October Superlatives

It’s that time again! When we take a moment to look back on all that we’ve done in the past month at a glance (and gather all the links in one handy place for ya). And of course we tossed in some never-before-seen stuff to spice things up. This month we were all over the place as usual, from doing a bunch of kitchen things to dipping into a few office projects, some landscaping tasks, and even a few Halloween crafts. So let’s take a walk down memory lane, with yearbook-esque superlatives (you know, just for kicks).

Most Destructive: Demoing out our fridge cabinet, which officially kicked off to the kitchen makeover madness.

Best Timing: Our long-awaited appliance purchases, which allowed us to save nearly 1,400 big ones.

Best Moves: Swapping the location of our fridge and pantry by moving them to opposite sides of the kitchen to improve the flow (look how intense Sherry is when she moves big things).

Best Removes: Taking out our wall oven, its cabinet, some counters, and our cooktop to make way for our new appliances.

Thriftiest: Fun secondhand finds from our road trip to Brevard, NC for my cousin’s wedding.

Cutest Couple: Clara and her BFF Gee (she named him herself) all packed and ready to go on our little weekend road trip. Sidenote: Good thing the cabinets are keeping an eye on them.

Cutest Couple (Runner Up): A tie between Sherry & Katie’s very giggly performance and me & Jeremy’s Sprite-tastic cameo in this Q&A video from the Bower’s visit to Richmond.

Worst Looking: Our kitchen in the midst of some electrical work so that our new appliances had a place to plug in.

Most Killer: Stenciling the walls of our office, which took Sherry three 4.5 hour installments to finish. A killer process, but we think it’s a killer result.

Most Likely To Include Ceramic Animals: The “Curator’s Collection” that we had the honor of creating over on Joss & Main (it’s completely normal to get hyper about dog lamps and map art, right?).

Cheekiest: Our office chairs, which got a few coats of green paint and bold new upholstery.

“Gone To the Dark Side” Award: The bottom half of our office walls, which look a lot more grounded now that we painted them a darker grey color.

Least Likely To Take Themselves Too Seriously: The personal, bright, and sentimental art solutions that we made for our office, which provide a nice visual break from the daily grind (and only set us back $13).

Sloppiest: Clara’s finger-painting skillz on our psychedelic kid-friendly Halloween pumpkins.

Spookiest: Our mildly creepy Halloween decorations, including bloody candles, white wooden snakes, and green apples and gourds.

Most Hair Raising: The spider that tried to thwart our quickie mum upgrade to our front porch. I’ll spare you guys the close up pic of our girl “Charlotte” again.

Most Open: The view of our front yard, now that our bush fence is gone.

Most Open (Runner Up): Outlining a few of our kitchen decisions (and indecisions) including the addition of some open shelving.

Most Grounded: The new flooring that we’ve chosen for our kitchen – some dark cork purchased on sale at Lumber Liquidators.

Most Well Rounded: The penny tile that we chose for our new kitchen backsplash (so glad Clara approves).

“The White Stuff” Award: Our decision to forgo granite and use white Corian counters in our kitchen.

Deal of the Month: Saving over $300 on cabinets by getting them at the ReStore instead of the home improvement store.

Most Likely To Catch Flies: KB & SP as they announced the return of the Pinterest Challenge, open mouths and all.

So there’s our October at a glance. Can you believe it’s already November? What did you guys knock out last month? Have you ever made a list of accomplishments to look back on? If not, feel free to use the comments of this post to break down what you’ve done. It’s so nice to take a break from adding things to The List while appreciating what we’ve completed. Just for a second. Then it’s back to the kitchen. By this time next week there should be a giant 8′ opening into the dining room. Raise your hand open your mouth if you’re excited.

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