July Superlatives

We’ve been getting requests for some sort of monthly roundup or recap when it comes to all of our undertakings (just so it’s easier to hunt posts down and see what we’ve recently conquered at a glance). And because we wanted to put our own weird little spin on it, while we were out to dinner alone (for the first time since Clara was born, mind you) we started chatting about how cheeky little nominations and titles for certain projects might be funny (or not, you decide)… and so the idea of monthly superlatives was born! As was the conviction that we have to get a life and stop talking about the blog while on our first date in 14 months.

Oh and since we’re on the subject of superlatives, you should know that John was voted “Friendliest Male” (three years in a row, actually – by his high school marching band) while I was awarded the title of “Best Friends” in the back of the yearbook (with Jenny Czajkowski, who helped me highlight my hair in her sink with mustache bleach). But enough about us. On with the July superlatives:

Most Cheerful: Painting The Laundry Room A (Pretty Darn Happy) Greeny Yellow Color

Most Improved: Adding Some Laundry Room Built-Ins (then painting them and filling them with stuff we already had)

Nicest Legs: ORBing Those Parsons Chair Legs

Most Likely NOT To Succeed (At Least The First Time Around): The Guest Room Light Switcheroo (And ReSwitcheroo)

Runner Up, Most Likely NOT To Succeed (At Least The First Time Around): Framing Our Anniversary Note Cards (And Then Reframing Them Without Borders)

Most Likely To Please The Queen: Tea Dying Some Pillow Covers (<–not only pleasing to the royals, but free).

Most Likely To Result In A Crack Joke: Filling The Patio Cracks With Polymeric Sand

Runner Up, Most Likely To Result In A Crack Joke: Caulking The Laundry Room Ceiling (Slash Kicking Off Some Other Laundry Projects)

Most Outdoorsy: Spray Painting The Patio Furniture (you guessed it, ORB).

Runner Up, Most Outdoorsy: Our Mini Porch Spruce Up

Class Nerd: Coding A Room Gallery

Most Boob-Centric: My Breastfeeding Post (who would’ve thought that little diary entry of sorts would get almost 1,000 comments?!)

Most Free Spirited: My Unironed Ribbon Chandelier (which shockingly still remains unironed, and I’m usually so anal…)

Most Controversial: Priming & Painting Our Laundry Cabinets, Switching Out The Hardware, and Hanging Our Ironing Board (which resulted in quite the directional debate).

Most Glamorous: Painting Clara’s Closet Pink & Playing Around With Champagne “Stencils” (update: I played around with some more homemade stamps/stencils and have completed around 20% of the closet – I’m hoping to finish this weekend and have a post for ya early next week).

Most Embarrassing: The Pinterest Challenge Video. By far.

Most Spontaneous: We didn’t really post about it because it happened sort of gradually, but around the beginning of July, Clara just decided to walk (after lots of funny one-legged crawling like this). And just like that she’s too cool for us. See it here if you can’t below.

Most Immature: The Whole Twig & Berries Thing (Spraying Painting Frames & Mats & Losing Our Duvet)

So there you have it. July at a glance. And yes, this was more fun than we probably should admit. Dorks for life.

Anyway, what have you guys been up to this month? Have you ever made a list of accomplishments to look back on? We’re so used to adding things to the to-do list that stopping to see what we already did is kind of nice. And it’s interesting to look back and pick out the super cheap stuff (tea dying our pillows, painting our laundry room, painting Clara’s closet, and making that ribbon chandelier were under $2 total) and the more major stuff (like creating custom built-ins and adding an inspiration gallery) along with all the other stuff in between. We were all over the place, huh? Just the way (uh-huh, uh-huh) we like it.


  1. says

    Oh I love the new categories!
    On my summer vacation, I have been tackling a massive overhaul of our front lawn. In about three to four years, we won’t have a lawn to mow because it will all be landscaped with native plants and flowers.

  2. says

    Amusingly, my husband and I didn’t get cutest couple but were both voted as “Most Tech-Savvy” so we kind of got a couple superlative vicariously!

    And listing out what you’ve accomplished is always a happy motivator. I feel like I get so much more done now that we’re blogging (plus, then we get pretty pictures of our projects!).

  3. Lindsay says

    Oh my goodness! Somehow I managed to miss the video of Clara walking and then shutting the door on John.
    I started cracking up at my desk at work.
    She’s too stinkin cute!!

  4. says

    I’m having shoulder surgery next week, so this is my last 2-armed weekend for about 3 months. Guess what the hubs and I are doing (no, not that. Well maybe)…

    Duh duh dunnnn… The Pinterest Challenge! Can’t wait to show off what we’re working on!

    PS. Clara is absolutely. positively. adorable.

  5. Kate says

    July was basically just spent setting up the house and getting unpacked. Lots of curtain hanging, organizing, buying things we need, and arranging furniture. I’m also hoping to get some $10 ledges from Ana’s site done this weekend, I already have the wood cut, just need to screw them together and paint.

