We promised pics of the old house all vacant and ready for the new owners so here they are (brought to you thanks to sitting in a booth at Panera to get WiFi since we can’t get that stuff hooked up at our new house until tomorrow). As for yesterday, we hoped to share more updates and info for you guys, but as anyone who has ever tried to coordinate a “domino” closing (when one person closes on your house, you wait for the funds to come through and attempt to close on a second house in the same day) knows, there’s usually nothing easy about it. The buyers of our house had an unexpected

Please Stand By


We’ve got some serious moving in progress going on. We’re not sure when we’ll be able to check in again (heck, we’re not even sure what time we’re closing this afternoon- assuming it doesn’t get bumped to Tuesday) but we’ll stop in with more pics and info as soon as we can. Until then cross your fingers that my ceramic animal menagerie makes it to the new house in one piece and that we actually get to move in this afternoon as planned. We do plan to post some empty house pics of our first home (we figure you guys need closure just as much as we do) and of course share pics and even

Project Fridge: An Update


Remember when we mentioned that we were on a grocery shopping hiatus? The idea was to make a concerted effort to eat as much as possible that we already had in the fridge and the freezer so we didn’t have to worry about keeping things cold for the 6-ish hour delay between being out of our house and getting to move into our new one (which will hopefully still happen Monday afternoon assuming the bank stays on schedule with the transfer). Here’s what the fridge looked like just two weeks ago when we started: And here’s what the fridge looks like now that it’s truck-loading day (after two weeks of eating some pretty “creative” meals

I Like To Move It Move It (Moving Lists & Tips)


Do I get a point or two for a second moving post with a 90’s song reference in the title (here’s the first one)? And since it’s Friday, we figured we’d toss a video in. Oh but there are some bouncing booties on blast, just in case you’re at work or have an old-enough-to-ask-questions kiddo on the ol’ lap. You’ve been warned. We’re about 90% packed, which is a good thing with moving day looming around the corner (we’re packing the truck on Sunday and officially moving on Monday afternoon if all goes well and our closing doesn’t get bumped to Tuesday). Cross your fingers for us! Here’s how we’re doing on our little to

Some Ho-Ho-Holiday Love


It’s time again for our monthly shout out of gratitude to our sponsors for making the other 40+ posts possible and helping to keep food on the table (even if that table is covered with moving boxes at the moment). And in the spirit of the season, let’s focus on another kind of box – the gift box. Instead of just listing everyone, we’ve whipped up a little roundup of our favorite gift-worthy things. Not that we’ve been gifted any of these things ourselves (see our new no-swag policy here) but we did have some fun trolling around their sites on a virtual shopping spree of sorts. And as always, there’s something in it for

Leaving A Note For The Future Owners


We made a little time capsule to leave behind and it was actually a lot of fun more fun than packing. Our big hope is that someone finds it at least a few decades from now (when there are flying cars and precogs) since it would be kind of a wop-wop moment if the new owners discover it as soon as they move in on Monday. Which is why we hid it very very well. So well that it may never be found. Of course we can’t reveal its location because that could ruin the surprise, but consider it to be something along the lines of “inside the walls” trickery. No “taped under the sink”

How To Make Two “Baby’s First Christmas” Ornaments


Back when we admitted to putting up our Christmas tree before Thanksgiving (oh the shame) a bunch of you asked if Clara was getting a special “First Christmas” ornament. Well, we finally got around to DIYing one right before moving boxes took over our house (at which point we got so caught up in packing that we neglected to write this post, which is why it’s getting posted about a week after our tree came down). Oops. Anyway we decided to make something silver so it would have a good chance of matching our tree for years to come (we tend to use some element of silver since we have so many silver ornaments and

Pack It Up, Pack It In (A Packing To-Do List)


Look how spiffy our house is looking these days: With less than 5 days until the big move, we’ve learned that packing is no joke. But we’ve got our eye on the prize (our exciting new digs) so we’re trying to keep our spirits up, stay hydrated, and play some good music for dancing as we go (the dancing is for Clara- gotta keep the baby entertained or packing progress can screech to a halt). Oh and we got many of our “secondhand boxes” as we’re lovingly calling them by trolling craigslist and freecycle (and even driving to a local reader’s house when she offered some up to us on Facebook). But admittedly we did

Everyone Loves A Freebie…


Ain’t free stuff awesome? If it weren’t, why would Oprah’s audiences blow a gasket on national TV every year when she says “Faaaay-vo-rit thiiiiiings!” But enough about Ms. Winfrey (Sherry’s perma-smiling over here, because Oprah’s her jam). We’re bringing up freebies because we’re making a swag related declaration. Moving forward, we’re just saying no. We’ll still offer up free house stuff to you guys in the form of our weekly giveaways, but we’re not going to accept products or services for our casa at any special “blogger discount” or for free – even if we genuinely love them. We have absolutely nothing against other bloggers who do (it’s definitely an obvious perk of the job)

