Why Is My Roof Leaking? (How We Fixed Ours Ourselves)


Last week was shaping up to be pretty good week. Sherry celebrated turning 30. We declared the kitchen done(-ish). Spring was in such full bloom it was practically summer. In fact, we even got a pretty awesome thunderstorm one night. Seriously it rained buckets. Faster and harder than we had ever seen since moving into our new house. And then around midnight, it happened… We were watching some TV when we heard a sudden, loud rushing sound. Like someone dumped a gallon of milk on the floor in the kitchen. Our first instinct was that the new-ish-ly installed dishwasher was leaking, so we both dashed towards the kitchen – only to stop in our tracks

Reader Redesign: A Kitchen From Scratch


Just as we finished our big kitchen adventure, Amanda and her handy husband were finishing theirs. Except she and her husband Ben completely gutted theirs and have literally rebuilt it by hand (yup, they even DIYed new cabinets). And although we’ve been sharing quite a run of kitchen-related Reader Redesigns lately, we couldn’t resist sharing this one too. So here’s her letter: I wanted to send you a link to our recently finished kitchen. The room started out as a 90’s oak and almond appliance box: We tore everything out to start from scratch: My hubby and I did all of the work, no contractors involved. He tore down a wall, built custom cabinets, laid

Updating An Old Wooden Highchair


Remember this old highchair that I got from my mom almost a year ago, which she ate out of when she was a bambina? Well dude, I finally got on that. I had been waiting patiently to give it a little upgrade (it was covered in old paint splatters and smelled musty and smoky from a ton of years in storage) and now that Clara is big enough to sit in it without a lap belt, it was finally time to get ‘er done (after, you guessed it, sticking it in our playroom for at least eight months). I debated a ton of “refinishing” options: sanding and staining it spraying it white or black for

Who’s The Joss?


Last October we had fun teaming up with Joss & Main to curate a sale event over on their site (which entailed picking favorites from hundreds of items in their database to make a “Young House Love collection”), so when they invited us back for a spring collection – and agreed to an extra special perk for you guys this time around (more on that in a sec) – we were psyched. Side note: I used to think that word was spelled “siked” until freshman year when my BFF laughed ’til she cried and finally clued me in. It’s really funny to hear the title of “curator” used to describe us (except maybe Curator Of

Making A Fabric Covered Bulletin Board


It’s time for a board meeting guys. Nothing official, just an actual meeting of cork boards, like so: Let’s back up. I had this random idea that a hidden bulletin board in my closet would be a fun place to tack up a bunch of pages I’ve torn out of magazines. You know, cute outfits, haircuts, and other various tips/reminders that I rip out (like how to check my freckles for signs of skin cancer – yes I actually do that). That way, instead of shoving them somewhere like a drawer or letting them pile up on my desk, I can see them all at a glance… with the push of a few hangers. See

Rocking The Rockport


Yup, our formerly beige-on-beige master bathroom is officially rocking Rockport Gray. And we love it as much as we did when we saw it in this kitchen. Here she blows without the shower curtain hung back up yet (we snapped some pics with it up as well, which we’ll get to in a second): But let’s back up. Before applying two coats of paint to our bathroom (we shared our little mood board for the room yesterday) first we had to remove that unused-shelf-and-towel-bar (read why we didn’t use them here)… …to make way for some art on the only wall that isn’t tiled nearly all the way to the ceiling. So we did (using

Fab Freebie: French Swimming


***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries – see who won below!*** Well now that we’re more than ready to find a pool to dive into, random.org has picked a winner of this week’s giveaway. The lucky lady is… Cher (who swims about 20 laps each day in the summer). Congrats! One element in our new kitchen that always makes us smile is the etsy print that we purchased by Samantha French. Remember, the cheery orange and blue painting of the lady swimming (that Clara also sweetly though included some “fishies”)? Well now Samantha is giving you guys a chance to win your very own colorful work of art with a $200 gift certificate to

The Long Ignored Master Bathroom…


Well, I guess we did rehang the shower curtain at ceiling height right after we moved in – but other than that we haven’t really touched this room. In fact, pretty much all three of our bathrooms are uncharted territory for us when it comes to updates. But you’ve gotta start somewhere, so we decided to start in the one we use the most – and probably find the quirkiest. See, it doesn’t have a sink (that’s in our bedroom, actually) so it’s a really small room. We’re talking around 5′ x 6′ total (including a regular sized tub). So yes, the door practically hits the toilet (it just barely misses it). And John can

