Budget Blooms: May Madness

As most of you know, every month we like to enjoy one inexpensive- and sometimes free- bouquet to keep things feeling fresh around here (the idea actually stemmed from a super sweet Christmas present from the hubs a while back). But this month we got lucky. Nope, not with a free backyard bouquet, but with the photo shoot that we mentioned this morning… which involved a cooler full of flowers provided by the prop stylist, many of which weren’t even touched when the cameras were being packed away.

And what did that ever-amazing prop stylist do? She offered all the floral outcasts to us as she left. Did I mention said prop stylist happens to be my best friend who actually worked with us on our last photo shoot with Do It Yourself magazine as well? Anyway, we tried to send the bouquets home with her and she said she would just throw them away if we didn’t keep them because she had a long hot drive home and they’d be a bit worse for wear. Convincing argument. So we kept them. And our house has never felt more fresh and spring-like. Here’s what we ended up with.

We inherited a few errant cream colored carnations…

… that we stuck in three cheap-o Ikea vases on the windowsill with a bit of greenery to beef them up.

And you may have noticed that bottle with three roses in the first shot of the kitchen. Well, we were also left with these beauties, so a glass milk bottle that we had laying around became quite a charming (and kitchen appropriate) vase.

Aren’t the scarlet tips so pretty with the creamy yellow coloring on the rest of each bud? We’re not usually rose people, but we’ve both stopped to admire these guys for the last week on a daily basis.

The half bathroom also inherited a nice little cluster of cream carnations. And this time the vase was actually one of our new drinking glasses from World Market.

We love how the green glass and the green stems work so well to offset the pure white and cream blooms. And we’re confident that these guys will last clear through May and well into June. Of all the flowers that we’ve brought home over the past year+ of this whole monthly floral arrangement adventure, carnations never fail to last the longest and charm us to no end the whole time.

But now for the piece de resistance. Check out these luscious tulips with gorgeous varied coloring in my new green vase from Crate & Barrel (it was actually a sweet birthday gift from my sister-in-law, does she know me and my love of green glass or what?). These guys are definitely our favorite bouquet of the month- the entire house feels more vibrant and alive with them happily sitting on the dining room table.

So yeah, we’re feeling pretty spoiled by all the bouquets. Heck we almost feel guilty for having such an abundance. Have you guys ever found yourself with a plethora of petals throughout your home? Maybe from an overly enthusiastic backyard rose bush, a secret admirer, or a flower sale at Trader Joe’s? Do tell. And while we’re on the subject of a bounty of bouquets, what do you prefer when it comes to bringing the outdoors in? Do you like all-the-same-flower arrangements? Clear glass vases only? Low packed-tight bouquets? Wild meadow-like bunches? Brightly colored blossoms? Spill the bloom beans.

Wanna see our first grocery store bouquet from last January? Itching to check out February, March, April, May, June, July, August, and September too? How about this year’s January, February, March, and April bouquets? Just follow the links for some pretty sweet cheap-o (and even free) bouquets.


  1. Laura says

    The Kroger by our house is constantly (daily) putting their cut flowers on clearance, bouquets are seriously like $2 for 20 roses. I love peeking by there once in a while and sprucing the place up, but yeah I def. feel guilty at times, but only just for a moment ;) The most exciting part is, our first married Valentine’s I found the same rare blue dendrobium orchids that we used in our wedding there for $1!!!!! they looked perfect to me, boy was I excited. :-D I was all over them like ants on a popsicle! We also had white hydrangeas in our wedding and I was lucky enough to find them on sale for about $3 for our anniversary dinner and then Easter I was able to get 2 bouquets of tulips for $2 each, and they lasted forever! Everyone check their local Kroger!

  2. says

    I’m actually a wedding planner and I absolutely LOVE it when I get to take a bunch of the left over floral home from my clients’ wedding receptions. Most of the time I am lucky enough to take them home in their vases, so I have quite a collection of glass. The saddest part is that if they aren’t claimed by the end of the night, they just get tossed. I can’t handle that thought, so I pack my car with whatever I can fit!

  3. MLS says

    I love the look of flowers clustered into a silver mint julep cup so just the blooms show over the rim. I put these in the bathrooms whenever we’re entertaining.

  4. Lauryn says

    Carnations are my favorite! I know alot of people pass them by because they are “cheap” but I love how romantic and ruffly they are. I especially love them in your bathroom!

  5. says

    those roses are so gorgeous!

    our roses are blooming like crazy in the garden…cut a few yesterday and popped them in a vinegar bottle–nice, free pick-me-up on this rainy Ohio day!

  6. Leah says

    The flowers look lovely! I have been adding vases of fresh flowers around our home lately (usually just flowers I find in the yard!) It’s amazing that something to easy and cheap can make your home feel so much more fresh and inviting! One question…do you change the water daily or is that not necessary? Are there any tricks to making fresh flowers last longer? Thanks!!

    • says

      Hey Leah,

      We do try to regularly change the water when we remember (about once every few days or so), and another tip is to cut the stems on an angle before putting them in vases so they can suck up more water. Hope it helps!


  7. Elisa says

    I love, L-O-V-E, the blooms on your kitchen windowsill. Something about the simple white vases sitting on the white sill… love it.

  8. Stefanie says

    We actually have an abundance right now! We were lucky enough to have Mother’s Day at our house as our first hosted event and we were brought two full bouquets of garden roses to spruce of our living room and dining nook – wonderfully smelling house-warming gifts!
    I love carnations too – they have such a soft texture and come in so many colors – and usually on the cheap!

  9. Teresa says

    I really like your monthly bouquet! I think it’s such a sweet touch that I may have to suggest to my husband. The gorgeous tulips are my favorite. I love the warmth but freshness flowers and plants bring to a home. Very inviting!

  10. says

    I love buying 1 bunch of flowers (usually alstromerias) and splitting them up into a few small vases for our bookshelves, bathroom vanities, bedside tables, etc. Target has adorable small glass vases for $0.99 each that work perfectly.

  11. Sara says

    My local grocery store was having a 2 for 1 deal, so I bought a 2 lovely bouquets. Little did I know that my husband would suprise me with flowers at work the next day…it wasn’t my birthday or our anniversary, so I was totally shocked! But, it was a Friday and I didn’t want to leave them at work all weekend. So, our house was filled with 3 bouquets. It was so nice to have fresh flowers at every turn! And I’ve been able to pick out the carnations that are still alive, so we still have a pretty nice bouquet after three weeks.

  12. Randa says

    I love that color combo for roses! (yellowy with pink-ish edges) No wonder you stop by to admire them daily! I would too.

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