Frosting A Glass Jar For Thanksgiving (A New Tradition!)

Sherry is a diligent gratitude journal keeper, so with Thanksgiving around the corner we thought it would be nice to adapt her daily practice and create a so-thankful activity that we both could have fun with. And that’s where this 99 cent apothecary jar from Salvation Army comes in (it was originally $1.99 but we scored it during a 50% off glassware sale).

We’ve both been itching to take on a glass etching project, and seeing this one on How About Orange just about put us over the edge. So we ever-so-creatively (kidding) decided that we wanted to etch the word “thanks” on the base of the jar. But we didn’t have/were too lazy to get a stencil (nor did we want to be limited to off-the-shelf fonts) so we decided to make our own.

Our homemade stencil consisted of a simple computer print out of our text (in Helvetica) scotch taped over a piece of painter’s tape stuck to the back of our wooden cutting board. I promise this will make more sense in a moment.

With everything taped down, I used an exacto knife to cut out my letters one by one – all the way through the painter’s tape, but not through the cutting board (I’m not that strong). Oh, and yes I decided not to be picky about preserving the hole in the “a.” But we did crack up when Sherry said “I don’t think we need to save the a-hole.” I know, we’re like fifth graders over here.

With the “stencil” cut, we then disposed of the paper print-out guide and slowly peeled the painter’s tape from the cutting board, being careful not to rip the tape or let it stick to itself. Once it was safely off the cutting board, we stuck it right onto the glass jar. Ta-dah! Tape stencil mission complete.

The hump in the “h” got a little wonky, but other than that we were pleasantly surprised by how well our makeshift stencil was holding up. And with a couple more strips of tape on the sides (just to be safe) we were ready to apply the etching cream without having to worry about getting it in the wrong places.

We picked up this Armour Etch cream for $6.50 at Michael’s (thanks to a 50% off coupon) and broke out this tiny paint brush to apply it.

After letting the cream work its magic for about 1.5 minutes, we washed it off in the sink and removed our tape stencil. We had a tiny smidge of bleeding between the “k” and “s” but otherwise it worked out beautifully. The instructions made it unclear how long we should keep the cream on (since that depends on your “stencil” material). But because our tape wasn’t as durable as a vinyl stencil might be (ie: etching cream probably could have eaten through it in a few minutes) we just kept an eye on the backside of the stencil through the glass and washed the cream off & immediately removed the tape when we noticed that the edges weren’t looking as crisp as they had in the beginning of the cream-application phase (since the etching cream was probably starting to break down the tape at that point). Amazingly, it turned out really well. Especially given our what-are-we-doing method of trial and error. Now we’ve got the perfect little spot to collect our “thanks” this month.

See, the plan is to each write something that we’re thankful for on these small colorful cards that Sherry cut out of scrapbooking paper from Michael’s (for 50 cents a pop, we got three autumn-esque sheets). Even though we’re starting a bit late, our goal is to write one per day all month long so by November 30th we’ll have accumulated sixty notes of gratitude (we already wrote extras to make up for the lost time). Oh and we have a no peeking policy so we won’t know what each other has written until the end of the month. That should be a fun little family reveal.

We’re also thinking at the end of the month we’ll punch holes in the cards so we can store the collection on a ribbon or a binder ring. That way when we break out our “thanks jar” next year we can relive all of the things that we were grateful for in 2010 and create another collection of things we’re thankful for that year. Who knows, it could become a great little family tradition with Clara and future kiddo(s) adding their thanks to the pile when they’re older. And we love that we’ll have a yearly account of everything that we’re grateful for. Kind of like a diary, but less high maintenance since we only have to scribble one small thing down each day for a month.

Do you guys have any fun Thanksgiving traditions? Any glass etching stories of success or horror? An acute attraction to printed scrapbooking paper like my wife? She can’t be the only one who geeks out in the paper aisle.

Psst- Big deal. Clara’s turning six months old and we’re about to start solids. Ahhh! Check out our roundup of cute kid plates, bowls, bibs, and placemats over on Babycenter, and feel free to chime in with starting-solids advice.


  1. says

    What a great idea! Even to make this into a year long project, to write down little notes throughout the year. A nice way to reflect. Thanks for sharing that idea :)

  2. says

    Ahhh! What a great idea to use tape! I’ve been wanting to get into etching (I’ve been collecting glass jars and votives) but haven’t gotten out to get sticky transfer paper. This is perfect!

  3. says

    I’ve done a few glass etching projects. I LOVE your thanks jar and it’s a great idea. I have the exact same glass apothecary jar in my bathroom. It has a small starfish inside it.

    Here is the last glass etching project I did, It cost me nothing since I had all of the supplies on hand. It’s a set of dish and hand soap bottles (the handsoap bottle has since been completed):

  4. Jen says

    I love that idea! If only Thanksgiving here in Canada hadn’t already passed us by! I would love to try the glass etching, though!

  5. Liz says

    Its official…I’m in love with you (and Sherry!)…you guys are the best.

    p.s. will you adopt me?…and my two kids…and husband…we can just all live together in this amazing new house of creativity :)

  6. Kayla says

    You guys always have great (cheap) ideas for fun projects, but I would never have thought this would be so easy! Thanks so much, now you have me desperately searching for anything in my home that I can add a phrase or design to!!!! You guys rock!

  7. says

    fun post! i have to say, i cracked up at the a-hole comment… totally made my morning. great idea as a fun reminder for daily thanks.

    p.s. maybe this is weird, but have you two seen the commercials for the hp printer where the baby zooms around in a play seat (to show that you can print pictures at a distance from your printer)? for some reason, that baby looks like clara to me – are you dabbling in baby modeling gigs now, too!? :)

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