The Big 3-0


A bunch of you have been asking how turning thirty was for me, so I’ll take a break from painting something (yes, there is paint going on a formerly untouched bathroom wall! wahoo!) to admit that Monday was a really nice day. So far thirty is all good. And I don’t feel a day over 29. Hah. My theory is that every birthday sort of feels like not much has changed since I wake up feeling the same way I did the morning before. By comparison, I always feel older when life events happen (graduating college, getting married, having a baby) but for some reason a birthday to me is just a fun day when

Reader Redesign: The Amazing Beard ‘n Lady


We figured during the week of our big kitchen reveal it was only fitting to share a reader’s kitchen makeover as well. And this kitchen redesign comes from an atypical source. It’s not from a female blogger who is documenting the DIY-ing of herself and her man. It’s actually from a male blogger who goes by “Beard” – although he does have a female sidekick in the form of “Pigtails” (the daughter that he’s a single dad to). So, long story short, I found their backstory quite endearing, Beard’s blogging style quite amusing, and their kitchen makeover, well, quite awesome. Here’s his letter: I recently gutted and rebooted the kitchen on my 1950’s brick ranch

Since It’s Been Seven Months…

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 8.53.47 PM

Yup, it really has been seven whole months since our last house tour video. Unacceptable. So here it is. Eight riveting minutes of me walking around the house and babbling about anything and everything with the Flip cam catching all the shaky Blair-Witch-esque action. We just figured it was a nice time to shoot this now that the kitchen is done and we’re gearing up to start some new stuff (some landscaping bidness, upgrading one of the three bathrooms that we haven’t touched, building a big arse deck, etc). So come on in and poke around: A few notes: Am I the only one who still has a scratchy voice two weeks after the flu?

Our Big Kitchen Makeover: The Reveal


Ok, we’re calling it. The kitchen is officially done! Of course that’s a lie and we still have a bunch of little things to complete, like: adding decorative molding to the back of the peninsula adding a message center/chalk board to the side of the pantry adding the last of the transitions/reducers to finish the floors (and that rectangle of fireplace tile) replacing the broken light in the fireplace area – most likely with a spotlight that washes down the fireplace wall adding some sort of window treatment (colorful roman shade?) over the sink And of course we dream of refinishing the surrounding oak floors to match the dark mocha cork in the kitchen so

Gimme, Gimme Moore


Aw yeah, you know we love a good Britney reference. And you know we love painting (walls, paneling, brick, large ceramic roosters…). A big part of that is picking a paint color. Paint chips are kind of like potato chips to us (we can’t pop just one), and Benjamin Moore has been our snack of choice for a while now. Their color catalog is massive so it’s no wonder we’ve used their tones in nearly every room (Sesame in the kitchen, Moonshine in the living room and dining room, Proposal in Clara’s room, and Dragonfly on the back of our dining room built-ins). Then we used their Advance paint when it came to painting our

For Our Viewing Pleasure: Buying A Bigger TV


I’m not sure any of you have noticed, but we have a tiny TV. Well, some of you have definitely noticed because you keep laughing at us and commenting about how overdue we are for a bigger one. And as the resident man of the house, I have to say I agree. Our little 26-incher made sense in the old house, where our den was so narrow that I could practically change the channel with my toe… But now that we have a bit more space in our current living room (we actually miss the cozy-ness of our first living room, but love having extra room for Clara to play/run around), the phrase “we really

Fab Freebie: Pick Your (P)age


***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries – see who won below!*** First off, thanks for all of the birthday wishes everyone. Second, random.org has selected our winner as… Lee (who just turned 31 and is so far happy with it). That’s good news for us too, since we’re both staring down at 31 now. Congrats Lee! Guess what today is? Sherry’s 30th birthday! And to celebrate, Crate & Barrel is gonna give one of you a Benjamin to spend for every decade that Sherry’s been alive (that’s $300 in case your math skills are in a post-lunch slump). And that’s not the only thing Crate & Barrel is giving away these days. They’re also

Sealing and Trimming Out Our Kitchen’s Cork Floors


When we last talked floors in the kitchen, they looked pretty much done. But if you looked closely, they weren’t. They still needed some finishing touches – namely shoe molding to cover the gaps around the edges (which are intentional to allow for temperature expansion and contraction) and some coats of sealant (to keep moisture out of the seams and provide some added durability). The short version of the “adding shoe molding” step goes something like this: Now you see a gap… And now you don’t… Of course then there’s caulk and paint involved (to cover the nail holes and any seams like where corners meet). But let’s go with the longer version of the

Oooh, magic.