    • Kate says

      I also have a king size farmhouse bed and a custom designed (based on a couple of her plans mushed together) china hutch on my list to build over the winter. I hope my motivation holds out for me to build them! And I hope my mad carpentry skills from back in my high school mission trip days comes back to me…

  6. says

    Man – that is impressive for thirty days!

    We’ve *finally* started making decisions about where to hang which art (moved into our new place three months ago) and put up all sorts of things this week – art, textiles, a pair of masks, hooks for scarves. It feels super – especially the bedroom, which finally feels like a place we want to be!

    • says

      We just hung them level with the ram head so they didn’t look like they’re riding high (the lamp only covers the writing part on the prints, none of the picture). But we might scooch everything higher when we get more permanent side tables (the ones in these pics are just for now).


  7. Kayla says

    I love this recap post… way more than I thought I would actually. Sometimes it feels unnecessary or a waste of time, but I think it is so important to pause and look back – true for many parts of life, but in home renovation too! You have accomplished a lot this month!

    Oh and I won “most likely to be a millionaire” in high school! Ironic now because I’m a social worker :)

    • says

      Haha- that’s another awesome superlative category. Who comes up with those? I think they’re changing with the times too. Now I heard there’s a “Most Likely To Be On Reality TV” one – so funny.


    • says

      Along those same lines, apparently the girl involved in a certain recent political scandal involving Twitter and hilarious name puns (I’m sure you can guess) was voted “Most Likely to Appear in a Tabloid” or something along those lines (can’t remember the exact wording). Where did that category even come from!?

  8. Rachel says

    I love it! Y’all accomplished so much. I have to say, reading about everything you guys accomplish is defninitely inspiring. Here’s my July list: spray painted frames white and created our white frame gallery wall (inspired of course by YHL), spray painted ugly vintage metal hamper red so it is now cute, made a framed chalkboard for the kitchen, made a mason jar soap dispenser, and took down, spray painted, rehung, and replaced the light bulbs on a not-so-cute chandelier in our dining room. My first lighting project! I knew I could do it because I’d read about it on your blog so many times. I feel like that’s a pretty good July!

    Also, my name is Rachel and I seem to have a spray painting addiction!

  9. says

    Recaps are always great. It’s the reason that I only love sports for the clip show highlights! Nothing else. Oh and the Grid Iron songs they always play beneath them. Ha! I’m glad for these superlatives because I got to see Clara walk and how I didn’t see that video before I don’t know. I’m on here on the regular… and a late congrats on your now upright human. Warning: nail everything to the wall because nothing is safe now! :o)

    My best, Lynn

  10. Kim says

    My son crawled exactly like Clara. He never really did the on all fours crawl, just the crab/monkey scoot one. He actually wore holes in his pants from doing that. Then one day he just stood up and walked.

    Batten down the hatches, walking changes EVERYTHING!!

  11. says

    Hi Sherry – I’ve been reading your blog for about a month – and I. Love. It. I actually get excited when I realize that I used the same paint color that you have used (like in my master bath last year). And I have a love for oil rubbed bronze as well. But you taught me to spray stuff white – and it’s working – http://mycoveredbridge.blogspot.com/2011/07/perfect-pear.html – Not an animal but cute anyway! Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  12. says

    As a fairly new reader, I especially like the re-cap. The superlatives are such a fun idea, too! A little embarrased to admit that my most notable superlative was “chicken dance champ”… ha!

    And that video of Clara is adorable!

  13. Janie says

    So I’d previously seen that Alaska wildflowers print in someone’s home, and decided to google around to see if I could find one for New York. Instead, I came across a blog that republished your post on those posters, verbatim with photos, with no attribution. Not sure if you are already aware of this, but FYI – http://diy-designs.com/twigs-berries%E2%80%A6/

    Still no luck with the poster I want though.

    • says

      omg, I’ve never seen that site before, but did they ask any of those blogs if they wanted to be reprinted?? Some of them I read regularly…wonder if they know?

    • says

      I know, right? They definitely didn’t ask us. And it hurts our google rank (and theirs) to have cut & pasted content like that. Boo! We sent them a letter, so here’s hoping they stop doing it (to us and everyone else).


    • says

      It does say that the post is by Young House Love with a link back to your site. Not sure if they just added it or not, though.

      I’ve heard of personal-life type bloggers having their content copied and posted as if someone else was living their lives. So odd.

    • says

      I emailed Donna @ FJI and she didn’t know anything about her posts being copy/pasted onto that site, so I’m going to guess not too many of the other blogs know they are on there either. So strange. Nothing like making advertising money off of a few clicks.. (and I first wrote ‘licks’ insteads of ‘clicks’ LOL That’s a whole different site altogether!!!ahahh)

    • says

      So crazy. Thanks for spreading the word. They contacted us and said they’d remove our stuff after our email to them. We’ll have to see…


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