Budget Blooms: Pretty In Pink

Remember when I shared my first of the year flowers a little while back (a sweet monthly gift from the hubs)? You may recall that they had a bit of New Year’s sparkle thanks to a cake stand full of gleaming silver ornaments for take one, and a few weeks later I remixed them with less of a holiday slant since we were well into January at that point.

Well those inexpensive grocery store blooms lasted for pretty much all of January but then February got the best of us and before we knew it we were blinking our eyes and it was almost March- and we still hadn’t purchased any February flowers. So while food shopping on the last weekend of the month we made sure that a bouquet made it into our cart as well.

And we really got a lot for a little this time. We spent just $4.99 and I got five different bouquets out of the deal. This time around I was drawn to a bunch of pretty pink carnations and they went such a long way that I’m convinced they might just be my favorite flower ever. Plus they notoriously last a while so that should mean weeks of enjoyment on my part. Oh happy day. Here’s the first bouquet of pretty pink carnations adding endless sweetness to my desk near the window:

And here are three more smaller bouquets happily residing on the window ledge in the kitchen in a few cheap-o Ikea vases I had laying around. Gotta love that they look just as good in crisp white bud vases as they do in the similarly toned pink vase on my desk.

Here’s our little bonus bouquet, made mostly from shorter buds and flowers that were snipped off to make the rest of the arrangements (determined not to waste a single bloom I grouped them in a small glass candle holder in the half bathroom). They should all be blooming even more in just a few days.

All five bouquets (which happily rung in at less than a buck a piece) certainly add a cheerful spring vibe to three different rooms of our house. It’s just so nice to have a splash of pink in a few of the spots that I frequent every day. It’s funny that we keep falling behind on our monthly bouquets since every time I finally get my mitts on them I’m smitten with the amazing (and super cheap) upgrade that they add to any space. What are you guys drawn to these days when it comes to flowers or indoor plants? Anyone bringing home pretty potted tulips and daffodils yet? Anyone else enamored with roses these days (especially after V-day a few weeks back)? Spill it.

Wanna see our first grocery store bouquet from last January? Itching to check out February, March, April, May, June, July, August, and September too? Just follow the links for some pretty sweet cheap-o (and even free) bouquets.


  1. Carmen says

    I’ve brought home tulips on my last two grocery shopping trips. They make me smile every time I see them. They bring a little much needed spring into our still gloomy winter days.

  2. says

    I love it! Carnations usually get a bad rap for being a lame flower but I think they’re pretty and they DO last for a long time! My mom had pink carnations in her wedding many years ago.

    I’ve been doing this same thing for a couple years now and I love constantly having flowers blooming in our home. When the budget gets ultra tight I go outside and get bougainvillea clippings, hibiscus and most recently some azaleas from our azalea bushes at the side of house. :)

    I love those two white ikea boxes you have stacked in your office. I am going to be doing the same thing, I have a pretty wicker basket but it is lid-less and I don’t like seeing the stack of papers in my otherwise neat office.

    Have a great week!

  3. Meredith V says

    We have been drawn to Orcids lately. Someone gave us a beautiful white one that looks amazing on our table. This weekend we bought a bright pink( almost fushia) plant that looks great in our nuetral green, brown, and white bedroom.

  4. says

    This is my favorite thing to do with a bouquet! It sprinkles happiness throughout the house (nightstands, bathrooms, kitchen counters…)! My husband bought me a mixed bouquet for Mother’s Day (even though I specifically requested tulips or non-red roses), but by breaking it down into multiple vases, my daughter and I enjoyed it for weeks! Love your posts!

  5. says

    I bought a white hyacinth the other day and I love the smell – it smells like spring! Also got coaxed by my six-year-old to buy a cute little shamrock plant with tiny white flowers, so it’s our St. Patrick’s Day treat and it looks cute on a side table in the living room.

    Like a previous commenter, I am also into buying orchids lately. Our Walmart has beautiful ones for $11.99 and they can really make a room. They flower for about four to six weeks (sometimes longer) before I end up killing them. Some talented green thumbs might be able to get them to rebloom, but not me!

  6. says

    I’ve always loved carnations too – so simple and sweet, another sweet and cheap flower I love are babys breath, there are so overlooked but oh so pretty

  7. says

    What a beautiful choice! I’m completely head over heels for flowers lately, probably due to the cold NYC winter and wanting Spring to spring, so to speak.

    My question for you is: How do you get your flowers to last for so long? Mine tend to kick the bucket after a week…any tips?

    • says

      We don’t have any big flower secrets at all. We just try to remember to refresh the water as much as possible, cut the stems on an angle, and add that flower powder packet if they provide one. Hope it helps!


  8. Danielle says

    That fan deck next to your pink vase – did you just pull one of each color card from the BM store and then hole pinch them and attach them with what looks like a zip tie? Didn’t the store employees look at you strangely when you pulled all the color chips?

    • says

      Oh no, by now they know me at Benjamin Moore (we practically eat sleep and breathe paint) and they actually offered me a fan deck but then checked the back and they had run out so I just grabbed one of each swatch and hole punched them like you mentioned. I meant to use a metal ring clip to hold them all together but didn’t have one so I relied on a zip tie. About a year later I still haven’t upgraded to a ring but it still works just fine. Someday…


  9. Sheryl J says

    I love your carnation bouquets. I also have recently fallen in love with these flower because of their durability and their wide variety of color options. I still have my V-Day flowers on my coffee table in all their red glory.

  10. says

    These are so pretty. I just love the extra punch of color flowers can add to our everyday space. Unfortunately, I have a little ways to go before any flowers are coming up around here. :)

  11. Kelly says

    Hi Sherry-

    A little off subject but I noticed your paint swatch set next to your flower vase and was wondering where you got it? Or all your paint swatch sets for that matter. I remember a post where you showed us the inside of one of your storage ottomans with multiple swatch sets. WHERE DO YOU GET THEM????


    • says

      Hey Kelly,

      Scroll back through the comments for info on how I made that swatch book myself. As for the many other that I own, I actually just ask for ’em at the paint counter (and they either give them to me for free or charge a small fee- which is definitely worth it when you dole out paint advice as often as we do). Hope it helps!


    • says

      Hey Erin,

      It’s a Burro Tail from Home Depot. They’re super easy care succulents that just need a smidge of water now and then. We have them all over our house!


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