This week my little Dude Get On That Already project involves three floating vases (from CB2 four years ago, but they still sell them) that used to hang right outside our first house’s kitchen. Then, you guessed it, they got stashed in our playroom after we moved, never to be heard from again. Until now! Behold: Yup, I tapped three nails into the wall in the guest bathroom and they’re now officially three more things that are off the floor in the cluttered playroom. Three grocery store blooms work for now, but when they bite the big one, I’m sure they’ll get replaced with leafy branches and other stuff pillaged from the backyard. This is

Our Lucky Charms


**Psst- We know most Fridays we just post once, but every month on sponsor shout out days we double up. So we’ll be back in a few hours with Sherry’s Dude Get On That Already challenge. It’s time for our usual monthly show of gratitude to our sponsors. You know, the people who make the other 30+ posts possible, and generally keep us feeling all happy go lucky (hey, St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us, right?). So we decided to highlight a few green/luck/clover related items from our sponsors this month (none of which have been gifted to us – here’s our no-swag policy). And if you’re looking for a way to save some

Reader Redesign: Putting The Drama In Dramatic Makeover


When you see the pictures in this post, you’ll agree that Meghan and her husband can churn out a huge transformation. But what we also loved about Meghan’s email was the story behind how their before became a stop-you-in-your-tracks after. So if ever you were to not scroll right to the pictures and just read as you go, this might be a good time. “Like the two of you, my husband and I bought a house that needed work, though in our case we couldn’t reuse much thanks to some frugal prior owners. We decided to gut our kitchen, family room, dining room, and bathroom down to the studs/subfloor when our first child was 12

Patching Drilled And Broken Tile & Reducing Shelf Brackets


Tweakity-tweak-tweak. That’s the sound of a little course correction that went on in our house last night. See, our kitchen underwent a little bracket redux. Yup, after taping things off, photoshopping them, and then (ahh!) drilling right through our wall of tile to install our brackets, we were completely sold on their spacing, which we landed on because: Functionally, that’s where the wall studs were We thought keeping the same distance between the brackets on each side of the hood would create balance on an unbalanced wall But then we lived with them for a while and more things kept going into the kitchen (new lighting, a new dishwasher, new art, new floors) and with

Winter Pinterest Challenge: How To Make A Beanbag Pouf


It’s Wednesday the 14th… so it’s time to share this season’s (completely unofficial) Pinterest Challenge (not sponsored by Pinterest or anyone else, just dreamed up by Katie to make us stop pinning and start doing). I actually tackled a homemade beanbag for Clara’s closet, which I mentioned last Wednesday when Katie, Erin, and Cassie and I issued our little get-off-our-bums-and-make-something challenge. As are the rules, I took inspiration (or Pintspiration, har-har) from the projects below and then I did my own spin. Which added up to this comfy little bean-bag… … for the bean to plop down on… … or the pooch to hang out on… … or for a toddler reading to a chihuahua…

Our Family Trip To Hawaii: What We Did, Bought, & Saw


How about some Hawaii Two-O. Yes, that is a bad play on Hawaii Five-O, which can only mean one thing. It’s time for our second (and final) post about our trip to Maui, Hawaii. In case you missed the first post last Thursday, check it out here to read about: where we stayed where we ate our “neighborhood” how we saved money Oh and we talked about what it was like traveling with a toddler (and what worked/didn’t work) as well as getting Clara adjusted to the time difference here on Young House Life. Now as for this post, we’ll cover: all of the activities/adventures that we tackled while we were there (with a toddler

House Crashing: Elegant And Fresh


We shared a smidge of Kirsten’s amazing house in last week’s Portland post just to get you excited, but here’s the whole House Crashing monty for ya. The exterior of her and her husband Kyle’s house is a rich gray color and the porch has the most amazing over-sized white corbels on either side of the door (note: house numbers have been changed to protect the innocent). Here’s a shot o the outside of the house from further away (wish we had been able to see it in all of its spring/summer glory when more is in bloom). When you walk inside, there’s a charming little entryway directly across from the door between the dining

Fab Freebie: Tile Shop ‘Til Your Drop


***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries – see who won below!*** Random.org had quite the task of sifting through so many entries this week, but it has randomly selected our winner as… Kelley (who has so many ideas for how to use the gift card, including a fireplace surround, kitchen backsplash or master bath floor). Congrats! Ready for this? It’s not only one of our biggest giveaways EVER, but it’s also a giant excuse-buster when it comes to that tile project that you’ve been putting off. This week The Tile Shop is giving one of you a whopping $1,500 prize. In case you think your eyes are playing tricks on you, allow me to