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Olga’s Design Dilemma

Olga’s living room is ready for a major makeover. Here’s her letter:

I’m excited to get your help. I need to keep most of the furniture in here. I will be buying a new couch sometime in the near future, but it will be a light color sectional close to the one I currently have, so I would like to use this one for now. The media table and towers I recently bought and I like them, so I would like to keep them as well. The table can go, if it’s better to let it go, as can the art in front of the fireplace. I would like to use as much as I can of what is in the room, along with adding more accessories, but things can definitely go if they don’t fit in. I also purchased some medium brown shelves for the fireplace wall if you think one or more of them would add interest. The chair can go; it’s old. The walls I think are fine color and recently painted.  I’m not even sure what style I like as I tend to like a whole lot of different things, but I really do like the way your house is decorated!  I think I’m leaning towards traditional with modern twist and interesting items/decor. I don’t like red, multi colored things, flower patterned upholstery, and I do like big, bold, items, in neutral colors. I do need to stay on a budget as much as possible. Hope you can help!  Thanks a lot! -Olga




This space is primed and ready for some sprucing. Here’s the plan:

Textured & Neutral Living Room

And now for the mood board breakdown.

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Reader Redesign: Nice Chest

When we saw the magic that Mindy worked on an old dresser we had to share the eye candy. Here’s her letter:

I love your website and eagerly look forward to reading it everyday. I just thought I would show you my dresser re-do! The hubs and I really needed a dresser but didn’t want to spend a lot. We like things that are solid and made really well. So, after finding this antique dresser on Craigslist I decided to fix it up. I took the handles off and filled the holes in, sanded the varnish off, primed it, then painted it with two coats of Behr’s “lime light.” Then I drilled the holes for the new knobs and lined it with contact paper. It was fun to do and I did almost everything in one afternoon (but left it to dry for 24 hours before putting the new knobs on). The dresser was $20, paint was $17, knobs were $19, contact paper was $5 which brings the total to around $60! Thanks for all your inspiration! -Mindy

Here’s the seen-better-days before:


And the amazing after:



Anyone who knows us knows that we like a crisp new paint job. And anyone who knows us well knows that we’re actively drooling over this fabulous transformation. Mindy, it looks absolutely amazing! You did a lovely job and the fun contact paper is the icing on the DIY cake. Thanks so much for sending the deeeelicious pics our way.