Nice Weave: Using Woven Items To Warm Up The House


It just occurred to us that we’ve introduced a woven item to nearly every room in our home. And we don’t play favorites. We love everything from jute rugs… … and seagrass carpets… …to textured baskets of all sizes. Even the bamboo blinds that appear in more than a few of our rooms have a textured woven feel, whether they’re framing a window… … or hiding the clutter in our laundry nook… Perhaps the reason we adore all things woven are the soft neutral tones that seem to work in every space. Maybe its the calm, spa feel that they bring- reminding us of an exotic bungalow in Fiji. Perhaps it’s the timelessness of the

Wedding Crashing: An Elegant Southern Affair


We’re thrilled to announce a new feature here at Young House Love: Wedding Crashing. Since you all seemed to be enjoying our house crashing posts, we figured it was about time we started peeking in on people’s nuptials as well. And we’re not discriminating. We’re dropping in on a wide variety of events, from modest $300 celebrations to $75,000 galas and beyond. And the locations will range from scenic rural farms to fabulous Manhattan lofts and everywhere in between. So slip into something swanky and let’s get crashing. Meet Patrice and Jeff, a sweet southern duo who wanted a day of traditional elegance with a few modern and memorable twists. Their July wedding was held

How To Upholster A Chair


We’re back with another handy dandy tutorial, and this time it’s an exciting lesson in chair covering. The main takeaway should be that this is a super simple way to completely reinvent a chair. Seriously. It’s a snap. So let’s get stapled, er started. The white fabric on this antique chair was a little yellowed and stained from years of use. So Emily (John’s frequently mentioned sister in law) and I hit up a local fabric store to grab something funky and fun to update this family hand-me-down of hers. After we scored two yards of sateen & chenille fabric with a fun and dramatic oversized damask pattern (for just $18!) we whipped out a

Abundance, Redefined.


This quote from Claire Donohue- a decorator in July’s House Beautiful– really inspired us: Get rid of stuff. Choose one set of dishes for all occasions, one saute pan, and one set of glasses- those stemless wine glasses work for juice, cocktails, wine, milk. Live only with what you love and use daily. Think of it as a different kind of abundance. It’s easy to get caught up with wanting more than you need (and buying things you’ll never use), so even though we’re always posting about steals & deals, it’s nice to sit back and remember that the most peaceful places and spaces always demonstrate that less really is more. Here’s to living light!

Burning Question: Lost In The Woods?


We’ve got another burning question for ya- and this time it comes from Susan, a reader with a kitchen floor conundrum. Here’s her question: Should a kitchen’s hardwood floor match the wood cabinets? I’m reading online that it shouldn’t, but a lot of design magazines & books feature rooms where they match. Help! So let’s give Susan a hand. Is the same tone on your kitchen cabinets and flooring a recipe for wood overload? Or are they the perfect ingredients for a cohesive and consistent kitchen design? Do tell.

House Crashing: Charm To Spare


Yup, we’re house crashing again- and this time we’re invading the home of a local celebrity of sorts. Lesley is the owner of Clementine, an über cool consignment shop in ever-popular Carytown (a street chock full of unique shops and eateries here in Richmond). And she and her husband Jeff graciously allowed us to snoop around their home and shoot some photos to share with you. Without further ado, their beautiful home. From the moment we arrived, the yellow door with hand painted house numbers caught our attention. Lesley just printed out the numbers and transfered them onto the door with a pencil rubbing and tracing technique, painted them there with a thin brush, and

Adding A Seagrass Rug From World Market


You all know by now that we’re in love with our master bedroom. And after much trial-and-error we were convinced that we’d thought of every last thing to make it comfy cozy meets hotel chic. But the other day we looked down and realized there was something missing… …and thus begun a hunt for the perfect rug. Fortunately the search ended quickly when we found the most amazing thing (at the most amazing price) courtesy of World Market. In addition to their normal collection of global rugs, they offer a cool customizable option that we haven’t seen anywhere else. It’s basically seagrass rug by the foot. First you choose from three different grass colors (from

Tiffany’s Design Dilemma


Tiffany wrote to us in hopes of a kitchen & family room makeover with worldly style and a splash of modern appeal. Here’s her letter: A friend sent us the link to your blog and we love what you’ve done to your house. Our current dilemma is the family room/kitchen- since it’s one big room, it’s a challenge to make things look cohesive. The family room is long and narrow with only one full wall (where the TV is in the pic) and we’ve had a hard time with window coverings. Should we do curtains or frame the windows and do shades? Can’t decide. We like a worldly look (think Pier 1 and World Market)

