Budget Blooms: Pink Lovelies (A Little Late)

As most of you know, every month we like to enjoy one inexpensive- and sometimes free- bouquet to keep things feeling fresh around here (the idea actually stemmed from a super sweet Christmas present from the hubs a while back). And since July was our anniversary month, we decided to honor that fact with some gladiolus stems that we snagged for a song at the grocery store a few weeks back (just $2.39 for the entire bouquet!).

What do gladiolus stems have to do with our anniversary? Well, three years ago we whipped up garden themed favors for our backyard wedding. We just picked up simple brown mini paper bags at Target and dropped a single gladiolus bulb into each one for our guests’ garden. We even added easy handwritten planting instructions on the back of each bag (they were one of the only bulbs that could be planted that late in the season). Clipped to the front of the bag was a photostrip (tying in with our photostrip save-the-date and the actual photobooth that we rented for the event) and the strip on the favor featured John’s face covered in lipstick kisses while we held signs that read: Plant one… on us! *smooooch*

Believe it or not, many of our friends and family members planted their gladiolus bulbs and actually get to enjoy their own little backyard blooms every summer when they sprout (my mom sends us pictures of hers every year without fail). But since ours never bloom (they shoot up leaves but don’t get enough sun to flower) we opted to pick up this under $3 bouquet to fill the void.

We love the sweet pink color and the tall sculptural stalks. Especially paired with my fun curvy green vase (a birthday gift from John’s sister from Crate & Barrel).

So although we didn’t get a chance to share our July bouquet in July, we figured it was better late than never. And before you know it we’ll be back with our August blooms so we’re sure not to miss those this time. But enough about us. What about you guys? Did you recently snag any greenery on the cheap from your backyard, your local grocery store, or even the farmer’s market? Tell us all about what flowers and other outdoor finds you’re loving this month.

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  1. Meredith V says

    We have also been rockin the gladiolis lately. They are 3.99 for a huge bunch here. Ours however never make it past a week. We change the water every other day, but they still bite it early! any tips?

    • says

      Our tip would be to pick the stems that aren’t really blooming yet (ours lasted a while because it took them almost a week to bloom). We also set them in a sunny place since they’re sun loving flowers. Hope it helps!


  2. Barb says

    This is off topic… But have you guys ever thought about putting a screen door back up on the front door? (I remember you got rid of the old one at a garage sale) Personally I like screen doors to get a nice breeze inside and keep bugs out. I guess I am just wondering why you don’t have one or if it is on your list of to-do projects.

    • says

      Hey Barb,

      We actually prefer the cleaner and simpler look of the door without the screen (we have a fully screened sunroom in the back, so if we want a breeze- along with a great view of the outdoors- that’s where we hang out). We also appreciate that we don’t have to juggle two doors to let people in and sign for packages, but it’s totally a personal preference thing!


  3. says

    We haven’t had fresh flowers in the house in a LONG time. (Since the last time my sweet hubs bought me a rose while picking up a few last minute groceries.) We’re currently loving an Elephant Bush we picked up at Lowe’s that sits atop the bookshelves in our library, but hopefully the cute square vase on its way from my BFF Amazon will be home to some fresh flowers soon!

  4. Lynn says

    Those look great in that vase. Ive been picking the dahlias that I planted this spring, every few days and sprinkling them around the house. Fresh flowers really are such a nice addition to a room.
    However, my eye still covets your ‘magazine monogram’ above the flowers. Im searching for ours..who ever thought ‘M’ would be so hard?!

  5. Laura in LA says

    Beautiful flowers, and you can’t beat the price! Hey Sherry, have you checked out Pier One lately? Their latest little catalog that just came in the mail has white animal shaped kitchen items. There is a rhino butter dish with your name on it!

  6. Sophie says

    So pretty and summery! (:
    I could use a bit of summer in London right now. Raging thunderstorm and it’s so dark we’ve got every light on. Wahoo!

  7. Meredith Leigh says

    I’ve been rocking the $5 bouquet at the Des Moines Farmer’s market lately. Soooo many pretty flowers to pick from!

  8. says

    Ok – could Clara be any cuter? She is simply adorable.

    As for flowers: I am lucky enough to live in a place (Bonn-area, Germany) where there’s a lot of places in the countryside where you can cut your own flowers directly from the fields. You then pay very little (http://ancema.dk/2010/07/sommerens-f%C3%B8rste-pluk-selv-blomster/ – all the flowers showed here probably set me back $3 total) and get to enjoy really fresh flowers. What’s not to love! So we have cheap flowers around our home during the summer season.

  9. says

    I have been trying to make it to the farmer’s market every Sunday, but even on weeks when I can’t make it there, I have flowers blooming on our balcony. I LOVE it! Flowers really just make my mood so.much.better. On days when I’m feeling really down or frustrated, my boyfriend offers to drive me to Home Depot or somesuch to browse the garden center for half an hour or so til my mood perks up.

  10. says

    What a great idea for wedding favors! I love fresh flowers. My Mom recently cut a humungous hydrangea blossom off of her bush to give to me. The color was so amazing – like a cornflower blue. :)

  11. Kate says

    Those are lovely!

    I haven’t gotten any flowers in a while, but every day I have to stop myself from pulling over and picking some of the lovely Queen Ann’s Lace, tiger lilys, and some yellow flower that grow wild all along my route to and from work. They just look so pretty! However, I am not sure if it’s legal or allowable, so I force myself to pass them by and just enjoy them in nature.

  12. says

    I love the green vase. It’s perfect for glads. My grandma loves them but I always think they look a little awkward in the vases she uses. This one is perfect. I’m totally keeping an eye out for one to give her! And since it’s green, it give the flower color that much more punch.

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