Window Shopping: Pottery Barn Outlet


First things first, we did a little spring cleaning so we have a fresh little header and a lighter-and-brighter site background up in hurr. Hope you guys love it as much as we do. Update: if it looks wonky on your computer, try refreshing and then clearing your browser’s cache/cookies/data :) Speaking of apologies, it’s been way too long since our last window shopping adventure (you can check out all the small boutiques, big chains, and other random stores we’ve dropped in on over the years here). As most of you know, these aren’t paid or perked or anything – we just walk through a store with a camera and take photos of whatever inspires

Tattoos, A Timer, Tin, And A Tray On Wheels


Here’s a little recap of a few small projects and updates that we tackled – all in less than ten minutes a pop. Let’s call it a “tapas” post since they’re all bite sized morsels. And happily, they all actually worked, which isn’t always how it goes (sometimes the occasional this-should-be-quick project morphs into how-on-earth-is-this-taking-so-long?!). First we have some wooden tattoos I made. Yup, I bought these two little temporary tattoos (they say “breathe” and “delight”) at the same holiday craft fair that we mentioned here (they’re from a local artist named Suzanne, who actually chatted with me about how you can put them on various things beyond skin). They had just been sitting on

Reader Redesign: Raise The Roof


Before we dive into an incredible house-transformation from Erin, Sherry just shared a little Easter-related DIY project that she whipped up for Clara over on Young House Life, so feel free to pop over there for the details (there’s a sneak peek below): But now back to Erin’s awesome makeover. Since both of our homes have had standard eight foot ceilings, Sherry and I have always fantasized about chopping off the roof and reattaching it just a couple of feet higher. So imagine how captivated we were by the story of a couple who pretty much lived out our dream – and crammed in some awesome room makeovers in the process. Here’s Erin’s letter: Hi

Our $200 Fireplace Makeover (Marble Tile & A New Mantel)


We can officially stick a fork in it, guys. Well, Sherry actually stuck an oversized fauz clam shell in it, but that’s doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well. Either way, the fireplace makeover is complete. To back up a smidge, you saw us devise a plan for this little refacing makeover, add some marble subway tile and then build out around it. Reminder: fireplace code is different in every area (and requirements vary if it’s wood burning or if it has a gas insert, etc) so it’s a good idea to check that before going nuts on your fireplace. Our fireplace is non-working (we’d love to add a gas insert and even double-side

Mirror Mirror On The (Dark Teal) Wall


It’s been a dang long time since we’ve done anything in the guest room, which we scrambled to get ready for my mom’s stay over two years ago. Can you believe that was two years ago? Crazy. Anyway, we’ve always thought that the grabbed-it-that-day-in-a-panic mirror over the bed from Target could stand to be a little bigger since it blends into those dark walls so much and the reflected circle that it sports seems a little tiny for that big bed under it (even if we beefed up the trim or added starburst-like details around it we worried the actual size of the mirror was still a little piddly). And you know we’re no strangers

Fab Freebie: Something Fishy


***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries – see who won below!*** Our random winner of a full house window cleaning is… Christy U (who would also love to outsource getting her car detailed this spring cleaning season). Congrats! Spring means lots of things: sunshine, flowers, and – oh yeah – cleaning. I don’t mind some forms of cleaning, but I won’t pretend that I like washing windows. Luckily (well, lucky for one of you) the window-lovin’ people at Fish Window Cleaning are gonna help you ring in the season with a full house window cleaning! That means the inside and outside of all of your windows & windowsills (they’ll even remove and clean your

Our Fireplace Makeover: Building A New Mantel


Ready for more progress on the fireplace? Good, ’cause there’s been lots. Last you saw, we had tiled the hearth and part of the surround with marble subway tile. That was the easy step. Well, at least the more straightforward step. Because our next assignment – building out the rest of the frame – involved the addition of a lot more materials. Let’s start with the MDF frame. We decided to work with MDF for the first time since it’s lighter, cheaper, and smoother than wood would be (plus it’s now sold without formaldehyde and it’s FSC certified). A 4ft x 8ft panel cost nearly $35, but the good news is that we only needed

State Of The Uterus Address, 2013


And now for a bonus Friday afternoon post (aw yeah, I’m a rebel without a cause). Every day on average I get about five readers either asking if I’m pregnant or straight up “calling it” via comments, email, twitter, pinterest, instagram, or carrier pigeon. Which adds up to answering that question – and crushing the dreams of those calling it – around 150 times a month, and a whopping 1,800 times in the last year. The prego-chatter has even hijacked a few comment threads on posts about non-uterus-y topics like room updates and tour infographics. Holy bump-watch, batman! We haven’t seen one of those around here since 2010. First I’ll get one little detail out

