Budget Blooms: Sunny Delights

As most of you know, every month we like to enjoy one inexpensive- and sometimes free- bouquet to keep things feeling fresh around here (the idea actually stemmed from a super sweet Christmas present from the hubs a while back). And this month John actually came home with a bouquet thanks to the fact that for the first time ever, he went grocery shopping without me. We always run errands like that together, but since Clara was just two and half weeks old at the time, us girls opted to stay behind and send daddy out for food on his own. Guess what? He survived without us (the nerve). And of course it was a lovely surprise when he returned with this cheerful $4 bouquet of yellow alstroemerias along with the milk, eggs, and other staples that he ducked out for.

They look great on the console table by the front door (especially since people have been stopping by to see Ms. Clara, so we love the little pop of color that hopefully says yes-we-have-a-newborn-but-our-house-hasn’t-imploded-in-the-meantime). Even if a few other rooms aren’t nearly as neat these days…

We love alstroemerias because they’re one of the best bang-for-your-buck grocery store bouquets that we’ve found. They easily last three or even four weeks – all we do is change the water every few days and recut the stems on an angle about every eight days or so. And these yellow guys are so happy and sweet (we’ve always gone with soft pink ones in the past).

And instead of opting for a super bright vase, this time we went with a simple square glass one that we had laying around. It creates a nice balance to the glass greenhouse on the other side of the console and it really lets the yellow blooms and those fresh looking green leaves be the stars.

So that’s our bloom o’ the month breakdown. Have you guys been enjoying alstroemerias or any other cheap but oh so charming flowers these days? What’s the state of affairs in your backyard? Any free blossoms to clip and pop into a vase for a quick little dose of happy in your kitchen or living room? Tell us all about your latest floral related endeavors.

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  1. says

    Yellow flowers just make me so happy. We have cats, so I can only display cut flowers in our downstairs bathroom, since we keep its door closed all the time. Right now I’ve got a beautiful reddish-orange lily, some white Shasta daisies, and some coral yarrow all cut from my garden and placed in a heavy glass bottle I got at the Habitat for Humanity home store for a buck. I’ve also got the first (and probably only) rose from my white iceberg rose bush in there in a tiny glass ketchup bottle I took home from a restaurant long ago, and some lovely red roses my son’s teacher clipped from her garden and gave to me. Wow, now that I reflect on all that, that’s a lot of flowers for a tiny bathroom!

  2. Carol N. says

    Love those bright yellow flowers! I may have to see if I can find some at the local Publix. We have a ton of hydrangea bushes in the yard and those have been giving us (and several other folks) beautiful blooms for several weeks now. I have colors ranging from deep blue/purple to the palest pink/almost creme. It is so nice to have pretty flowers in the house, especially free ones!

    • says

      That’s actually the sketch of our property that we inherited with our closing papers. We love how small our house looks on our big lot, and especially love the note at the top that says “house is old.” Too funny.


  3. Jason says

    Love it! Yellow lately catches my eye, like those yellow cushions they had on all patios in the 80s tv shows:) Which reminds me of when I went to see Southfork Ranch the last time I was in Texas, and I was so excited to be at The Ewings house, anyway…i digress…

    What are the topiary type plants on each side of the console and what do you have under your bell jar?

    I love it

    • says

      The topiaries on either side of the console are actually faux (from Crate & Barrel) and there’s a small feathery little plant in the glass greenhouse (don’t remember the name though!). Hope it helps!


  4. Ethan says

    My wife cut a branch of peonies a month or so ago when they were starting their serious bloom and put it on our kitchen table. The branch had, at the time of cutting, about three open or mostly open flowers and a half dozen or so buds of various stages of development (none smaller than about 1″ or 1 1/4″ in diameter, but some still packed tightly closed). We were surprised and quite gratified that each of the flowers eventually opened in turn and bloomed spectacularly. We cut off the old flowers as they faded and began to drop petals (if you’re not familiar with their habits, peony flowers loose all of their petals as they fade, leading to an almost snowlike effect under a bank of white peonies!) and changed the water ever so occasionally, but that’s it. We just threw away the last of the branch a few days ago — I’d say we got darn close to a month of fragrant and dazzling blooms out of it. Not only do peonies smell very nice, the blooms of a mature plant can be 6″ or more of dense petals! The indoor blooms lasted much longer than the outdoor blooms of a similar age, due to their shelter from the wind & elements.

    I’m sure we’ll be doing this again in the future. We lucked out in choosing just the right branch this year (it was one that had just happened to become troublesome as it drooped into the driveway, this time), but in years to come we’ll keep our eyes open for a bud-laden branch with a couple of healthy leaves to keep it going in the vase.

    Just be careful of topheavy arrangements … as those giant flowers build petals and spread out, a vase which previously seemed stable can get dicey. We wound up cleaning a vaseful of water off our mail one afternoon. ;-)

  5. says

    That pop of yellow is gorgeous! I’m jealous…our cats seek out and chew on all plants, so the only place we can get away with fresh-cut flowers is a tiny wall vase in the bathroom that we got at Pottery Barn a few years back. Usually we put a single flower in it. That’s about all it can fit, but at least it looks like elegant in its simplicity!

  6. says

    I love alstroemerias! They last forever and are always so cheerful – they also look great in a tall skinny vase or a short rectangular vase.

    The Kroger “floral markdown” section is my favorite place. I’ve blogged about purchasing two huge mixed bouquets for $2.50 each and bringing them home to separate them.

  7. says

    Those are my favourite budget-blooms, except I always refer to them as “you know, those-flowers-that-last-forever”. They’re the best!

  8. Alicia says

    Some friends bought us some flowers when they came over and they lasted us at least 3-4 weeks! I was sooo excited and loved seeing them around the house. I am however dying to go across the street and snag some of our neighbors hydrangea!

  9. says

    i love Love LOVE alstroemerias! red and yellow ones were actually the color inspiration to our wedding, since every time the hubby and i went to the grocery store i’d ask for a bunch of them.

    if you dont’ mind me asking, what are the little scribbles above each of your photo-booth strips that you’ve got framed? are those descriptions or dates? or both?

    • says

      Those are actually personalized photo strips from the photo booth we rented for our wedding so they’re customized to say “John & Sherry, 7.7.07”