Since It’s Been Seven Months…

Yup, it really has been seven whole months since our last house tour video. Unacceptable. So here it is. Eight riveting minutes of me walking around the house and babbling about anything and everything with the Flip cam catching all the shaky Blair-Witch-esque action. We just figured it was a nice time to shoot this now that the kitchen is done and we’re gearing up to start some new stuff (some landscaping bidness, upgrading one of the three bathrooms that we haven’t touched, building a big arse deck, etc). So come on in and poke around:

A few notes:

  • Am I the only one who still has a scratchy voice two weeks after the flu? Sorry about the croakiness!
  • I do know that a trifecta involves three things and not two. Brain = fried.
  • This time my bra isn’t laying out on our bedroom chair…. and that, my friends, is progress.
  • It also means I was actually wearing a bra while filming this video (as opposed to this time, since Katie blew my cover about my one-bra-ness here).
  • I’ve listened to this five times trying to hear Natalie Portman or Mila Kunis (since you guys say you hear it) and I just can’t. But I really tried.
  • I filmed about five minutes of this video and then walked into the bedroom and the front of the door (where we did a secret book project) was visible, so I had to start all over again. Woops!
  • It’s fun to play Where’s Waldo Burger (he’s in there). And actually my BFF is randomly visible through a window for a second too. She was just arriving while I was scrambling to make this video for you guys (hey, if the house is clean…)
  • Yes, you can actually see my shadow wildly gesturing while I talk about not being able to open the playroom door. Apparently I talk with my hands whether someone can see me or not.
  • Once again, I’m terrible at walking around, talking, and holding a camera (it’s too much multitasking) so pardon the shaking!

Second random CougarTown-related side tangent of the week: dude, who watched Tuesday’s episode? Our ceramic rhino was totally in the background:

I’m taking it as a sign that rhinos are the new elephant/owl. Seriously, soon people are going to be putting a rhino on it. And have you noticed the big ceramic dog sitting next to Cee-Lo on The Voice when he told his team who was battling who? Ceramic animalz 4 eva, y’all. And the mysterious fluffy white cat that Cee Lo randomly holds/maniacally strokes is pretty fantastic too. If only I weren’t allergic…

Psst- Check out all the other house tour videos since we’ve moved in here, here, here and here. And here’s an outside tour from last year.


  1. Kitty says

    I love looking at your house tour videos, it gives such a great sense of the flow and space.

    Have you ever looked at the video with audio transcription on? It is inadvertently funny!

    • Annelies says

      Great video and I just looked at it again with the audio transcription on – it’s hilarious ! Gives a whole new, sort of creepy, dimension to your words… :)

    • says

      Bwahahahaha, my favorite is when I say “the living room is gray too” it says “the living room is crazy” – I don’t know why but it just makes me laugh.


    • says

      HAHAHAHAHA. my favorites.

      “tied here at the front door will continue to threaten – it’s overdue”

      “and said here is the king and i think – the time man”

      “you’ll notice the expense of the walls”

      “but then…in the middle of the house to have this papa colony”

      “credit card three infinite”

      “the dining room has a popcorn built in”

      “then you can spike this room in the hall, that the neck and neck and neck the method”

      “electric from the teachers has occurred”

      “now we have to get outside without showing you the stork”

      “and say you go down packed omaha, and you can keep tenancy tickets, from the state government hall…”

      “kisses the little holly that connects us like clinton cell math…so it’s really taking over my kids friends”

      “you can see her new item in the enemy for the congestion engineer”

      “thanks for coming on the tarmac”

    • says

      Bahahahaha! My favorite line is when Sherry says, “The office with the desk we built” and the transcription says, “the office of the death creeped out.” Hilarious. Now I want to go watch all my favorite YouTube videos with audio transcription!

    • Kitty says

      I’m thrilled that this discovery has made so many people laugh! :D It gave me such a giggle that I had to share with you guys!

    • Kelly says

      I am so glad that you mentioned audio transcription, Kitty! My husband just came down from upstairs because I was laughing so hard at some of the translations!! I want to go back and try this with all of your videos, Sherri!

    • Anne says

      Hilarious! Laughed so hard, my poor boyfriend got all confused since I had a little melt-down just before watching this. Oh, I’ve been enjoying some of your earlier video tours. It just can’t keep up with ya. Just finished watching the yhl house tour 2010 with adorable baby Clara!
      My highlights:
      “we have russian dryers”,
      “and his father knows this is the big bazaar teaching gang”,
      “and john second-class status” (poor guy!),
      “faster clandestine stories of the ninety-eight hired”,
      “and you know we’ve got this thing for stealing”,
      “you guys know to sell oil seed that pulls obscene opening”,
      “army at that eating dirt work during the day”.
      Good times!