House Re-Crashing: Stacie’s Insane Porch


When Stacie told us she was redoing the front of her amazingly glorious home in Richmond’s Historic Fan district, we knew she wouldn’t disappoint. I mean, she totally wowed us with her style here and here, so we were prepared to wet ourselves a little when we saw her exterior upgrade. Good thing we were prepared, because her overhaul was nothing short of insane. And like any sweet homeowner she wants to shout out her restoration guy for his commitment to keeping things historic and cutting no corners (his name is Eric Schmoldt at Advantage Construction, whose house we actually crashed here – small world). Hats off to Eric and Stacie. Between her vision and

Fab Freebie: Gifts In Bloom


***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries – scroll down to see who won (and check out a special discount!)*** It’s the season of giving, aka: the season of gifting. Which is why this week’s giveaway from GiftTree.com should come in handy. Fresh blooms always make a room feel more festive and inviting, especially around the holidays. And GiftTree has a great selection of florals with some holiday flair: And no worries if you’re having trouble deciding whether to send a bouquet to your loved one or just to yourself. The $100 gift card that’s up for grabs means you can actually do both. Here are all the dirty deets: PRIZE: An $100 gift card

Our Free Annual Calendar Printable For Ya


Last year we DIYed a calendar for our kitchen complete with a favorite quote each month (you know, for a nice inside-joke vibe). You can check it out here. But last time we were waaaaay slow and didn’t finish it ’til February. So in an effort to keep that from happening again this year, we decided to complete the project before our big move distracted us (in just one week and counting!). We stuck with the same general look: colorful text on a clean white backdrop. But instead of meaningful words and funny phrases, we chose to do this one by the numbers. Sesame Street style if you will. Observe: Basically we took each month’s

Coming Undone


In case anyone’s wondering, I’ve managed to keep up my make-the-bed-everyday-for-a-month resolution beyond October. Hootie hoo. And Burger has kept up his end of the bargain and still undoes it an hour later. Oh well. Speaking of things coming apart, we realized that this very weekend last year I was holed up in our bathroom demolishing the darned thing (inexplicably without shoes on in the beginning, which we don’t recommend). While that still takes the cake as my most physically grueling disassembly ever, this weekend kicks off another that threatens to be equally taxing on our emotions: packing up. With our move less than a week and a half away we’re starting to take things

I’m Sensing A Theme…


We promised to share some of the things that we dropped into our Thanksgiving inspired “thanks jar” over the last month, which we finally got to read after a month of blindly writing without knowing what the other person was jotting down each day. Here are a few highlights: For finally figuring out what the heck to do with this thrift store glass jar. – John That Clara’s birth was a miracle and she’s a healthy & happy little girl. -Sherry That we sold our house & found a new one that we love (fingers crossed for a smooth closing).- Sherry That Clara finds Burger as hilarious as we do. She just cracked up watching

If Your House Feels Small & Choppy, Cohesive Flooring Is Key


We’re trying to soak up all the things that we love about this house before we move on to our next big project, and we realized that our floors make us inordinately happy. And it’s not just the fact that they’re mostly hardwood in a nice mocha color, it’s the whole cohesive flooring thing in general. Seriously, I never thought these words would come out of my mouth (because it honestly sounds like I’m a motivational speaker or someone who takes design way too seriously) but… cohesive flooring is a game changer. Really. It is. Our house used to have eight different flooring materials and seams. Think about that for a second. Eight! All on



You guys probably remember us mentioning “the bed & breakfast” house around the corner from us a few times. We’ve admired it for years. Not just because it has an in-ground pool, a tennis court, and a picnic area, but also because it’s just about the most charming exterior around. Here’s a pic we snapped during a snowstorm last year: In fact, when Sherry and I started our house hunt this fall, we secretly schemed about knocking on their door and begging the owner to let us buy it. But before we could muster the confidence to march up to their doorstep we learned that someone else had beaten us to the punch. The nerve.

Holiday Decorating: Making Faux Presents For The Mantel


Jingle bells! Batman Smells! Robin laid an egg. Batmobile lost a wheel and Joker did ballet. What? You didn’t sing that song at camp while wearing culottes and a tie-dyed shirt? Well I did. Anyway, the point is that I hung the stockings and did a little extra Christmas decorating beyond putting up the tree (just in time to put it all away in about a week when we start packing for the big move in mid December). Gotta celebrate Clara’s first Christmas, even if it’s only for a hot second. Out came the ol’ feather trees (from Target and a local store called Buford Road Pharmacy a few years back) along with the same