Budget Blooms: Take Two

Remember I shared my first of the year flowers a little while back (a sweet monthly gift from the hubs)? You may recall that they had a bit of New Year’s sparkle thanks to a cake stand full of gleaming silver ornaments…

… but I mentioned that in a week or so I’d retire those and fill the pedestal with something a bit less holiday-focused. In all honestly I figured it would be something naughty (cupcakes, cookies, brownies?) but somehow we resisted that tooth-rotting stuff (maybe it’s the whole we-regret-our-holiday-gluttony syndrome that hits each January) and filled our clam shell fruit bowl nearby to the brim with apples, oranges, pears, avocados and other healthy fare. Which freed up the cake stand for something else. So I’m back to share my remixed little $4 blooms (all of which are still going strong) with their new is-it-spring-yet? spin.

Actually the blooms are in the very same mercury glass votive holders but the pedestal is sporting a quirky little collection of faux fruit. From white ceramic pears (which were also there amid the ornaments) to a big glossy green one… and even a gleaming bunch of grapes and one non edible item just for a shot of pale purple (an urchin I got for 25 cents at the beach a while back)- we seemed to have a surprising abundance of non-edible fruit laying around. So I grouped it together on the pedestal and called it a day.

It certainly adds a shot of bright and cheerful color to our usually soft and subdued kitchen. And it’s the best kind of color- the no commitment kind. Instead of painting the walls a bright yellow tone, try plopping some punchy flowers/accessories on the counter and see how much of a room-brightener they can be! Now if only sunnier skies would blow in. Soon…

What are you guys whipping out to replace all of that holiday decor? Anyone reaching for cheerful spring stuff even though it’s still January? Do tell.

Wanna see our first grocery store bouquet from last January? Itching to check out February, March, April, May, June July, August, and September too? Just follow the links for some pretty sweet cheap-o (and even free) bouquets.


  1. Kristin says


    hmm, looks like spring… great rearrangement. It just started snowing again here in germany last night and it seems it won’t stop till next monday… the perfect time for some color at home.
    In fact, I just removed all the holiday decor yesterday. I used to be sad when I had to do this because everything seemed to be so empty, but this time I realized that all the space freed by removing the christmas stuff can be nice too – no clutter, free windowsills… so I think I will wait a bit until I introduce new colorful spring decor.

  2. angela says

    As an FYI, I found your white ceramic pears at marshalls a few months ago (of course I had to buy them) and I was also able to find a white ceramic strawberry and an apple!! I am looking forward to using them in my spring and fall decor! I am hooked on white ceramic decorations!

    • says

      No way! That’s where we got our ceramic pears too (or possibly TJ Maxx, but they often have the same stock). Bummer we missed out on the strawberry and the apple- we’ll have to keep our eyes open!


  3. says

    We haven’t whipped out the spring stuff yet, but I’m certainly itching to get to it! Currently I have lots of texture, creamy colors and wintery whites mixed with punches of red berries. It feels inside like it looks outside- pretty, white and a bit sparse. :-)

    Beautiful display, by the way! My husband and I collect pears. Our entire wedding incorporated pears, including the bouqets and I promise it wasn’t tacky!

  4. Christin says

    I just finished taking down our Christmas decor this weekend. My hubby had been out of town for work and I got him some flowers for when I picked him up at the airport (with a little selfish reasoning that I wanted to colorful spring-ness in the apt!) However, I know although it’s warmish and rainy right now, we’ll get more snow and cold before spring is really here. I want to put out some different just winter decor that’s not Christmas, but I’m not sure what yet. But it really brightens up the place to have some fresh flowers around!

  5. says

    I’m still loving the neutral, understated winter decor. Spring is at least two months ago, so I am embracing what I love about winter: calm, serene, snowflakes, and lots of indoor crafts. Maybe I’ll even get a headstart on homemade gifts for next Christmas! ;-)

  6. Carolyn says

    I was just at Michael’s yesterday, checking out their new spring decor, and I would swear they’ve been reading your blog! :) Beautiful white ceramic vases and pitchers, and the cutest little white ceramic birds. I could have moved into that aisle! You should check it out if you have a Michael’s near you.

    • says

      Hey Carolyn,

      Thanks so much for the Michael’s tip! We were actually there yesterday night but ran straight to the aisle with the iron on hem tape and forgot to check out the decorative stuff. Boo! We’ll have to swing by again soon!


  7. Carrie says

    Question for you guys. I like your bamboo blinds and I know you said you got them at Walmart but they currently do not have anything the length I need (windows are 94″ wide) and I don’t particularly care for Lowe’s/Home Depot’s selection. Any thoughts?

  8. amelia says

    just noticed your “tweet nothings”…we do that with our puppy, Elvis, all the time..well, whenver are papertowels run out – we have the paper tube leftover and we say commands thru it to Elvis who stares at funny and they gets in hyper doggy mood and runs around us barking! lol – good times :-)

    • says

      You should definitely try it with a long fabric bolt tube. Great acoustics! And speaking of that long fabric bolt, it means we’re making progress on the nursery. Wahoo! Stay tuned…


  9. says

    I was recently struggling with what sort of seasonal decor was appropriate for post holiday/not yet spring. Finally decided to embrace winter with some cool blues, snowflake embroidered dishtowels, fluffy throws, and some creamy porcelain bud vases and French candy jars on the cake stand. I am also a sucker for tea lights and votives in any season.

  10. Cindy says

    Flowers really make a difference – and its something I need to learn as my mom did not believe in “wasting” money on them growing up! Can I ask the model number of your microwave? I’ve been looking for one that doesn’t sit on a counter for our renovation. Thanks!

    • says

      Hey Cindy,

      Our microwave is a Frigidaire from “The Professional Series” that we purchased at the end of 2007 when we redid our kitch. Don’t know the model number though. Hope it helps!


  11. says

    i love your idea! its encouraging to see you enjoying pretty things like flowers and still be realistic about prices…..i love flowers, and being a newlywed and on a tight budget reading about these things inspires me :)

  12. Megan says

    Looks great! I keep a few of the less “Christmasy” items, like wreaths, up for awhile longer (evergreen and berries are winter, regardless, I think), but now that the ornaments and ribbons are gone, I’ve decided to decorate with books. I figure that it’ll inspire us to grab a book and snuggle up in the dead of winter rather than rely on the TV, plus it gets our favorites out from dusty bookcases for friends and family to see. You can learn a lot about a couple by their selection in books! :-)

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