Reader Redesign: Jesse’s Son’s New Space


Psst- We usually only post once on Friday, but Sherry will be back with a random little “bonus post” for ya in a few hours.  We always get requests for cool kid rooms, and since we have a girl bean, and shared her recent big-girl-room evolution, we thought it would be fun to share the sweet big boy room that Jesse whipped up for her son. Here’s her letter: Hi Sherry & John! My little boy is officially now a “big boy” (hold on while I wipe a tear…). So I redid his room according to his “wish list” which included: lots and lots of colors (I mean color galore), a place for all his

Restoring Wood Finish & Hiding The Cable Box With A Remote


When we last left off with our little media cabinet we had cleaned all of the grime off (with a Magic Eraser of all things) as well as removing the musty smell from the drawers with vinegar, but we mentioned that we still wanted to hide the cable box in one of the drawers somehow, and also had to seal the wood with something to lock in the color and shine. Well, we finally got ‘er done thanks to some technology and some good old fashioned elbow grease. So here’s how we went about getting that cable box off the ground. We drilled a bunch of large holes in the back of the top middle

Photo Booths And Boards & Battens


So March is kinda on the way out already, but before we get too giddy for spring (who am I kidding, we’re all hyper for nicer weather) we’re taking uno momento to look back at February. We’ve learned that stopping to appreciate our accomplishments is key when it comes to keeping our momentum up, and February was a month full of travel-detox, hallway-upgrades, and big-girl-room-projects. So here’s a recap of the shortest month o’ the year (plus a peek at something new at the end) in our usual yearbook superlative style. And if you want to look even further back, we’ve got each month of the last two years summarized right here (in 25 posts

Fireplace Makeover: Tiling The Mantel With Marble Herringbone


With our fireplace refacing plan all worked out, and our supplies waiting at the ready, it was time to dive into step 1: TILE! Oh but first we had a lot of questions about our potential future plans to double side the fireplace, but that’s just not in the budget right now. It’s a load bearing wall so we’d need an engineer and a mason, so maybe down the line we can tackle that. But it won’t hurt this project since we can go in from the back when we do. So there will be no marble tile harmed in the making of a double sided fireplace if we get there someday. And then we’d

Lessons From The Potty Training Trenches


A couple of weeks ago we rode the potty training roller coaster with Clara. In the usual sense of the analogy, there were lots of ups, downs, and even a few loops. Thankfully, unlike a roller coaster, we didn’t return to our starting location. Nope, after about 3 to 4 days we successfully pulled into the big girl underwear station, and haven’t look back since. So yeah, Clara is fully potty trained (holla atcha big girl) and we’re EXTREMELY proud of her. We hadn’t planned on blogging about it (we didn’t want to embarrass Clara by sharing a “poop-play-by-play”) but after a bunch of requests we realized we could just share general what-worked-for-us tips, without

Fab Freebie: Sherry’s Birthday Wish


***This giveaway has reached its cap and is now closed – see who won below!*** You guys shut this puppy down with 10,000 entries in less than a day. Wow! So we’ve already selected our random winner. She is… Rhonda (who thinks she’s gonna ask for a juicer – to go along with her Christmas blender). Congrats! Tomorrow is Sherry’s 31st birthday. So a few weeks ago I asked her if she wanted to do anything special giveaway-wise to celebrate. She looked dreamily towards the sky, a smile spread across her face, and she said “I want to do a Jonathan Adler giveaway and I want a picture of him holding ceramic animals and grinning

Fireplace Makeover: Planning & Buying Materials


Having fresh paint in the kitchen has given us a chance to look at the room with, well, fresh eyes. And it has sparked our plans to take the fireplace to the proverbial next level (we mentioned building out the mantel and retiling the painted-over tile hearth a few times like here). It has already come a long way since we moved in, thanks to removing (and craigslisting) the old stove and giving it a paint job. But with the rest of the room feeling a little more upgraded (there’s shiny penny tile all the way to the ceiling on the other side of the room), we’re itching to amp up this side too. As

Infographing It Up


Back when we did this post full of fun charts and graphs (concocted from the results of our 2012 reader survey) we learned that you guys are just as into infographics as I am. So in that spirit, I tabulated and illustrated a bunch of random facts and figures that we never want to forget from our recent book tour. Sort of like an info-scrapbook that encapsulates that crazy time in our lives (in under 100 words) so we can always look back on it. So without further ado, here are all the places we went, the adventures we had, and even the pounds that we put on along the way. Enjoy! * Each of

