Since It’s Been Seven Months…

Yup, it really has been seven whole months since our last house tour video. Unacceptable. So here it is. Eight riveting minutes of me walking around the house and babbling about anything and everything with the Flip cam catching all the shaky Blair-Witch-esque action. We just figured it was a nice time to shoot this now that the kitchen is done and we’re gearing up to start some new stuff (some landscaping bidness, upgrading one of the three bathrooms that we haven’t touched, building a big arse deck, etc). So come on in and poke around:

A few notes:

  • Am I the only one who still has a scratchy voice two weeks after the flu? Sorry about the croakiness!
  • I do know that a trifecta involves three things and not two. Brain = fried.
  • This time my bra isn’t laying out on our bedroom chair…. and that, my friends, is progress.
  • It also means I was actually wearing a bra while filming this video (as opposed to this time, since Katie blew my cover about my one-bra-ness here).
  • I’ve listened to this five times trying to hear Natalie Portman or Mila Kunis (since you guys say you hear it) and I just can’t. But I really tried.
  • I filmed about five minutes of this video and then walked into the bedroom and the front of the door (where we did a secret book project) was visible, so I had to start all over again. Woops!
  • It’s fun to play Where’s Waldo Burger (he’s in there). And actually my BFF is randomly visible through a window for a second too. She was just arriving while I was scrambling to make this video for you guys (hey, if the house is clean…)
  • Yes, you can actually see my shadow wildly gesturing while I talk about not being able to open the playroom door. Apparently I talk with my hands whether someone can see me or not.
  • Once again, I’m terrible at walking around, talking, and holding a camera (it’s too much multitasking) so pardon the shaking!

Second random CougarTown-related side tangent of the week: dude, who watched Tuesday’s episode? Our ceramic rhino was totally in the background:

I’m taking it as a sign that rhinos are the new elephant/owl. Seriously, soon people are going to be putting a rhino on it. And have you noticed the big ceramic dog sitting next to Cee-Lo on The Voice when he told his team who was battling who? Ceramic animalz 4 eva, y’all. And the mysterious fluffy white cat that Cee Lo randomly holds/maniacally strokes is pretty fantastic too. If only I weren’t allergic…

Psst- Check out all the other house tour videos since we’ve moved in here, here, here and here. And here’s an outside tour from last year.


  1. Lesley L says

    Funny about the rhino. My husband and I have been glued to Dexter( on season 5). I totally thought about you guys in an older season in Rita’s kitchen there is a hot pink ceramic swan.

  2. Corie says

    I love your house!! Duh- that’s partly why I read your blog! It’s so magazine-perfect but I really “feel” that you live in it.

    You have great attention to detail, Sherry! I mean, John, you’re super too, but I have a feeling those little details are All Sherry. :)

    • says

      Aw thanks Corie! John actually influences more than you think. He’s usually the function police, so when I make something pretty but it doesn’t work he says “um, this isn’t functional” which is really helpful in the end since we want our house to work! Haha.


  3. uzma says

    awwww soo soo beautiful , clean and organized house and actually i love your voice ,,, cant wait to see sun room and playroom as well … can i ask from where u got living room or guestroom rug . i have ghost chairs and need good rug to pop them out , lol

  4. E.Lefebvre says

    I love seeing your house. You’ve done a wonderful job! I especially enjoyed looking for sneak peeks… the only bad thing was that I had to stop watching half way through because it make me a bit nauseous…

  5. says

    Seeing the pics on all the posts is always so fun, but I feel like the video gave us a real idea of the flow of the house. I LOVE the layout and how everything blends! You guys have done a fantastic job and it looks so cozy and homey. Love it!

  6. says

    Great tour – it really shows how everything flows and one room opens into another. And it’s such a tease not being able to see all the secret book projects :-)

    Was that a new ottoman in the office? I don’t remember seeing that.

    • says

      Oh yes, we have so many little things like that (we get them and wait for them to find a permanent home before blogging about “where they live” and they sort of bounce around and then book chaos ensued and we never got to it). We’ll have to do a big update post about everything!


  7. says

    we love cougar town! and have you seen (has to be one fo the funniest shows on telvesion..) Raising Hope? with marthat plimpton & cloris leachman.. hilarious.. if you haven’t try an episode, laugh out loud funny. tiffany

  8. says

    I too talk with my hands even when you can’t see me, like on the phone. I have had fun spotting where your giant dog keeps moving to, one day by the front door, next time it was in the living room, etc. Also I like seeing your house tour because you get more of a true scale of everything and the layout is easier to follow when you are walking around. I like to picture myself in other peoples houses…um that sounds weird but since you house crash you probably know what I mean.

  9. emily says

    A big deck and a pergola is going to look amaaaaazing in that little alleyway – and I imagine you will use it way more than you use that tiny little walk-out balcony that’s there now. I live in DC and eat outside as much as I can in the summer (but I’m a bug magnet so mosquito zappers and citronella are a must).

  10. Anu says

    Hey Guys,
    nice! it’s amazing to see how you made your house a home by bringing together all these rooms in just 1.5 years. I am excited about the deck buildout(pergola!! yay!-we plan something similar too) you are planning. which project comes next the landscaping or bathroom or deck ? do tell…

    • says

      Haha, we’re all over the place. We’re starting on some landscaping this weekend and some bathroom stuff (we’re into the simlutaneous thing). The deck project needs a big of planning but will definitely be our next big project. Maybe starting in a week or two?


  11. diana says

    Just a sec’, to recover from nausea .. kidding! The whole house looks so rounded now, harmonious, and it is definitely a HOME now. Not a house, not an artwork, but home to you three (well-four). And a warm, welcoming, inviting one for that. I love how there are little signs of the people living it. The laundry, the little yellow on the entry door, the monkey, everything is endearing it to me. Love it! Love how when peeking from the hallway into the living room you see the side of the console, how cushions and art migrate, how the kitchen catches all the light and life of the house, how..everything! It’s lived in, and it seems the inhabitants are very nice people, that’s what I mean.