Seven Awesome Target Steals To Grab


If you’re looking to swankify your space, now’s the time to do it. We just stumbled upon Target’s Fab 500 sale and they’ve selected their bestselling items and marked them waaay down. So if you’ve been meaning to replace your old couch or dining table, add an arm chair to your conversation area, or gussy up your bedroom on the cheap, now’s the time to make your move. But the sale ends this Saturday the 19th, so ya better get down to business. Here are a few of our favorite finds. They’re so gosh-darn gorge (and inexpensive to boot) we almost can’t believe our eyes. First this $599 tufted sofa (with free shipping no less).

Burning Question: Can It?


We’re back to take your pulse on another “controversial” interior design topic. Should kitchen trash cans be a public affair, or do you prefer a hidden trash can under your sink or in a pull out cabinet? There are some pretty fabulous looking cans these days (Simple Human anyone?), with convenient foot pedals to make ’em easy to use and easy on the eyes. But is the convenience worth the exposure, or are trash cans better behind closed doors? We wanna know how you guys live. And if money (and storage) was no object, would you do anything differently? What about recycling? How do you keep your cans and cartons corralled? Let the great garbage

Wedding Week: Making Our Own Food


All this wedding week chitchat must be making you hungry, so you’re cordially invited to sink your teeth into a few of our delectable wedding day dishes. Perhaps our most daring DIY feat was completely nixing the idea of a caterer in favor of taking on the entire wedding menu ourselves. I know we sound cuckoo-for-cocoa-puffs, but there were a few major reasons behind our seemingly insane decision. A lot of catering companies require a separate prep area and our modest rancher just didn’t have the space. And we also thought strangers dressed in black peddling hors d’oeuvres in our backyard might be a little odd for our intimate affair. But most of all, we’re

Wedding Week: Sweet Details We Worked In For Fun


Y’all ready for me to break down more details about our DIY backyard wedding? Good, because here comes more wedding week straight atcha… Any of you who’ve planned a wedding or other big event know you can score major points with your guests by thinking of the little things that suggest that you’ve thought of everything. And for us that included offering up complementary flip-flops for guests whose shoes were a bit too ambitious for a garden wedding. And of course Sherry wanted the dollar store flip flops to look as sweet as the sentiment, so she tied pairs of them with rustic twine and stuck ’em in a burlap basket for easy access. We

Wedding Week: Favors, Decor, Table Settings, & Photostrips


And now for the juicy wedding week DIY decor that you’ve all been waiting for. From the moment people arrived, we wanted to make sure they felt comfortable and warmly welcomed. So we created a handy dandy little wooden welcome sign with a hand painted message for our guests. And thanks to the sandwich-board construction (two pieces of wood secured with simple hinges at the top), we were also able to paint a cute departure message which said “Thanks for sharing our special day, please grab a glowstick to light your way to the car” along with a galvanized bucket of white glow sticks to help people navigate our semi-dark street safely. And we made

Wedding Week: Save The Dates, Invitations, & Other Paper Stuff


Wedding week continues here at Young House Love with a look back at all the paper goods we designed for the event – from our summery invitation all the way to the customized thank you postcard. But let’s kick things off with the piece of paper that kicked things off in early 2007: the save-the-date. We wanted something simple yet meaningful so we took inspiration from one of our favorite traditions as a couple: taking pictures in a photobooth. I’ll admit that we didn’t want to waste lots of quarters trying to get the perfect photostrip, so we faked our own using a digital camera, photoshop, and some glossy photo paper. The result was a

YHL Wedding Week


Today marks the one year anniversary of our swanky DIY backyard wedding… so we thought a wedding week was in order. That’s right, we’re dedicating this week to sharing all of our crafty and creative ideas for not only a swoonworthy backyard wedding, but a fun and festive gathering of any kind. So don’t tune out if you’ve already tied the knot, we’re gonna bring you tons of affordable, personal, and unique decorating and entertaining ideas fit for any par-tay on your own turf (even if it’s just a romantic evening for you and the hubby). So sit back, relax, and don’t worry about having to catch the bouquet. First the basics. We got married