April Superlatives

For those asking where the April Superlatives went, here they are! Remember how last week was all about organizing? Well, we weren’t organized enough to share this post on time. Oops. So before May gets too far gone, here’s a look back at all the things we got checked off the ol’ to-do list in April (in yearbook style superlatives, of course). We even tossed in some never-before-seen stuff for kicks. You can check out all of our monthly superlatives dating back to January of 2011 right here (it’s over a years worth of projects crammed into just 15 posts). Oh, and we’re starting this round up with my latest obsession. You have been warned.

Most Addicted: Me, when it comes to Instagram. It took us a while to jump on the bandwagon, but now this iPhone app is basically to me what Pinterest is to Sherry. You can follow us (username YoungHouseLove, shocker) for random life/behind the scenes pics – pretty much just things we think are pretty, random shopping pics, and plenty of cute photos of the kids. We’ll also be posting most of our shots to Twitter and Facebook so you can catch them there if you’re not an Instgrammer yourself. Just another way to over-share…

Favorite New Hashtag: When our bathroom window frosting project inspired @kandisebrown to frost hers, this hashtag was born: #nomoreeyecontactwithstrangerswhilepeeing

Most Improved: The toilet situation in our master bath which (thanks to a little loo-switcheroo) has gone from squat space-aged almond toilet to normal-height classic white toilet. Thank goodness. We were so happy to Craigslist the old one and purchase a new one for a family in need. Update: we got a letter from Habitat For Humanity saying that lots of you guys very generously donated to that family as well, so they’re one step closer to their new home! Thanks for rocking.

Phat-est: Eminem, at least according to a 17-year-old Sherry when she met him as part of MTV’s Fanatic. After long ignoring its existence, she finally owned up to the clip that’s been floating around YouTube lately. But she still puts her hands over her face if I mention it.

Biggest Succa: These succulents (well, technically the one on the left is the biggest) which Sherry simply planted in some glass containers. They’re still doing well and have all grown a bunch. We’ll have to share some update pics soon.

Most Transitional: The, well, um transitions that we installed in our kitchen to smooth over the slight drop between the new and old floors.

Most Inspiring: Our visit to Richmond Homearama, where we toured eight houses that were full of fun ideas. We still haven’t picked a favorite.

Most Avant-Garde: Clara, whose squiggles – which we turned into fabric – supposedly contained lots of worms (which made her very proud).

Most Helpful: The LivingSocial deal we scored for some professional landscaping advice. We got some great tips, but even better it was the kick in the pants we needed to stop hemming and hawing and just do something outside.

Best Worn Out Face: Mine, from digging up some not-doing-so-hot bushes around the front of our house so that we could put some fresh plants in and transplant the survivors.

Least Likely To Share Her Worn Out Face On The Blog: Sherry, who tried to play it cool while digging up all of this brick in our front planter bed so it could actually become a planter bed.

Narrowest: The walkway to our front door.

Well, at least before we cleared out the bushes that attacked you from both sides.

And hopefully soon we’ll have an update for you about trying to grow grass there.

Most Problematic: Our patio, which had gotten kinda overgrown and leaf-strewn over the winter. But a big clean-up and a bit of fresh planting finally got things under control again.

Most Likely To Be A Rockstar: Clara, at least in terms of how much she uses the rock box we built her. Rainy days = the end of the world for Clara: The Girl Obsessed With Rocks (say that with conviction, as if you’re saying Katniss: The Girl Who Was On Fire).

Most Fleeting: The rock box in its pre-rock days as a sandbox, which was the original idea behind the structure.

Most Delayed: The building of the aforementioned sand/rock box, which had been on my to-do list for nearly a year. Better late than never right?

Spring-iest: Our mantle, which Sherry remixed a bit to bring in some seasonal colors (while taking a moment to look back on our its past).

Least Straightforward: Simply swapping out our bathroom fixture, which turned into a “hey, let’s patch this giant hole of drywall hiding behind the boob light” project.

Class Artist: Sherry, for the painting she did a while back, which we decided to hang in our bathroom to bring in more color.

Closest Shave: Our bathroom door, which got a little piece cut off the bottom so that it could open all the way (over our grate) and accommodate a much-needed bath mat.

Weirdest: Sherry, for bucking logic and deciding we had nothing to lose before getting down with her bad self and some ORB. Side note: about three dates in, Sherry warned me that she was unanimously voted “weirdest family member” by her dad, brother, half brother and step mom at some point in her teenage life. Glad she’s still proudly holding that title.

Most Likely To Get Replaced: Our HP printer, after this post updating you on how some of our purchases are holding up. We got lots of recommendations for better options, so he may be getting the boot if we can’t get to the bottom of his issues soon.