Adding Remotes To Our Bedside Lamps


Number five is alive! (Short Circuit, anyone?) I went with that intro because we recently added a helpful robot to our household (you know I’m into gadgets – I think my favorite post ever was this one entitled Super Toilet). Let me start from the beginning. We’re big proponents of having lights that you can reach from bed. It sounds obvious, but for a while the only light in our first master bedroom was overhead and operated by the switch by the door (which feels miles away when you’re lying in bed half asleep). So until we installed the wall sconces two years into living there, we experienced a battle of wills each night to see

Our Four-Leaf Clovers


Top o’ the, um, Wednesday to ya. With St. Paddy’s Day coming up this weekend, it’s time for our monthly shout out to the folks who help make the other 30-ish posts possible. So we’ve highlighted some green stuff from each one that tickles our fancy (that’s a Leprechaun-expression, right?). And don’t forget to scroll on down to the end of the rainbow post for a pot ‘o discounts. This cool and colorful twist on a wedding guest book from Textured Ink. Jeweler Lisa Leonard‘s awesome selection of metal items for your home. Eco cleaning supplies from Norwex seller Stacey S. Who doesn’t like a good dryer ball? Kendra Scott‘s sale jewelry section. These guys

We’re Back To Painting Rooms Again


Can I get a kitchie kitchie ya ya da da? (name that song) Also, we painted the kitchen. SURPRIIIISE! We’ve mentioned that we’ve been flirting with the idea in our last two Listy McListersons (here and here), and when Nonna came to hang with Clara this past week we jumped at the chance to tear the kitchen apart and get to it. Just to keep it real, we grabbed this shot to demonstrate that when one room is getting love, some nearby room is getting dumped. It’s like saying “kitchen, will you accept this rose?” and meanwhile we’re sending the dining room packing (with a bunch of extra baggage). There’s usually one of these “displacement

House Crashing: Sisterly Digs


We can’t believe it’s been five years (!!!) since we house crashed John’s sister Emily. And since they’ve completed a lot more rooms (we crashed them right after they moved in), we can’t wait to share the goods. Oh and their front door is Cornichon by Martha Stewart. Every time we pull into her driveway it makes me smile. Here’s that cute family of ours now. You might remember that Emily lives with her hubby Todd, three kids, and a pretty sizable pooch named Tuck – so this is a hard working house with a big dog, a four year old, a tween, and a teen running around. We love that it always feels welcoming and

Fab Freebie: Mob Mentality


***This giveaway is now closed – see who won below!*** Okay, mobsters – here are this week’s two lucky (and randomly-selected) winners:  Charly W (whose most recent local purchase was Vermont maple syrup from the Woodstock Farmers Market) and Megan C. Congrats! Lovers of local, connoisseurs of craftsman, and followers of all things fun, get ready to do some serious browsing. Scoutmob is a lot of things (flash deals, events calendar, online flea market…) but through it all there’s a charming emphasis on local. This week they’re inviting two of you to spend $200 in their Shoppe, a curated collection of independent artisans and makers who often weave hometown pride into their work. There’s tons

A Few Simple Ways To Save Money On Electrical Work


Ok, so we recently had some work done. Nope, not calf implants, but you’re close… How about can implants? Also known as recessed lighting. And we went for a pendant injection while we were at it (when in Rome…). Actually the wide shot shows more of the chaos that ensued just to get the room ready for its close up (we removed half of Karl The Sectional and pushed him across the room along with rolling back the rug and covering the floor with drop clothes under each work area). Can you believe we’re well into year three of living here and we’ve never had overhead lights in the living room (except for one small

The Hand That Spiffs The Cradle


Psst- We’re still at work on the living room (you got a preview of that mess project here) so we’ll be back with those details on Monday (barring any unforeseen catastrophes).  Woot, it’s Friday y’all. I’ll pause while you celebrate with a desk/cubicle/subway/couch dance. Speaking of rejoicing, for every time that we share heavier DIY related projects (laying a stone patio, building a deck, renovating our kitchen, or even adding board & batten) there are always a ton of little updates that we tackle – sometimes for less than $5 in under 5 minutes. Which explains why our Projects page is full of those things too (you know we love a smorgasbord). So after sharing

Our Annual Family Photo Book


Surprise! Along with crown molding the heck outta a few more rooms, here’s what’s going on around here these days (and there’s a big ol’ post coming your way as soon as it’s cleaned up and we have after photos for ya): Meanwhile, last year is soooo, well, last year. But we’re currently experiencing a resurgence of 2012 love thanks to the recent arrival of the 2012 Petersik Family Yearbook. We have an annual tradition of ordering a photobook each January (which we share every year) to encapsulate the previous year’s favorite photos. We were big fans of the first one that we bought back in 2010 from MyPublisher, so we’ve stuck with them each