July Superlatives

We’ve been getting requests for some sort of monthly roundup or recap when it comes to all of our undertakings (just so it’s easier to hunt posts down and see what we’ve recently conquered at a glance). And because we wanted to put our own weird little spin on it, while we were out to dinner alone (for the first time since Clara was born, mind you) we started chatting about how cheeky little nominations and titles for certain projects might be funny (or not, you decide)… and so the idea of monthly superlatives was born! As was the conviction that we have to get a life and stop talking about the blog while on our first date in 14 months.

Oh and since we’re on the subject of superlatives, you should know that John was voted “Friendliest Male” (three years in a row, actually – by his high school marching band) while I was awarded the title of “Best Friends” in the back of the yearbook (with Jenny Czajkowski, who helped me highlight my hair in her sink with mustache bleach). But enough about us. On with the July superlatives:

Most Cheerful: Painting The Laundry Room A (Pretty Darn Happy) Greeny Yellow Color

Most Improved: Adding Some Laundry Room Built-Ins (then painting them and filling them with stuff we already had)

Nicest Legs: ORBing Those Parsons Chair Legs

Most Likely NOT To Succeed (At Least The First Time Around): The Guest Room Light Switcheroo (And ReSwitcheroo)

Runner Up, Most Likely NOT To Succeed (At Least The First Time Around): Framing Our Anniversary Note Cards (And Then Reframing Them Without Borders)

Most Likely To Please The Queen: Tea Dying Some Pillow Covers (<–not only pleasing to the royals, but free).

Most Likely To Result In A Crack Joke: Filling The Patio Cracks With Polymeric Sand

Runner Up, Most Likely To Result In A Crack Joke: Caulking The Laundry Room Ceiling (Slash Kicking Off Some Other Laundry Projects)

Most Outdoorsy: Spray Painting The Patio Furniture (you guessed it, ORB).

Runner Up, Most Outdoorsy: Our Mini Porch Spruce Up

Class Nerd: Coding A Room Gallery

Most Boob-Centric: My Breastfeeding Post (who would’ve thought that little diary entry of sorts would get almost 1,000 comments?!)

Most Free Spirited: My Unironed Ribbon Chandelier (which shockingly still remains unironed, and I’m usually so anal…)

Most Controversial: Priming & Painting Our Laundry Cabinets, Switching Out The Hardware, and Hanging Our Ironing Board (which resulted in quite the directional debate).

Most Glamorous: Painting Clara’s Closet Pink & Playing Around With Champagne “Stencils” (update: I played around with some more homemade stamps/stencils and have completed around 20% of the closet – I’m hoping to finish this weekend and have a post for ya early next week).

Most Embarrassing: The Pinterest Challenge Video. By far.

Most Spontaneous: We didn’t really post about it because it happened sort of gradually, but around the beginning of July, Clara just decided to walk (after lots of funny one-legged crawling like this). And just like that she’s too cool for us. See it here if you can’t below.

Most Immature: The Whole Twig & Berries Thing (Spraying Painting Frames & Mats & Losing Our Duvet)

So there you have it. July at a glance. And yes, this was more fun than we probably should admit. Dorks for life.

Anyway, what have you guys been up to this month? Have you ever made a list of accomplishments to look back on? We’re so used to adding things to the to-do list that stopping to see what we already did is kind of nice. And it’s interesting to look back and pick out the super cheap stuff (tea dying our pillows, painting our laundry room, painting Clara’s closet, and making that ribbon chandelier were under $2 total) and the more major stuff (like creating custom built-ins and adding an inspiration gallery) along with all the other stuff in between. We were all over the place, huh? Just the way (uh-huh, uh-huh) we like it.


  1. says

    Love this post – and it’s so clever with the superlative theme! It’s always nice to have a recap of all the projects. I wasn’t able to win a superlative in HS because I was editor of the yearbook (ie it would’ve looked rigged). I was on both homecoming and prom courts, though!

    PS – I love the video of Clara shutting the door on John. So cute!

  2. says

    I have recommitted to blogging this month. I went through a phase where life got a bit crazy and I didn’t keep up. But no more of that. And I am going to participate in the pinterest challenge as well. Hopefully my project can get done!

  3. Cindy says

    I need a nap just reading how much you’ve accomplished this month. In other words, I stand in awe of you. This was a fun idea.

