July Superlatives

We’ve been getting requests for some sort of monthly roundup or recap when it comes to all of our undertakings (just so it’s easier to hunt posts down and see what we’ve recently conquered at a glance). And because we wanted to put our own weird little spin on it, while we were out to dinner alone (for the first time since Clara was born, mind you) we started chatting about how cheeky little nominations and titles for certain projects might be funny (or not, you decide)… and so the idea of monthly superlatives was born! As was the conviction that we have to get a life and stop talking about the blog while on our first date in 14 months.

Oh and since we’re on the subject of superlatives, you should know that John was voted “Friendliest Male” (three years in a row, actually – by his high school marching band) while I was awarded the title of “Best Friends” in the back of the yearbook (with Jenny Czajkowski, who helped me highlight my hair in her sink with mustache bleach). But enough about us. On with the July superlatives:

Most Cheerful: Painting The Laundry Room A (Pretty Darn Happy) Greeny Yellow Color

Most Improved: Adding Some Laundry Room Built-Ins (then painting them and filling them with stuff we already had)

Nicest Legs: ORBing Those Parsons Chair Legs

Most Likely NOT To Succeed (At Least The First Time Around): The Guest Room Light Switcheroo (And ReSwitcheroo)

Runner Up, Most Likely NOT To Succeed (At Least The First Time Around): Framing Our Anniversary Note Cards (And Then Reframing Them Without Borders)

Most Likely To Please The Queen: Tea Dying Some Pillow Covers (<–not only pleasing to the royals, but free).

Most Likely To Result In A Crack Joke: Filling The Patio Cracks With Polymeric Sand

Runner Up, Most Likely To Result In A Crack Joke: Caulking The Laundry Room Ceiling (Slash Kicking Off Some Other Laundry Projects)

Most Outdoorsy: Spray Painting The Patio Furniture (you guessed it, ORB).

Runner Up, Most Outdoorsy: Our Mini Porch Spruce Up

Class Nerd: Coding A Room Gallery

Most Boob-Centric: My Breastfeeding Post (who would’ve thought that little diary entry of sorts would get almost 1,000 comments?!)

Most Free Spirited: My Unironed Ribbon Chandelier (which shockingly still remains unironed, and I’m usually so anal…)

Most Controversial: Priming & Painting Our Laundry Cabinets, Switching Out The Hardware, and Hanging Our Ironing Board (which resulted in quite the directional debate).

Most Glamorous: Painting Clara’s Closet Pink & Playing Around With Champagne “Stencils” (update: I played around with some more homemade stamps/stencils and have completed around 20% of the closet – I’m hoping to finish this weekend and have a post for ya early next week).

Most Embarrassing: The Pinterest Challenge Video. By far.

Most Spontaneous: We didn’t really post about it because it happened sort of gradually, but around the beginning of July, Clara just decided to walk (after lots of funny one-legged crawling like this). And just like that she’s too cool for us. See it here if you can’t below.

Most Immature: The Whole Twig & Berries Thing (Spraying Painting Frames & Mats & Losing Our Duvet)

So there you have it. July at a glance. And yes, this was more fun than we probably should admit. Dorks for life.

Anyway, what have you guys been up to this month? Have you ever made a list of accomplishments to look back on? We’re so used to adding things to the to-do list that stopping to see what we already did is kind of nice. And it’s interesting to look back and pick out the super cheap stuff (tea dying our pillows, painting our laundry room, painting Clara’s closet, and making that ribbon chandelier were under $2 total) and the more major stuff (like creating custom built-ins and adding an inspiration gallery) along with all the other stuff in between. We were all over the place, huh? Just the way (uh-huh, uh-huh) we like it.


  1. Barb says

    Brilliant idea and we thank you for this one!!! Love the new ideas. You two keep this blog so fresh and wonderful!!!

    Just my opinion….and I am sure others will agree…this is the best blog I read. Both of you keep it so real and you should be proud of your accomplishments. I look forward to checking it daily and seeing what is your project of the day or where you are in a project.

    YES!!! You get my vote for the best blog on the internet. Keep up the good work. No matter how small or big the projects are….they are done with skill, knowledge, and integrity. Be proud, be very proud indeed.

    Now go and have a great weekend. You have accomplished lots in the month of July. My favorites of July…..that little laundry room is the BEST…..and little Clara walking now. Priceless!!!


  2. says

    I’m on summer vacation and have been using the time to get some projects done! I’m afraid to say that I’ve become a spray paint addict. And it’s all your fault. First, I removed all the hardware from the doors, stripped it and repainted with Rustoleum ORB. I’ve had some white frames laying around, waiting for me to do something with them. Why not spray paint them navy blue? Done. Then I bought a deep red spray which I’m using to spray paint the book carts at school (where I’m a librarian). I’ve also replaced some knobs on cabinets and furniture that didn’t match with everything else. Next stop: restructuring the laundry closet, possibly with the help of Elfa shelving from Container Store.

  3. says

    I love the new wrap up series. You guys have accomplished a lot this month. Way to go!

    We’ve tried to keep our efforts focused on one project throughout the month of July – the renovation and reconfiguration of our front vestibule. We reviewed our checklist yesterday (http://www.oldtownhome.com/2011/7/28/Mail-Call-Vestibule-Progress/index.aspx) and I guess we’ve checked off more than we though over the last few weeks (well, and months).

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Desiree says

    You should do a recap of your monthly projects every month (or do you already and I’m having brain issues at the moment??:))Anyways – love the video of Clara closing the door…let’s just hope it’s that much fun when she’s 12:)Oh…and 1000 comments on the boob post…people like boobs and talking about boobs…especially when you’re pregnant/have a kid;)

  5. says

    I think this has been the best month for your house. When you guys first moved I was a little skeptical about a lot of your decisions but now I’m really liking them and it’s really started to come together.

    Also Sherry, I’m so impressed by your 1 year of breast feeding. I’ve been working a family med clinic all month and I never saw a women BF past 6 months and there were only a few that even made it that far. So kiddos!

  6. Gina says

    Love your blog…My fiance and I are undertaking a huge challenge…renovating a farmhouse built in 1897. You have inspired me to create our blog for my friends and family. We will be getting married in the spring and I love your wedding post…I would love to see more pictures and ideas on the backyard budget wedding.

    • says

      If you check out the “wedding week” category under “topics” up near the search bar you can see a bunch more info- but the Our Wedding tab under our header has lots of info too (budget, etc). Hope it helps!


  7. says

    Love the video of Clara – she’ll be doing that a lot more! My daughter is 2 and is full of it (just like Clara, it looks) and she loves to hid in her room for fun. And growl at the cat – which she just did as he walked away. Have you taught Clara animal sounds yet? :)

    • says

      Yes! She can moo like a cow, say baa baa like a goat, bark like a dog, and sometimes she meows. Hilarious. Oh and she can neigh like a horse. That’s her favorite.


  8. says

    Oh, and P.S. — Around here, we call that one-legged crawl “the wounded soldier”
    It’s really fun to narrate:
    “They got me, Sarge!”
    “Go on without me… save yourselves…”
    “If… I… can… just… make it… to… the…foxhole…….. ;-)

  9. Sam says

    Serious props on this idea! I am a YHL fan for life and I know as soon as the new post pops up on my FB I just dive right in, but I’m always wondering if I miss anything! This is SUCH a great idea.. I had no idea you ORB’ed your chairs, so glad you are doing this monthly recap. Thanks guys!

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