Budget Blooms: My Birthday Bounty

As most of you know, every month we like to enjoy one inexpensive (and even free) bouquet to keep things feeling fresh around here (the idea actually stemmed from a super sweet Christmas present from the hubs a while back). But somehow I actually ended up with two months of blooms overlapping here at Casa Petersik this month. Remember when I shared February’s $5 blooms? Well those suckers are still alive. Well into March. All of them. Gotta love carnations. And I’m not doing anything special (just changing the water every week or so and reclipping the stems at an angle every two weeks or so). Crazy, huh?

But that didn’t stop my favorite/only hubby from walking in the door after work on my birthday last Friday with a big smile and this pretty surprise birthday bouquet full of lilies, alstroemeria, and a few sprigs of plum colored heather in honor of March (and me I guess).

I’m not used to having a big professional arrangement around the house (especially since we usually clip things from our yard or spend, at most, $5 at the grocery store for our monthly bouquets) so maybe that’s why it feels so special. Seriously I’m still permasmiling a week later. But perhaps I should elaborate in John’s defense. It’s not that he never comes home with flowers, it’s just that he does it just rarely enough to totally catch me off guard and make me giddy. As an example, he had a bouquet delivered when we moved into our house so I would answer the door and see something pretty to bring inside in hopes of making this old ranch feel more like home. And he usually heeds my I’m-a-cheapo-so-just-buy-me-a-single-white-rose advice since I don’t want him to break the bank every month on giant special occasion bouquets.

Possibly the cutest thing is that John excitedly explained that he specifically directed the guy at the flower shop when it came to my bouquet (saying things like “she likes similar tones that are sort of layered so nothing is too high contrast” and “nope, not too much filler” and “yeah, I think she likes lilies” and “no tulips because they remind her of a certain annoying ex”). In short: the whole thing was adorable and I was a very happy birthday girl indeed.

I also love that John picked them up over lunch, which meant that when he brought them back to the office everyone was curious about the giant bounty of blooms so he started telling people that he won a pageant over lunch. He cracks me up. And he even sat them in a cup of water on his desk until it was time to bring them home to me, just to keep them happy. I’m telling you, he’s the man.

So although this month’s bouquet is less of the free-or-five-dollar-variety, it’s truly special to me and I just wanted to share the birthday eye candy. And did I mention I also awoke to find this cute homemade birthday banner (complete with little love notes on each letter/number) hanging in the doorway between the kitchen and the den?

I love birthdays. But enough about my big turning-two-eight adventures. Have you guys ever been surprised with flowers? And what do you like when it comes to big pro bouquets? It was so interesting to hear John directing the guy at the flower shop because he was better at articulating my preferences than I could ever be. Does anyone know you better than you know yourself in the flower department? What would you say if you were asked to describe the perfect bouquet for you?

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  1. says

    My best flower surprise from hubs wasn’t for anything in particular other than he loved me. We both left for work in the morning travelling our separate ways when I realised I’d forgotten something, so back home I went, opened the door and there waiting for me was a gorgeous single stemmed rose. He’s such a sweetie.

  2. Samantha says

    My hubs isn’t much of a flower guy, unfortunately for me. :) But I think that’s sooo cute that John was so particular about your flowers. Most guys would’ve just picked up something prearranged and hoped for the best!

    Also – soooo adorable the love notes & the banner! I am totally stealing that to do for my husband.

    You got yourself a good catch, Sherry! :)

  3. says

    I don’t get flowers often–not because my hubby is stingy, though! I rather like to be surprised by flowers–not expect them on every major holiday. That takes away the “specialness” of them, ya know?

  4. Mrs. G says

    Just a few days ago, my husband’s parents were staying with us on their way to the airport. I asked him to bring home one of those $5 grocery store bouquets and I was planning on sprucing it up.

    He walked through the door with the most beautiful bouquet of yellow lilies. The kicker? I said, “aw, hun, you didn’t need to do that,” as in spend extra on a big bouquet. He said, “I didn’t.” That huge bouquet was on the $5 stand! I couldn’t believe it. They are still bloomin’ away!

  5. says

    Happy (belated) birthday! Your hubby is such a sweetie. Mine so rarely brings me flowers, but he often cooks dinner for me so I can’t complain! In professional bouquets I always say “no” to baby’s breath, ferns, and carnations (because they remind me of an ex!). I love orchids – the first bouquet my man got me had lovely purple orchids and they’ve been a favorite ever since.

  6. Austyn says

    Not n answer to your questions, but…Just had to share that I just got home from Whole Foods where I picked up 10 stem daffodil bouquets at 3 for $5. 30 stems for 5 smackers! They’re brightening my kitchen right now ;o) Maybe others will find similar specials at their local Whole Foods stores. Happy Birthday!

  7. Caroline says

    This is absolutely adorable!! You guys make me smile. :)

    My boyfriend is the same way, in that flowers come rarely enough so that I’m completely surprised…when I got my wisdom teeth out a couple years ago, he came over with a huge bouquet of roses/carnations/lilies (my favorite!) and soft foods, which is really the perfect combination at that point…

  8. Chelsea says

    Out of all the other blogs/designers out there. Who would you say has the most similar style to yours? What would you describe the style of your home as?

    As a new mom, just curious of your plans to “hide” toys, high chairs, swings, etc… I’m very conscious of what is “aesthetically” pleasing in our home but haven’t been able to escape having those items around that don’t match our home.

    • says

      Hey Chelsea,

      Hmm, it’s hard to “label” our style but we often refer to our aesthetic as “light and airy with a lot of natural accents.” It’s really a tough thing to pin down because we like a mixture of modern and traditional along with lots and lots of texture and tons of white. As for how we’ll be hiding and storing all of our toys and baby clutter, we’ll definitely tackle that as we go, so stay tuned for posts on that subject. And when it comes to designers that we love, almost everything that Sarah Richardson does appeals to us (along with Candice Olson, Thom Filicia, and Nate Berkus). Hope it helps!


  9. travis says

    Happy belated Birthday!

    I’m not going to weigh in on which flowers I like to receive (not something that really get’s me going ;)). I do love to get my wife flowers, however, and she tends to like non-mixed flowers other than some filler (but like you not too much filler). She also really loves non-traditional color roses. You know…such as the red with a marbling of yellow or cream. She also like the way I arrange them so I like to buy the cheaper grocery store type and take ’em home and arrange myself.

  10. Heather says

    That’s a beautiful bouquet. Great job picking them out John! My almost husband likes to surprise me with flowers every once in a while too. A secret I never told him is that before we met I didn’t really like roses (I thought they were too commonplace and not unique enough). But now I love them after he surprised with a big bouquet of them for Valentine’s day after we first started dating. I’d have to say they’re my favourite now and always make me think of how sweet he is.

  11. says

    Love your bouquet with all the lilies! So pretty! I don’t care what kind my husband brings me as long as he doesn’t spend an arm & a leg. He usually goes to Costco where they have ginormous bouquets. Trader Joe’s is also a good choice. He bought me red roses for Valentines day that lasted a very long time.

  12. says

    Beautiful! And Happy Birthday, Sherry!

    While Adam was deployed in Iraq for 15 months, he surprised me with a huge bouquet of orchids (my favorite). It made me miss him so much I cried like a little girl.

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