Wedding Week III: It’s Baaaaaack

Yup, our third annual Wedding Week is upon us thanks to our upcoming anniversary this Wednesday. And it’s hard to believe that yet another year has flown by, especially since our DIY backyard wedding (held right here at Casa Petersik on 7.7.07) still feels like it was yesterday.

Of course most of you have already read all about our wedding by clicking that tab under our blog header, and we’ve used Wedding Week I and Wedding Week II to describe things like our courtship, our engagement, and our honeymoon in detail. We even divulged home related DIY projects, like how I dyed my wedding dress…

…and how we commemorated our nuptials with a shadow box filled with wedding paraphernalia. We also mentioned some fun anniversary traditions, like when we recreated the same meal that our guests enjoyed at our wedding for our first anniversary…

… and went out to eat at the restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner for our second anniversary. In fact, here’s a quick and dirty rundown of all the wedding related posts that we’ve already covered:

  • Here’s our big wedding page full of DIY details
  • Here’s how I dyed my wedding dress so I can wear it again & again
  • Here’s how we met, fell in love, and got hitched
  • Here’s the story of John’s proposal
  • Here’s the play by play of our Alaskan honeymoon (with Burger!)
  • Here’s how we created our wedding shadow box
  • Here’s how our wedding beverages were reimagined as hostess gifts
  • Here’s our little anniversary tradition
  • Here’s the place where we almost said “I do” (before switching to our backyard)

And since we’ve already touched on a whole lotta wedding-related stuff in these posts of yore, we’re doing our best to keep things exciting this time around. This week you can look forward to:

  • A fun wedding-themed giveaway (that’s also for non-engaged & already-married folks)
  • A post about how we solve decorating disagreements
  • A romantic bedroom mood board for anyone who wants to feather their love nest
  • A roundup of DIY home decor that we whipped up to commemorate special moments
  • A post about the gifts we exchanged this year
  • A post about how we expanded upon our anniversary tradition

Sure, it’s a little bit self-indulgent and some of the deets are a tad unrelated to home improvement, but we’d like to think that our relationship is an important part of what makes Young House Love tick. So we hope you’ll enjoy this week’s lovey-dovey detour with us (don’t worry, we’ll still be dishing out some of the usual home-related stuff too). As we like to say so often around these parts, stay tuned…


  1. Michele Daggar says

    Congratulations on your anniversary! The years fly by don’t they? Hope baby Clara is doing well. Love the pictures in her weekly onesie!

  2. Sarah says

    no complaints here! happy (early) anniversary! i hope you two get a few moments alone to celebrate even with precious Clara! :)

  3. Carmen says

    Congratulations on your anniversary! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. My husband and I got married on the same day. Yay!!! Will you be celebrating it with Clara or is grandma coming over to babysit? I am sure she would love to! Have fun you two! An aside question, what do you do with all your baby pictures? Any creative ideas (how to store them?)? My friend just had a baby and she is desperate and doesn’t know what to do with the hundreds of baby pictures that she has already taken. Have a great week!

    • says

      Hey Carmen,

      We’re the people who took our dog on our honeymoon! Of course Clara will be joining in on the anniversary fun! As for storing photos, we’re taking weekly photos (check out our Flickr page to see them) and plan to get a book of all 52 of them at the end of the year (printed by Snapfish or Apple). Of course we also have s regular photo album that we’re filing with chronological photos as she grows and does cute things (which is pretty much every day). Here’s a post about how we sort and store our photos in general. Hope it helps!


  4. Tiffini S. says

    Happy anniversary, you crazy youngsters! I think I speak for us all when I say “We’ve enjoyed the ride probably almost as much as you!”

  5. mary v says

    congrats! what a year yall have had! btw do you happen to have a picture of the original wedding dress you bought? the one you planned on wearing till you found the other one that you liked better? just out of plain curiosity.

    • says

      Hey Mary V,

      Boo! I just flipped back through my pre wedding pics and I don’t seem to have any photos of the first dress. It was flouncier, it had a lace overlay like this dress, but short. I really did love it at the time, but since I got it nearly a year before we walked down the aisle (and picked up the dress I wore just 48 hours before the ceremony) I must have really been longing for something simpler and more sleek. Hope it helps!


  6. Gloria says

    Happy anniversary! This Wednesday is our anniversary too — our 10th!! And we had our first child right around the 3-year mark as well. Have fun celebrating — love your blog!!

  7. Jenn says

    Happy Anniversary!! We also got married on 7/7/07:)It was kinda interesting because when we picked the date we never evens thought of the 7/7/07 till we had the church and hall booked so it came as an excited surprise when we thought of it. Something I like to do special for our anniversary is recreating the meal that we had for our wedding. So I’m looking forward to doing that for my hubby again on Wednesday:)Hope you guys have a wonderful day also!!

    • says

      That’s funny! We actually picked the date because it was the exact 2 year anniversary of when we started dating- so we said “if it’s a Saturday, let’s do it” and it was. It’s pretty amusing to think that thousands of other people had the same idea (for many different reasons). Love was in the air that day…


  8. says

    Happy Anniversary! I actually stumbled across your blog because of your DIY wedding. My fiance and I are planning a back yard wedding since we’re both pretty simple and can’t fathom spending tens of thousands of dollars, even if it is a once lifetime thing. Not that I don’t think you shouldn’t if you’ve got the means to do so. But I know for sure now that my back yard wedding will be just as beautiful and fun as something that could cost more than twice as much!

    And the dress dying idea is great. Mine is a 60 dollar cotton dress, and I don’t make a habit of wearing a whole lot of white. I might have to do this down the road!

  9. says

    Congratulations on your Anniversary! I love that you had your beautiful wedding in your backyard! I hadn’t ever gone to the tab with your house & yard tour, so I’m glad you mentioned it. I am so jealous of your home and yard – After living in a BIG house for 10 years we are ready for a change to something a little more manageable. Would love one story with a basement like yours and still would love a big wooded lot ( I love gardening)

  10. says

    happy wedding anniversary for the 7th guys!! Our 7-week anniversary is on Friday!!! :) We had a spectacular day and my only regret is that we can’t do it every single day!

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