability.

Most Appreciated: The new light in our kitchen (Ikea’s Aläng) because it’s finally bringing some illumination to a side of the room that’s been shadowed for months.

Dirtiest: My basement workshop, which I shamefully owned up to. It’s been in a crazy state of disarray and still hasn’t improved much since admitting this, although I did share some updated shots here.

Most Likely To Embrace The Chaos: Us, as we chatted about taking your time and enjoying the journey that is DIY.

Most Level Headed: Me (but only on occasion). Like when I managed to get a fairly straight picture of our new hall bathroom fixture whilst serving as a tripod and balancing the camera on my head.

Class Shopaholic: Sherry, for this “window shopping” post where we shared our latest loves (this time at Target). We gotta get back into more store-cruising posts thanks to all of the love you guys showed for it!

Most Likely To Contain A Hosta Pun: This post, which was all about using what we had (some spare hostas) to upgrade our weedy mailbox garden…

… and add a bit more greenery to our work-in-progress planting bed out front.

Most Likely To Become A Teenage Mutant Ninja: This turtle that we added (along with some hydrangeas and petunias) to our patio. He wins the award for no other reason than being a turtle. C’mon – have you ever heard of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Hydrangea?

Oh and we also transplanted some already-owned boxwoods to the planters on our front porch (update: haven’t killed them yet!):

Math Nerd Alert: Me, for using algebra to relocate and rehang these two Alaska botanical prints between our bedposts.

Most Potential: The “alley” where our new deck is gonna go, according to this plan of attack that we outlined here.

Best Score: This giant 9 x 12′ rug for our bedroom, that we scored at a $1,000+ discount at a local tent sale. Holla!

The Brick-Breaker Award: Clearing out the area where our new deck will go, which involved hauling over 100 bricks from an area that we previously dubbed “the shrine.”

Most Noodled: Our bedroom, which in addition to the rug and art change, was sporting new lamps and pillows by the end of the month too. It’s far from complete, but our new rug is definitely inspiring us to keep working in here!

Most Likely To Get Wood: Us… for our deck (get your mind out of the gutter people) after weighing lots of options, and making the decision to skip composite and go for pressure-treated wood.

Most Chipper: This super fast and cheap ($0!) hidden clipboard project that Sherry made for our microwave cabinet (to help keep our menus and grocery lists handy). Sometimes it’s the little things.

Hairiest: Sherry, actually – at least after giving me a DIY haircut that we finally documented for everyone to see. And I got to be a hair model for the first time. Not sure how I feel about it (embarrassed. mostly embarrassed).

Best Dressed: Me, in the “permit getting outfit” that helped boost my confidence to get the permit to build our new deck. High five.

Most Likely To Rock The Runway: All of the rugs that strutted their stuff in our little kitchen rug “fashion show” to help us pin down the perfect color and design.

Worst Dressed: Also me, for this lovely look at Clara’s birthday party. But c’mon, what dad wouldn’t see the new ballerina skirt that his daughter was gifted and immediately think “this needs to go on my head.”

What’d your May look like? Any major (or minor) projects checked off? Have you ever made a list of accomplishments to look back on? Feel free to use the comment section of this post to list what you’ve done (or just toss out a few highlights). It’s always fun to take a break from adding things to the to-do list for a second, just to look back and appreciate the things that are done-zo. We totally think it helps keep our momentum up – especially when it comes to tackling things like our big deck project, some kitchen stool painting and some tile-updating in the master bathroom among at least a dozen other things at the top of our list. What are you guys most looking forward to tackling this month?


  1. says

    The picture of the dollhouse took me back to Christmas as a child. My mother stayed up all night hand crafting a dollhouse for my sister and me, gluing in the carpeting, painting and sanding tiny furniture. Great blog. Thanks!

    Betsey- San Diego Home Remodels

  2. Allen says

    This has nothing to do with anything, but;

    This morning I saw a commercial for the new Dremel MAX and immediately thought to myself, ‘Ooo, I bet John would love that!’

    While I enjoy living vicariously through you guys in a number of ways, I think it might be time for me to put down the laptop, step away and participate in my OWN life!


    • Wendy says

      Have you guys tried the Dremel on Burger’s nails? I used to use it for my dog and it’s awesome. I just used a regular sanding band. Just hold it to the edge of the nail for a second or two at a time – if you pull it away and then do it again it won’t get as hot (as opposed to holding it on there for 10 seconds straight).

    • says

      Genius! I just worry the sound alone would spook Burger. He’s not very good at letting us hold his paws. Haha. We have to get the vet to cut his nails when he’s there since he’s such a thrasher. Haha.


  3. Amy says

    My husband ALWAYS puts our 2-year-old son’s pajamas on his head, so you’re in good company, John. :)

  4. says

    Haha, I have a few photos of family members where the tutu on the head too! But ours was bright pink with glitter!!!

    Our May was busy too… my little girl’s birthday, planting a ton of flowers, making new flower beds, organizing the house… gotta love this time of year!

    Can’t wait to see the stools and your deck too! We’re about to make a small deck too. :)

    • says

      We chatted a little bit about that here. We basically just tackle things and post our progress in real time (across several posts if it’s complicated and just one if it’s quick).


  5. Carly Walsh says

    We had a new exterior door put last month. As it exciting as it was the reason for the new door was not! Our mudroom was broken into in the fall and Mr. Robber tried the door first. The new door was the big project checked off of our list!

  6. says

    Okay, I know this sounds awfully weird that I would see/notice this in your bathroom drawer pic…but do you guys have EIGHT containers of dental floss? haha If so, that would explain why you both have loverly pearly-whites. ;)

  7. Brenda says

    This was all just May? Crazy. And even though I’ve read all the posts, it was worth it to re-read about them for the shot of John with a skirt on his head. So, so worth it.

  8. Kathi says

    I’m sure you know this already, but your book is available for pre-order on Amazon!! Really good price too so I just ordered…can’t wait to see it!

  9. Brynn says

    In May we signed contracts on our first house! Soon I can start putting to use all the stuff I have learned from you two!

  10. Ally says

    I think the “PINK TUTU ON HEAD” look should have been the real “PERMIT GETTING OUTFIT” :)


  11. Stephanie says

    It’s totally logical to put tutu’s on your head. I find that kids think anything on the head is hysterical.

    My May didn’t really consist of me personally doing that much but I did get a lot done.

    I closed on a condo. I had the plumbing and electricity repaired. Moved in. My cousin and uncle changed my locks, put on a storm door, helped me put bulbs in all lights (my cousin is like 6’4″, easier than me getting on a step stool!), removed a cabinet, removed a TV stand in a bedroom, removed tub door, fixed closet doors. I also had to get my dryer repaired. And then I got cable. And then I got cable fixed b/c they didn’t install it right the first time.

    Oh and I bought 2905089895 things to make the condo function. Like a can opener. Because it’s really hard to open a can without one I’ve discovered.

  12. Suzannah says

    Yes, well – the tutu suits you, John. I’ll post a pic on your facebook of my uncle feeling just the same thing when I was about Clara’s age and received a tutu. This has got to be one of my all-time favorites of him. Perfect impression of a flower child…

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