One Month In

It’s hard to believe we’ve already been here a month! And let’s not sugar coat things… this house is looking pretty crazy right now. Blue trim out the wazoo, wallpaper at every turn, bright salmon living room walls, old carpeting that still covers the stairs & the master closet, and a whole lot of furniture that we just plopped down on moving day (so it’s safe to assume that nothing is staying where it is for the long haul, this is just where it landed). On one hand it’s like “moving day literally feels like yesterday” but on the other hand, in a few rooms (especially the ones upstairs), we’re like “wow, it’s hard to remember what this looked like before” – which is a funny little Bermuda Triangle to be living in. But enough chitchat, here’s how our house looks one month in.

The foyer:

The kitchen:

The table’s way too small, but thankfully it looks a little less crazy than it did on moving day…

The sunroom:

The office:

The living room:

The dining room (confession: nothing has changed in here since day 1, so we used the same picture):

Here’s the half bathroom:

… which is definitely looking a little lighter and brighter than the wallpapered version we started with.


The guest room:

This is one of the rooms that has come a long way. Here’s how it looked a few weeks before we moved in:

The hall bathroom:

The spare room / possible future nursery…

… which looks a little different than the mauve-trimmed carpeted room we started with.

Clara’s room:

This one has come a long way too. Here’s what we were dealing with a few weeks before we moved in:

Master bedroom:

Which is definitely a far cry from this pre-move photo:

Master bathroom:

It’s fun to scroll through this post to see how it looked on Day One too. We definitely still have some just-moved-in moments going on. Like this kitchen cabinet full of a jumble of tools:

Our master closet needs some help too…

But overall, for a month in we’re just glad to have gone from seeing this when we walk up the stairs…

… to seeing this…

The hallway is definitely the most dramatic change so far. It’s sort of like Old Carpet With Blue Trim And Wallpaper Central when you’re climbing the stairs, but when you get to the top it feels clean and new. I let out a giant sigh every single time I go up there. And yes, that railing is SCREAMING for an upgrade. But even though we’re faaaar from completing any space at all (it usually takes us around two years just to paint every room), it’s nice to see that we’ve checked this stuff off:

We’re slowly starting to feel like this is our house. And we’re deeply and hopelessly in love with it (blue trim and all!) along with our new hood. Seriously, you might need an anti-nausea pill if I keep gushing. I know we’ve learned never to say never (thanks Beibs) but you’d have to drag me kicking and screaming from this place. I’m about to get a “Be Mine Forever” tattoo on my forearm…

Psst- If you’re wondering what our plans are for each space, chances are we haven’t fully fleshed them out yet, but this giant to-do list should help. We prefer to research/plan things as we attack them, so we promise to share every detail with you guys as we go!


    • says

      We like to wait at least a year to tackle big things like full kitchen remodels, but our heads are already swirling with ideas. In our first house we almost jumped the gun and did it sooner, but after living with it we realized we could close off a doorway and gain 65% more cabinetry and counter space – so glad we didn’t rush into it!


  1. Helen says

    Whooo buddy, those appliances in the kitchen! You guys are going to have so much fun when you replace all those. I love this house though, it’s such a great “grow with you” home. A little TLC, a little elbow grease (and paint, and less wallpaper lol) and you guys will have a bombshell :)

  2. Ambi says

    Great progress for one month in! I’ve been reading since 2008 and I seriously teared up when I saw that you were moving. I’m already so excited to see what you do with the kitchen. If its anything like last time I know I’ll be just as obsessed as you are. I sound crazy but its so easy to get invested in this blog! You all are great.

  3. Sarah says

    It’s so neat to see how different the furniture looks in your new house! That’s such a strange thing to say, because I guess the furniture itself is really the same, right?

    Is that a trash compactor or ice machine in the kitchen peninsula?

    • Helen says

      Speaking of furniture, John and Sherry (or anyone that knows this answer, google failed me) can you guys tell me the dimensions of your newly situmauated Karl? I wasn’t sure if it had different measurements than the stock Karl + lounge from Ikea. If theres a link or if anyone knows off the top of their head it’d be greatly appreciated :)

  4. says

    I love how the doors have kind of “stenciled” the walls where they have been spread but you managed to get the rooms as cute as possible despite those weird rectangles … Good job !

  5. says

    I’m sure that a lot of it has to do with it being a photo that doesn’t truly capture the cacophony of colors and the brightness of the paint, but I am actually digging the salmon walls in the living room. It’s got a chic man-cave vibe going on.

    We’ve been in our house for two years now. I was walking through this weekend and thinking about all the projects I want to do, but haven’t had the time or money. All I could think was, “Man, if John and Sherry lived here, this house would be so much cooler.” So props to your month in your house. Give it another month and it’ll be more pulled together than my house.

    • says

      Oh yes, it’s the photos not doing that salmon wall justice. In real life it feels like we’re in the belly of a whale when we’re in there. Our skin literally looks bright orangey-pink from the walls reflecting on us in there.


  6. lizaanne says

    Oh how I love the tile in the foyer!! :-) —-sigh—– It’s going to look even more amazing once you spiff up that space!!

    But that linolobrick floor in the kitchen – it has got to make you cringe every time you walk on it!! LOL

    One step at a time – it will be a blast to see it all grow with you and your lovely family!

    • Jan says

      We have the same slate in our foyer (house built 1965). It’s really lovely. Although when we moved in, I had visions of the toddler falling down the stairs headfirst onto it ;-/ so we had a rug at the base for a couple years.

      And thanks, YHL, for making me aware of Rustoleum ORB spray paint. We have ORB doorknobs (original to the house) and the paint was great for fixing up a scratched knob. Next, I’m attacking the patio light fixtures … mwah ha ha!

  7. Aubrey says

    Congrats guys! I can’t believe its been one month already. But you’ve seriously attacked alot of the upstairs in that month. It is looking GREAT! Can’t wait to see more!

    • says

      It’s so hard to remember since this last month was kind of a blur, let alone trying to remember our second house’s first month. My guess would be that this house has a lot more that needs to be “stripped back” like wallpaper and blue trim and old carpeting, so we’re trying to get rooms to the blank slate that we inherited with our second house.


  8. Alexandra says

    We bought our first home and moved the same week you guys did! I was really stressing about getting our fiver upper looking perfect immediately until you guys started moving and sharing your chaos too! One month in and we are about the same – lots of progress but still an INSANE amount to do!!

  9. Kelly says

    Looking great so far, but I had no doubt that it would. Do you find yourself trying to recreate certain looks you had in your first two home, or are you busting out some new moves to create/decorate/DIY some completely new unchartered territories??

    • says

      I think we like to think of every space that we do as its own thing, so it really comes down to what we think will be best for that space and less about trying to recreate something that worked in another space/house. I think that’s why our first house looks different from our second house, but they’re still related looking- like they’re cousins. Haha!


  10. Steph says

    Soooo jealous!!! We’ve been in our new home for 2 months and all I see is boxes!!! Having a newborn doesn’t help either!!! Good luck!!!!

    • says

      Thanks Maureen! We’re hoping to stick to a more thoughtful pace this time around (more like our first house than our second one) – just so we don’t feel like we’re rushing around without giving our brains enough time to land on the best solutions. So many things are swirling around in our heads right now, haha!


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