    TGIF. xo

    • says

      Aw Cindy, remember this is our job so we definitely get more done than we could cram into nights and weekends before we came on full time! Even one completed project a month is totally celebration-worthy!


    • Kate says

      I totally have to remind myself of that almost every day when I look at your posts and say, “And why am I such a slacker who never does cool things like that?” I try make myself feel better by pretending I’d do such a great job if I had the time (a girl can pretend, right?!?).

    • says

      Haha, I bet you’d do the best job ever! Even John and I have to force ourselves to keep up our momentum sometimes, it happens to everyone I think. We just try to accept that some weeks we’re flying along and other weeks we’re as slow as molasses. DIY seems to be a happens-in-waves kind if thing!


  4. Amanda L says

    I think of all these projects, the video of Clara is my favorite! What a cutie! Is she talking much these days?

    • says

      Yes! She has so many words! New ones every day. Doggie and piggie and cat and kitty and Burger and ball and shoe (so random) and of course mommy and daddy. But she also says things like “bye-bye daddy” when John goes outside and “hi mommy” when I come into the room. She can do lots of animal sounds too. So funny. We can say “what does the cow say?” and she gets very serious and says “mooooo.” She can do sheep (baaa baaa) and doggie (woof woof) sounds too. So much fun!


    • Rosie says

      Awww, you guys and this blog are pretty amazing, but I think Clara might be my favorite part of all – what a cutie!

    • Alison says

      Amazing! My favorite part about the Clara video is that she is still holding onto that Easter egg! Hilarious! Go Clara!

  5. says

    That video of Clara CRACKED DAN UP!!!!
    You guys are SO in for it!!!! (Trust us, we know.)
    And love the superlatives thing. Fun :)

  6. Jackie Smith says

    This month we have finished cleaning the basement out (still need to craigslist some unused items)and completed the trim and railing on our loft above the kitchen (some pieces still need to be stained and we need doors for the storage areas.) When we come back from vacation, I’m hoping August will be the month the kitchen goes in! It’s amazing to me the way you are able to do both big and small projects to completion. I can”t wait to move back into our house and DECORATE!!!!!

  7. ShellyP says

    Great recap of July. I hope you do that every month. My July wasn’t as ambitious as yours, but I’ll recap for my own indulgence: sewed 5 pillow covers (with zippers) for the sun room, sewed new drapes for the dining room, refinished a $19 mirror from the Salvation Army, final touches on Master Bath, sewed dupioni silk shams for master bedroom, painted guest room. I need to step it up for August! Yours is the first web site I hit in the morning, even before checking email. You cats inspire me!

  8. Leigh Anne says

    What a wonderful way to look back on July – I love this post! On the note of superlatives, I was runner-up Most Humorous in my high school class, and Most Mischievious in my college sorority. It sounds like I’m a rascal, but I’m really just nerds like you – and I mean that in the most sincere way possible. I feel like we would be BFFs in real life:)

  9. Susan says

    I credit your blog with inspiring me on so many levels in my home. I created my own personal “honey-do” list back when i got laid off in February. I was so proud of myself each time I crossed off a completed project. i started out easy, like painting my hallway a different color (a beautiful sage) and making a wall gallery with frames all spray painted a rich chocolate color. It came out gorgeous! I got a little more challenged with each project and am about to embark on transforming my basement laundry room this weekend! I have read all of your posts on painting cement and floors, etc. Between your inspiration (and a little help from my other inspiration, Pinterest)I found such confidence to make my house our HOME! Thank you so much for that.


  10. says

    Oh, nice! Having all accomplishments in one spot is a great tool for helping you realize just how -much- you have accomplished. I might snag that idea to help us keep the DIY spirit strong ;o)

  11. Hannah says

    I really like this post! It seems like your home projects are slow going at times (you’re not HGTV, which is still a hard concept to grasp LOL), but this just proves how much you really got done in a month! And I love the superlatives!

    • says

      Haha, thanks Hannah! You’re right about not being able to hold a candle to speedy ol’ HGTV, so we just try to go slow and steady and tackle stuff as we can afford it (and as we can find the time and energy to squeeze it in without going crazy and burning out). I think the whole one-thing-at-a-time mantra keeps us sane for sure! Even though we’re all over the place, we rarely do more than one project at a time. It makes us all twitchy and overwhelmed. Haha.


  12. Elise says

    I love that the whole reason she stood up and walked was to shut the door on you! Cue the next 17 years or so… looks like you guys might have a little drama queen on your hands. :)

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