    • Anne says

      Can’t get enough! From “Another Not-So-Perfect House”:
      – “the death is our record”
      – “chris beary strip teams came back this time”
      – “tupperware gambling impact my best friend citizen”
      – “tons of cocain king”
      – “but we have some serious friends and local things that would mean organizing the leaking traders from craig aspirin attitudes”

      Kitty, Sherry and John, you’ve really made my day!

    • Katie says

      I didn’t know that you tube offered captions, which is a great feature. Unfortunatley for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing readers those translations are so far off its unbelieveable! As a Sign Language Interpreter it kinda makes me sad…but I don’t want to be too much of a Debby Downer. Some of those captions made me laugh out loud too :) Here’s hoping the accuracy improves so your witty house tours are accessible to everyone! And I totally hear Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman, even with the “sexy voice”!

    • says

      Yes, I thought about the original purpose of it and was a little melancholy that it was so off, but I’m encouraged that they’re even offering that free service – and it’s still in “beta” so hopefully as it gets developed it’ll be a lot more accurate! Here’s hoping!


  2. says

    Can’t wait to watch the video when I get home! And I hear you on the scratchy voice – every time I get the flu, it feels like it’ll never go away and then my voice is all wonky. I just call that my “sexy voice” (it makes me feel better to laugh about how ridiculous I sound).

    • says

      Haha, well when I answered the phone my friend did say I was working my “sexy voice” but I think the fact that I accidentally interrupted her with a nice loud cough negated that…


  3. Stephanie N says

    Thank you for the house tour! So pretty!

    I used to hang out in my closet as a kid. It was like my “secret” room or something.

    I have to go back and watch again and try to find Burger!


  4. Alison says

    It looks soooooo good!! I can’t believe you did so much in just a little over a year, I’m crazy impressed!!

    • says

      I know, right? Our bedroom is definitely the most undone room of all the rooms we have actually started (the sunroom and playroom and all three bathrooms are actually more undone because we haven’t touched them yet, haha). Lots to do!


  5. Kari says

    Did I miss it or have you not covered the artwork just outside Clara’s door?

    It’s fun to see your kitchen all complete. Looks great.

    Maybe I’ll even get inspired to just actually CLEAN the second half of my house today.

  6. says

    I totally hear Natalie Portman since you said it! I want a room with secret porjects! *stomps foot*

    Cougar Town rules. Just watched it this morning, it was one of the better episodes where I laughed almost the entire time and the Mr actually laughed here and there. (He doesn’t get my obsession and the quickest way to annoy him is to yell “penny caaaan!”)

  7. Ang says

    I love, love, love it all! You have such a knack for pulling it all together. I wish I could do that! LOVE how the kitchen turned out! You give me hope and inspiration that remodels do not have to be expensive. I’m working on my bathroom now. FINALLY.

    P.S. I think I’m gonna be sick, I’m kinda dizzy from watching all the spinning around. Hahahaha!

  8. Careen says

    Your photos are always good, but when watching the video, you realize the photos really don’t do justice to how nice and cozy you’ve made the place. The video gives a sense of how spacious it is, too. Lovely!

  9. Nell says

    Love your kitchen. I’ve got a question: Would you recommend cork floors for the downstairs of a small patio home? I’m talking living/dining combo, small bedroom and tiny kitchen? What are your thoughts? I’d like to replace old carpet.

    • says

      Oh yes, I think it would be great. Someone emailed us photos yesterday of the cork they just laid in a dining room and library (it was a large section of their first floor) and it looked great and they were so happy with it. They replaced old carpet too!


    • says

      Oh yes, it’s a little pink rocker that looks like a scooter. She loves that thing! Oddly enough she can only get on from the left (being a leftie) which is funny because she’ll spin it around and drag it around the house in order to get on.


  10. Thais Bessa says

    I watched a film with Mila Kunis on the plane recently and OMG it really sounds like you (perhaps look a bit like you too?)

    I am looking forward to your outdoor projects, as we are also going to do them here this spring! The people who lived here before paved the WHOLE front of the house and decked the WHOLE back! According to them they hate gardening and wanted low maintenance. Seriously, zero green (these people were crazy!) So now we want to do some landscaping in the front and actually remove part of the decking so we can have some grass. Exciting!

    • says

      Wow- that’s a whole lotta paving and decking! It’s going to be such a big makeover when you add some green back in! Our yard is a disaster so we have a ton of work ahead of us!


    • Beth W. says

      There is a house near ours that doesn’t have a speck of grass either, except they actually replaced it with different types of gravel and rocks, like it’s xeriscaped or something (but we live in VA, not the desert so it’s not really necessary)… It’s bizarre. I wonder if they’re deathly allergic to grass or something. Or maybe they are like the former owners of your house and just hate yard work?

  11. says

    Your house is absolutely beautiful! I could look at it all day. You guys are such an inspiration with everything you do! Thanks for sharing! :)

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