Holiday Roundup: 18 Christmas Decorating Ideas & Projects

With Christmas right around the corner we thought we’d toss together a fun little roundup of a bunch of holiday projects (both old and new) that we’ve whipped up over our last three Christmases as bloggers. Let the festivus begin!

Our first stop is a fun table decorating post from last year. Here are just a few of our favorite seasonal set-ups (see more arrangements and additional details here):

Here’s how we decorated our tree the last two years, full of tone on tone texture and gleaming metallics (see more pics and get more details here):

And here’s a little treat Martha Stewart my sweet hubby tossed together for us while we decorated back in ’08 (see the full “recipe” here):

These are some fun ornaments that we made last year with cheap and simple things like feathers, glue, and glitter. We love how airy and sweet they feel and how perfectly they fit in with the rest of our gleaming metallic ornaments (more deets and pics here):

And of course we have our Christmas tree from this year, chock full of new DIY ornaments like actual dried fruit slices and faux-lemons wired to the ends of some of the branches (see more photos and get the deets here).

Here’s a fun little place card idea from last year using ornaments and a cheap paint pen to create a sweet personalized favor for your guests to take home (find more pics and info here):

And here’s another way to use ornaments in unexpected ways. Just glue magnets to them and use ’em to display all of your holiday cards en masse on your fridge (find more details and photos here).

For a splash of winter white blooms, planting paperwhites is always simple and sweet (here’s a full tutorial with pics galore):

Here are some mossy and metallic side table creations that we whipped up with a cheap pack of craft store moss and a few silver ornaments (full details and more pics here):

And here’s an ornaments-meet-edibles idea that’s super easy for holiday entertaining (more details and pics here):

This is how we decorated our console table this year, with fun greenery and gleaming green ornaments along with a giant feather tree to really set the scene (more details and pics here):

Then we have our den which got decked out in a subtly seasonal wreath and some ornament-riddled hurricanes (more photos and details here):

And here’s the living room mantel all gussied up with ornament-topped candlesticks and DIY labeled stockings (more photos and details here):

Oh and because we love to be thorough, we even hunted down all of our seasonal videos for you as well. Check ’em out below (and pump up the volume for some fun Christmas mood music):

So that does it for our fun and festive holiday roundup. We hope you’ve enjoyed this whirlwind tour of seasonal posts (both old and new) and we also hope that you have a fabulous time with your friends and family… whether you’re hosting or just showing up and getting fed! We still have posts planned for tomorrow and all of next week, so feel free to drop by between sips of eggnog.


  1. Katie says

    I love your tree this year with all of the fruit! It’s really cute.

    (I also tried clicking the link to look at the hot cocoa recipe, but a pic of your living room popped up instead…)

  2. Celeste says

    Love all your Christmas decor–thank you for the round up. I also love the music in the videos–I’ve been Googling “Anup” but havn’t had any luck finding anything-where did YHL find that lovely music?

  3. says

    found your blog while searching for ideas for mine and my husband’s future home. We’ll be buying our first home shortly after the holidays and I was trying to think of Christmas decor I might want for next year and stumbled onto your blog. I’m looking forward to reading through your archives and reading future posts. I am most definitely a new follower.

  4. FJTran says

    Love what you did with the paper whites! I planted some this year and they completely all fell over and I didn’t even think of something as simple as a ribbon to keep them up! Duh! I love it, beautiful.

  5. angela says

    After seeing your hot cocoa pic, I ran out and bought some cute snowflake themed irish coffee mugs from target and some target brand mint hot cocoa mix and taught my hubby how to assemble the delicious treat, but instead of the chocolate shavings, he used red sprinkles for a festive though. very yummmmy!!!

  6. Amy says

    I have a question. From reading, I know you switched up the decorations since last year. I’m wondering, do you just hang on to everything you used before to eventually re-purpose? Specifically, I am talking about the tree ornaments. The switch from the white, feather-y stuff to the citrus decor is pretty drastic. I can’t tell if you used the same stuff again and just re-did it to fit the theme or if there is a vast cache of Christmas goodies stashed somewhere in your house, lol. What gives?

    • says

      Hey Amy,

      Good question! Thanks to our newly transformed basement we have two large green storage bins to accommodate holiday decor and a bunch of extra ones in the armoire down there (should we need them for our expanding ornament collection). We also love tossing silver ornaments into clam shells, vases, and even glass-based lamps… so any silver ones that didn’t make it onto the tree this year just got displayed elsewhere. Hope it helps!


  7. Lisa M says

    I love your site, even though I have owned a home for 28 years. It is awesome to get fresh ideas! I made your dried orange sliced ornaments this year and passed it on to a few people who also made them! I love how the lights shine behind the oranges. Unfortunately, my golden retriever (who drools when we eat oranges) ate the bottom row off the tree. Oh well…I guess she deserves a nice Christmas too.

    Thanks for the great ideas!

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