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Psst- For everyone asking what we did for Easter and what Clara found in her basket – check out those details here on Young House Life.

Brace yourself. This post is full of a whole lotta words. So feel free to skim. Or read this in one sentence intervals over the next two years. Haha. This actually came about when people asked how we organize all the stuff we have on our to-do list. We explained that we basically just have one long run-on document, and when folks kept asking us to share it (and update it as we went along), it sounded like our idea of a good time. So it’s high time that we actually updated it (you first saw it here and it has somehow been ten whole months since we revisited it to cross things off). And of course, because you wanted more words (right???) we added a little percentage thing at the end to evaluate how finished each room/space is (we have a few 70%+ guys and a few 0% ones too, haha). So pardon the kind of insane length, this really is just the doc that we use to remember what’s on the agenda and choose what to tackle next!

Oh and as for how we keep things straight, we just circle the small things that we want to tackle right away, cross things off as we go, and make a separate section for long-term projects and bigger furnishings that that we want to save for and tackle when we finally have the funds (and are feeling more sure about our approach so there’s no shoulda-woulda-coulda going on later). Looking at those long term things from time to time keeps us excited to squirrel away as much loot as we can to make them a reality down the road. And seeing all the crossed off smaller items reminds us that bite-sized undertakings can really keep you motivated and excited to tweak your house one day at a time. So our method is to basically just write everything down and take on things that are doable and not too intimidating (or expensive) while we save up for the bigger projects/stuff.

That explains why it took us nearly a year to start the kitchen redo. And as for priorities, we generally just do whatever we’re in the mood for (barring anything that needs to be moved to the top of the list for safety or other extreme-urgency reasons). Anyway, here’s the ol’ list now that it’s full of our most recently completed updates (crossed off in red) and newly added projects (also in red):

To Do (But Not All At Once…):

These Are More Long-Term Projects:

Furnishings To Slowly Save Up For:

General Room/Space Rundown And How Complete Each Area Is:

Of course we’ll do a lot of this stuff over the course of the next few years (our first house took us 4.5 years to finish) so there’s no need to cry for us or anything. Haha. We’ve learned to enjoy the journey and just take things one day/project/victory at a time. And seriously, is there anything more fun than crossing things off? Well, making type red is pretty fun too. As for the method to our “project order,” we don’t really think there is one. We definitely jump around from room to room just to stay excited and not feel too regimented and “forced” into doing something that we might not want to deal with yet (or be in the mood for). After a big project (or a string of big projects) sometimes we’re happy to take a breather and tackle the little stuff for a while. And other times we’re psyched to keep our momentum up and start planning the next big project right away.

Psst- Check out this floor plan post which might make some of the major layout changes & renovations that we’ve listed above a bit more clear. And check out our Current House page to see a lot of the crossed off projects mentioned above.

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