Most Likely To Induce A Whale Obsession: Our visit to the Richmond Craft Mafia’s Spring Bada-Bing show where more than one piece of whale art caught our eye (along with alligator, ostrich, bird, bacon, cactus, and zombie creations).

Longest: Our updated to-do list. Admittedly not as long as it used to be, but still long enough to keep us plenty busy…

Most Unintentionally Naughty-Sounding Post Title:  This one (“You Down with O-R-G“) which raised some eyebrows when some folks misread it as having a Y at the end (which would be a totally different way to kick off a week of posts about what we’re up to). Sherry swears she just liked that it rhymed with OPP (ok, and sounded sort of like her other love, ORB).

What did you guys get done in April? Did anyone else turn do any spring organizing or reveal some “vintage” footage of their 17-year-self on video? Have you ever made a list of accomplishments to look back on? Feel free to use the comment section of this post to list what you’ve done (or just toss out a few highlights). It’s always fun to take a break from adding things to the to-do list for a second, just to look back and appreciate the things you’ve checked off. We totally think it helps us keep up our momentum – especially when it comes to tackling things like the deck and Clara’s big second birthday party this weekend!


  1. says

    Orgy. You’ve got some dirty minded readers.
    Love the Girl Obsessed with Rocks (maybe because I’m a Hunger Games nerd?)
    And that wooden wall you guys found is still one of my favorites! Would seriously love to do that in a room someday.

  2. Marta says

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA @ the Eminem video. omg I had to stop the video because I was laughing so hard & people at work were starting to give me funny looks. Thank you for posting that.

  3. Brian says

    Definitely following you on Instagram soon.

    I read Clara’s rock box love more like The Girl with the Rock Box Obsession, a la The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

    Maybe Hunger Games is a little more Clara friendly, if only slightly.

  4. Kelly says

    April had me working hard in my bedroom. I finished my “DIY C&B Colette bed inspired” upholstered headboard (after 6 months of staring at the raw materials on the floor) and I installed my faux fireplace and hung artwork. Now I can sleep in peace!

    I love your blue fixture in the bathroom. The way you guys patch large holes amazes me. It never looks as good when I do it.

  5. Emiles says

    Clara: The Girl Obsessed With Rocks (say that with conviction, as if you’re saying Katniss: The Girl Who Was On Fire — I totally went to The Girl Who Played with Fire! So more Lisbeth Salander than Katniss Everdeen…which is even less appropriate.

  6. Farrah says

    Hubby and I have been bitten by the ORB bug ourselves and we have a question after reading all your ORB-related posts. When you say it out loud or in your head, do you spell out O-R-B or pronounced it like the word “orb”? I do one and my husband does the other. Inquiring minds want to know…:)

  7. Casey says

    Good lord! It’s amazing how much you guys get accomplished in one month. I ready your blog daily, but still every time you post your monthly superlatives post I’m blown away! All I managed to get done around the house this month was a good solid deep-cleaning before my parents came to visit.

  8. says

    I don’t think I said it before, but we have the same printer and we have the SAME problems with it. Like, why won’t you print!? That’s your only job!?

    In April, we kicked off turning the seriously scary third upstairs bedroom in our home (formerly used as a nursery by the previous owners) into my art studio. And in a crazy turn of events, we have decided to let our readers vote on every decision. Of course, I narrow down the options first–so it is guided. But so far, they have chosen to paint the walls white, the ceiling a pretty turquoise, and they just chose the area rug. Today, I’m putting up the lighting options up to vote on. It has been so fun!

  9. says

    You know, I bought an HP all-in-one printer back in November when we opened our new home-based automotive repair shop. We had SO MUCH trouble trying to get it to work…I re-installed the drivers, etc. over and over and never could get all the functions of the HP to work simultaneously. Finally after about 2 months of struggling with it, I returned it to Wal-Mart, got my $ back and promptly bought an EPSON Workforce 545. I’ve been SO HAPPY with it. Never looked back. You should make the switch. There’s too much to do when running your own business to be fiddling with an inadequate printer!

  10. says

    I decided last week to look back on everything we have tackled in the last four months!I have a hard time remembering to stop and reflect on all the hard work we have done so far.

    Check out those posts here:
    Trips, Wedding tips and more


    Home Projects

    Outdoors and Crafts

  11. says

    Love these posts…you guys really do get a ton accomplished in one month! Bathroom window frosting is totally on my to-do list. But first we need a window upgrade…there is no way in h&*l I’m going to cut out 12 little rectangles :)

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