No, nothing’s being hurled at your head (at least we hope not). We’re just sharing our latest purchase: I guess he’s actually a goose. Where he’ll go and what color he’ll be painted is still up in the air (oh look at that, a flight pun). But we figured we could do something fun with our plucky friend, so we brought him home. It was actually my suggestion – although we all know my wife has a penchant for collecting faux animals – I guess this old-school bird was just calling my name this time. And I didn’t exactly have to twist Sherry’s arm. Perhaps it’s the beginning of our own pink duck collection a

Fab Freebie: So Happy Together


***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries – scroll down to see who won!*** It’s February, so we thought we’d try to line up some love themed giveaways for you this month. Kicking things off is Le Papier Studio who takes our affection for silhouette art and turns it up a notch or two (or twenty). They’ve got a bunch of Valentine’s-ready items from plates and prints to cuffs and coasters, many of which can be customized with a silhouette of you and your loved one. PRIZE: A $75 gift card towards any purchase at Le Papier Studio. TO ENTER: Comment on this post with the words “I’M SO HAPPY WITH [–––]!” and… BONUS QUESTION:

Gray-Washing The Ceiling Beams In Our Living Room


Remember when I admitted that I was glad this was over? I’m even more glad that the following project has come to an end. Let’s just say standing on a stepladder leaning back and up to paint three sides of five beams plus crown molding and quarter round around a mammoth 25 x 15′ room isn’t exactly a picnic according to this girl. I’d point to myself with my thumbs as I said that but I’m too sore. That’s right, my thumbs are sore. Along with my neck, back, chin (yes, chin) and various other body parts (calves, glutes, even my obliques for some odd reason). So to those of you who guessed that beam

Holy Homeslice


Is that really our name listed over on Apartment Therapy as the winners of this year’s Homies? Wow. We’re simultaneously flattered and flabbergasted. Just call us flattergasted. Wait, maybe you shouldn’t. It kinda sounds like a euphemism for flatulence. But it’s safe to say that we’re shocked and are definitely feeling all “aw shucks” about it. A big thanks to everyone who nominated and/or voted for us. There are so many awesome home blogs out there and it’s such an honor to think that anyone believes that we belong anywhere near the top. We were just happy to be nominated among so many fantastic fellow bloggers. Really. And a big thanks to Apartment Therapy for

Not Bad.


I just read in an old Health magazine (thanks to the waiting room at the dentist) that “rolling on a new coat of paint burns 204 calories an hour.” This may explain why my hubby (the designated roller – I’m usually the trim painter/cutter-inner) is tall and skinny even though he eats ice cream nearly every night while I sip tea. Because by Health magazine’s math, a 3-4 hour paint job can burn 600-800 calories for him. That’s a lot, right? I’ve never been a gym goer, but I have distinct memories of clinging to the treadmill on the highest incline at a pretty brisk pace and hoping desperately to get to 250 calories before

Oh No I Di’int


Hi my name is Sherry Petersik, and I have a white ceramic animal problem. Well, this one’s actually made of white resin. Guess which creature stole my heart this time? Here’s a hint. Now I’m just putting words here so you don’t see the picture below before you venture a guess. Assuming you want to play along. Come on, what animal is it? More words. More words. More words. More words. Ok, now I’ll explain how it all went down. I couldn’t resist requesting demanding that John drive me over to TJ Maxx after I received this email from a reader named Nina: I thought of you guys when I saw this white resin ram’s

John Went For A Run…


… and I painted something behind his back. Haha. Let me explain. We usually have a “full agreement” agreement when it comes to decor (which means we can’t buy or change a thing unless we’re both totally on board, which keeps us from holding something against another person for years like a recliner that you hate but the hubs just had to have, etc). But I tend to bend the rules when it comes to things that can be undone if John doesn’t like them. I figure in that case, since it’s 100% reversible, and I’d be the one spending the time reversing it if John didn’t agree with my choice, that I don’t have

How To Use Painter’s Tape To Catch Drill Dust


In the midst of hanging our bedroom curtains last week, I snapped some pics of a little trick I use to control the mess of drilling holes into our walls (in this case to make room for curtain rod anchors). Some of you probably already do this, but I figured I’d pass it along to those who might not be in the know since we only joined the tape trick club about a year ago. And not many people think cleaning up drywall or plaster dust scattered below their work area is a fun way to pass the time. Including me. Anyway, the trick is crazy simple and looks a little something like this: It’s

Grocery Store Coupon Tips For Saving Money (I Saved $53!)


And now for a post about saving money. Because the loot we save on food = more money to spend on paint & projects. I figured since I recently divulged my 2011 goal to figure out coupons and save more money this year, I should share a little coupon-related update for anyone else who’s as desperate to turn paper clippings into dolla dolla bills as I am. So here it is: I saved $53 at the grocery store!!! Coupons really do work!!!! Pardon all the shouting. I’m just really excited. I am definitely far from an “expert” on the subject (I just started trying to navigate the crazy coupon world a few weeks back) but