Bringing Stodgy Back

Get this. Apparently someone thinks we’re sexy. Well, technically they think we’re “stodgy.” But since they’re filming a series of short video profiles entitled Stodgy is Sexy, we’re gonna claim the sexy compliment as well… thanks to the transitive property of, um, compliments. Yeah, I just broke out “transitive property.” Guess I can’t stop the sexiness once it’s unleashed.

Here’s the scoop, back in January we were contacted by a documentary filmmaker out of NYC who was creating three minute video profiles of people who embodied a trend of folks returning to old school values like thrift and simplicity (aka, stodginess). They thought we fit the bill, so we accepted the invitation and soon we found them setting up shop in our future dining room for an afternoon. It didn’t even feel real. And four hours later they were gone without leaving a trace of evidence they had ever arrived. We almost thought we made it up, except for a few pictures like this on our camera:

It felt especially surreal since our brains were still scrambled from the move. We’d only lived here about a month (hence no dining table yet) so we’re sure the neighbors were wondering who the heck moved into their ‘hood with things like this hanging out on our front porch. What a letdown it’s gonna be for them when they meet us and we’re nobody interesting.

The crew was really nice and a good time was had by all. It was especially fun exposing Clara to some of the craziness that somehow finds its way into our house every once and a while. A window into her brain: Cameras and lights? Who cares. But blocks. Now those are exciting!

How do you answer questions on camera with a vocal baby singing in the background? We didn’t really think that through until they “landed.” Good thing the producer has a son about Clara’s age, so she was great at keeping our little bean busy while we blabbed our faces off to the cameras. Cheerios helped too. And here’s how they boiled down our afternoon into less than three minutes of stodginess sexiness:

You can also read more about the project as a whole and watch some of the other (under three minute) profiles by visiting their site. Or you can check out this teaser video about the whole project that they cobbled together with fellow Stodgies, like Chip Kidd, a book designer we’ve both admired for years (I even got his book from Sherry two birthdays ago). We’re honored just to share a one minute clip with him and the other greats of the group.

And for those of you who have a little stodgy in you (if you’ve got it, flaunt it), here’s how you could come to find a giant spotlight on your porch. The site is also welcoming entries to be part of their series, so if you think you fit the “stodgy” bill, join in on the fun. I mean who doesn’t want to be on a site that says “We Are The Revolution. We Are Boring.” in bold letters across the top? Amazing.

PS: Even though the Stodgy is Sexy project is sponsored, we’re not affiliated with their sponsors and weren’t compensated for our participation. We just did it to feel sexy.



Holy Homeslice

Is that really our name listed over on Apartment Therapy as the winners of this year’s Homies? Wow. We’re simultaneously flattered and flabbergasted. Just call us flattergasted. Wait, maybe you shouldn’t. It kinda sounds like a euphemism for flatulence. But it’s safe to say that we’re shocked and are definitely feeling all “aw shucks” about it.

A big thanks to everyone who nominated and/or voted for us. There are so many awesome home blogs out there and it’s such an honor to think that anyone believes that we belong anywhere near the top. We were just happy to be nominated among so many fantastic fellow bloggers. Really. And a big thanks to Apartment Therapy for playing host to this annual celebration of reader selected shelter blogs. It’s always cool whenever sites like AT share some link love and spread the word about other design & DIY enthusiasts. Sidenote: We met Maxwell a couple of months ago at a book signing event here in Richmond and he’s even more nice, genuine, and passionate than we imagined. Just a great all around guy. And I don’t mean that in a creepy way.

Our favorite part of this whole Homie thing is the list of must-read home blogs that AT compiled as part of the reader submitted nomination process. Our Google Readers better throw on some elastic waist pants, cause we’re gorging on a ton of new RSS subscriptions. So if you’re looking to join in, might we suggest our fellow finalists to start?

And don’t forget to check out the amazing full list of nominations here (scroll down a bit for the whole mack daddy list). Oh and along with the title of the 2011 winner, the Homies also include a sweet $50 prize. And rather than blowing it on ceramic animals something for the new house, we decided to channel Maxwell and pay it forward to one of his favorite charities: Donor’s Choose.

You can click the image above to learn more about that specific project. And as for more info about Donors Choose in general, it’s a really cool organization where teachers can log on and request specific items that they need for their classroom, and you can pick whichever request hits home with you and donate directly to that cause (we’re going to choose a local Richmond classroom that’s looking for something that has to do with the arts or building – you know, since painting and hammering are two things that we still enjoy to this day).

So thanks again to Apartment Therapy for the inspiration and the fun! And to you awesome people who clicked the box next to our name. Holy bananas. We still can’t believe it.