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How Do You Do?

We did it. We combed our archives to cobble together a little collection of our most popular how-to posts on one convenient place (the “how-to” tab right under the header). We’ve arranged everything by category, so whether you’re looking for help unclogging a drain, upholstering a headboard, getting rid of carpet dents, replacing door hardware, switching out your thermostat, painting your kitchen cabinets, or hosting a yard sale we’ve gotcha covered. And oh so much more…


Of course we’ll keep right on updating it as we churn out more tuorials so feel free to drop in on our new page whenever the urge to swankify strikes. Happy hammering/hanging/painting/staining/upholstering/wiring/caulking/crafting/decorating/renovating!



Blayne’s Design Dilemma: Solved

When Blayne came to us a month ago for an elegant and subtly exotic bedroom makeover with a hint of Moroccan flair, we had no idea she’d get everything together so quickly! Here’s her letter:

Well, my room is done and it looks amazing! Even better than I expected. I followed your design plan pretty much to a T (although I found similar chocolate curtains at JC Penney for half the price and I used a slightly different medium brown color behind the bed on the accent wall). Half of the pictures on the walls are actually the same art I had in the room before, I just cut them down and put them in new frames. I love your idea of using the 8 frames on the facing walls and I was able to put a lot of different pictures in them but they still have a cohesive look because they’re all in the same frame.  My husband and I are both just thrilled with how it came out! So are you two ready to swankify my living room and kitchen next? Thank you so much for your help! – Blayne

Here’s the split personality before:


The mood board we whipped up four weeks ago (click here for the details):


And of course the gorgeous and inviting after pics:



Lovely, no? We would totally stay at Casa Blayne, and we’re so happy she sent us such a fast and fabulous update. What do you guys think?

Update: We sadly can no longer find the time to take on client commissioned mood boards (we now whip up general inspiration boards instead) but if we ever reinstate them we’ll make a big announcement!