Feelin’ Lucky


Here it is folks, our monthly “thank you” to our sponsors for making the other 30+ posts possible (and keeping us Petersiks fed & sheltered). Instead of listing names, we like to share stuff that makes us inspired/hyper – not that we’ve been gifted anything (here’s our no-swag policy). So these are just happy go lucky favorites – you know, in honor of St. Paddy’s Day. And there’s something in it for you. No, not a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow (just some leprechaun humor there) but some sweet reader discounts at the bottom of this post. Because we love four-leaf-clover you. Sleek options for updating kitchen cabinets from Liberty Hardware.

Making Five Dollar Art With Colored Paper


Remember that grid of eight Ribba frames above our sectional (that we got right the second time around)? Well, we figured out some in-the-meantime “art” for them (so we don’t have to stare at those brown squares every night). You know, until we come up with something better. And it only cost us five bucks. Okay, $5.17 if you’re being picky. So worth it. We’re still not 100% sure what we want there in the long run, but we’re leaning towards something graphic and colorful. And since the brown frame back is the opposite of that, we wanted to at least put something in there temporarily that wouldn’t cost much or take any time to

Bringing Stodgy Back


Get this. Apparently someone thinks we’re sexy. Well, technically they think we’re “stodgy.” But since they’re filming a series of short video profiles entitled Stodgy is Sexy, we’re gonna claim the sexy compliment as well… thanks to the transitive property of, um, compliments. Yeah, I just broke out “transitive property.” Guess I can’t stop the sexiness once it’s unleashed. Here’s the scoop, back in January we were contacted by a documentary filmmaker out of NYC who was creating three minute video profiles of people who embodied a trend of folks returning to old school values like thrift and simplicity (aka, stodginess). They thought we fit the bill, so we accepted the invitation and soon we

That’s The Way, Uh Huh, Uh Huh, We Like It


We’re doing a little bit of happy dance boogieing on our new rug, hence this post’s title. Yes, it’s like High School Musical over here, lots of dancing and occasionally there’s even some ballad-y singing about our feelings. Feel free to click play and get in on it. Now that we’ve gotten through that little dance interlude, here’s the new rug: Oh happy day, we love it. Here’s a recent shot of the space without it for comparison. Isn’t it amazing what a rug – even a neutral and “safe” jute one – can do to tie things together and add balance to a 15 x 16′ bedroom (15 x 21′ if you count the

Bedroom Rug Hunting


Short story: we bought a bedroom rug! Now for the long story. Because we’re nothing if not wordy and over explain-y. We’ve known that our giant master bedroom was in need of a nice big rug to anchor some of the more showstopping pieces, like big ol’ Ed the Bed and our New Year’s Eve ball-esque pendant light from Ikea. And a piddly little 4 x 6′ rug at the foot of the bed with two faux sheepskins on either side of the bed just weren’t doing it for us anymore. Maybe to some people a 16 x 16′ bedroom (which is actually 16 x 21′ if you include the sink nook) isn’t even that

How To Hang A Grid Of Frames Over The Couch (And What Not To Do)


2, 4, 6, 8, Who Do We Appreciate? Planning! And why do we appreciate it? Because we get burned when we don’t do it. At least we did on the frame arrangement we just hung above our sectional. Here’s the story. We’ve always planned to take the big empty space above Karl and do a grid of large picture frames. We sort of envisioned it as a larger version of the frame grid that we hung above the couch in our old den… … but instead of 8 x 10″ frames we’d use oversized 20.5 x 20.5″ Ribba frames from Ikea for more impact (since we already own and love four of them – and

Fab Freebie: Deco-rating Help


***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries – look below to see who won!*** The winner of the $300 gift card toward the MyDeco Boutique as selected by random.org is… Beth-BTW (who uses virtual mood boards sometimes, but usually flies by the seat of her pants when it comes to decor planning). Congrats! This week’s prize comes from mydeco.com, a site that helps you design a space you’ll love in many ways. For starters, they catalog products from hundreds of retailers in one search-able spot. But they go above and beyond too: allowing you to create mood boards, collect your favorite items in online folders, and even virtually decorate your home in 3D using thousands

Channeling Queen Latifah And Jet Li


UPDATE: Woot. Their server seems to be back up and running. So feel free to pop back over and check out your stylish celebrity counterparts. We’ve got a few projects in progress over here, so until we have something to show for them we thought we’d share this quirky little quiz. And just to be clear, I’m the one channeling Queen Latifah and Sherry’s got Jet Li. Yep, it’s another scientifically proven quiz that promises to help you pin down your decorating essence (like all of these that have come before it). Though this one scores a few bonus points for being almost entirely visual, which means you get to enjoy some eye candy slash

Dance Party


Seeing as this fun little $22 lamp from HomeGoods is one of our favorite Sue The Napkin colors, which we plan to use as our whole house color inspiration (see them all here) I had to make it mine. It’s really cute in person, but it’s kinda ugly with the paneling behind it. Haha. Sorry ’bout that. I knew it would look all purty when it’s glowing – and cast lots of fun shadows on the wall. You know, like this: Except try to imagine it without the soul crushing wood paneling. Slowly but surely we’re working up the energy to tackle the kitchen. Every day that I have to stare at that paneling gets

House Crashing: Stellar (& For Sale!)


When Danielle and her husband Nick sent us a link of their newly listed home in gorgeous and charming Church Hill we couldn’t just ogle the listing and let it go. We knew we had to house crash them in the flesh and share all of the eye candy with you. They bought it in pretty rough shape in 2003 and they worked with one of our favorite local organizations, Better Housing Coalition, to restore it to a livable condition. Records trace it back to existence as early as 1855 (although it’s unclear whether it was burned to the ground in 1865 and rebuilt then). Either way it’s extremely old and it needed lots of

Hanging An Ikea Maskros Light In Our Bedroom


Happy New Year!!! (that sentiment will make sense in a little while – hold tight) The time had come to bid adieu to the fan in our master bedroom so we could introduce a light fixture with a bit more interest. Hold on fan lovers. Put the pitchforks (or fan blades?) down and let me explain. We also removed the ceiling fan in our first home’s bedroom and picked up a high-powered Hunter table fan that did the trick, which we plan to use regularly in the warmer months here as well. It’s not that we’re anti fan – my wife likes to make the beyond corny joke that we’re “fan fans” – but we

Covering Cracks Around A Light Fixture With A Ceiling Medallion


Whitney Houston once famously said “crack is whack.” I don’t think she had the ceiling of Clara’s room in mind when she said it, but hopefully she’d agree that the situation around Clara’s aqua-colored capiz chandelier could indeed be called “whack.” You never saw this in any previous photos – nor could you really notice it that much in real life – but when installing Clara’s light fixture (which we got here for $50) we became well aware of this unsightly ceiling problem that was previously hidden beneath the larger based ceiling fan. So we finally got around to fixing it. And it was easy thanks to this $19 ceiling medallion that we got at

Weekend Happenings


Many of you have asked how my mom and stepdad enjoyed their stay at Casa Petersik after driving seven hours south from NY to pay us a visit. Well, true to grandparent form they barely noticed their surroundings. All eyes were on the beanette of course. But when Clara was napping or asleep for the night they definitely made a point to say how much they liked the guest room and the rest of our house for that matter (it was their first time seeing our new place) which was really nice to hear. The weekend consisted mainly of oohing and aahhing over everything that Clara did, eating our way around town (we went to