Budget Blooms: September Sedum

It’s almost the end of September so it’s high time I shared my monthly bouquet (a super sweet Christmas present from the hubs). Just like last month’s myrtle branch, this month’s blossoms didn’t hail from the grocery store. It’s probably the very last month we’ll have backyard blossoms so we took advantage of that bittersweet fact and triumphantly clipped some of the season’s final blooms. I seriously adore the delicate pink flowering sedum that grows around the back patio (we actually inherited it with the house but transplanted it after we upgraded the patio for our backyard wedding). Anyway, here are my lovely free flowers living it up in a similarly toned soft pink vase on the console table in the living room:

The cool thing about sedum is that the leaves and branches are almost like an aloe plant. They’re succulents so they feel like they’re full of gel- and thanks to the fact that they always feel so full of fluid they actually do really well in dry weather. We’ve also found this guy to be super hardy (we sort of beat him up when we transplanted him and he took a licking and kept on ticking) and my clipped stems have already lasted for weeks inside, so it looks like they do well when they’re cut as well.

A lot of our favorite bouquets are comprised of all the same blooms, maybe because they mimic the same monochromatic yet layered textures that we love when it comes to our decor. I also really like the approach of putting bouquets in vases that are similar in tone (like these raspberry roses in a red vase from June) so the pale pink blooms paired with this soft pink vase really make my heart melt.

It’s getting past blooming season here in Virginia so we’re thinking next month we’ll be back to snatching some cheap grocery store bouquets. But what about you guys? Have you snagged any cheerful flowers courtesy of your backyard or your local store? We’d love to know what flowers are on your “yes please” list this month.

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  1. Laura Lynn says

    Love the pink vase!
    I have roses,lilies and mums growing(all inherited)so they are the preferred choice of flowers now. My kids pick me a flower(usually weeds)and leaves so I always make sure to place them in the windowsill in small vintage bottles. The kids love to come to the windowsill to see how their “flowers” are doing. It’s fun for them and me!

  2. BeaBee says

    I live in the desert, there’s no flowers growing in my yard, but for a recent dinner party I cut some hardy rosemary springs and put them in a thin, tall glass vase. My husband, who can go days without noticing a new piece of furniture, actually told me unprompted that he thought it looked really nice in that spot because it worked well with the rest of the decor! **Swoon!**

  3. says

    i can’t believe how perfectly those flowers go with the vase. the bouquets are such a beautiful, simple idea! lovely.

    i like to find large, colorful or pretty leaves and put them in jars or vintage cups around my house to have a bit of green in each room. the scale is especially nice for a bathroom area.

    i had a professor who used to pick up interesting fallen leaves on his way to class and place them in alvar aalto vases on his desk. it was an exceptional combination.


  4. says

    What cute and simple flowers! I see blooms all around my apartment complex and keep thinking to sneak a snip, I just can’t bring myself to do it! ;)

  5. says

    Those are so pretty and I love the sweet vase. I trimmed back some branches of coleus from our window boxes and popped them in a clear vase. I was very surprised to see that after about a week, instead of dying the clippings began to root! It’s nearly a month later and although it appears as though the leaves are going to seed (very pretty purple tips), it’s still flourishing.

  6. says

    We have TONS of sedum in our enormous yard (both the pink kind and a more reddish variety). Thanks to a major landscaping project with the help of a family friend, we recently transplanted a whole bunch…and learned that our friend, a very accomplished gardener, actually calls these “No Kill ‘Ems!” You can literally pick a stem of sedum (w/o a root), stick it in dirt and it’ll sprout. Amazing!

  7. says

    End of summer wildflowers are beautiful right now! My yard is blooming out constant bouquets of russian sage, yarrow, purple coneflower and pineapple sage. Most of these smell amazing as well, which is a definite bonus!

  8. Martha says

    I love the pink vase! I have Sedum Autumn Joy in two places in my garden and love the late season color. I have cuttings of it in 3 little white Ikea vases. I am in NE PA and right now I have Montauk daisies in bloom. So nice to have new flowers when most everything else is fading.

  9. Marine Corps Bride says

    I love the color combo! Green and pink are my fave colors and when people say they don’t go together (some pretty weird poeple) I always point out that they occur together naturally in flowers!

    My hubby’s favorite way to spoil me is with flowers. He usually surprises me with them by leaving them by the front door to discover when I get home from running errands. I live in Germany and we have the best/most creative florists here! Their displays are beatiful and very inspiring. My favorite flowers were delicate white blooms he picked up from the florist up the street that turned blue as they aged. They were stunning!

  10. says

    Sedum are my favorite as well since they are drought tolerant (I can’t seem to remember to water plants outside on a regular basis). They grow incredibly fast as well – I planted three small plants I got at HD three years ago and they are five times their original size. I also have a branch clipped and sitting in a small vase in my bathroom.

  11. Val says

    Don’t know if you guys have a Costco membership, but they have The Best deals on fresh flowers. Two dozen roses for around $10, which is unbelieveable. And they usually have hydrangeas (which are so big that you only need maybe one or two stems) and other cheap single stems. They also have nice mized bouquets sometimes, though those can be hit or miss.

    Just a tip!

    • says

      Hey Val,

      Believe it or not we’ve actually heard that (from the crew who came to shoot our house for The Nest magazine). It must be a little insider secret. Thanks for the reminder that we’ll have to swing through Costco and see what they have!


    • says

      Hey Micah,

      Good question! I have to credit my little Decor Store since it’s the place where I keep all my cheap sale vases (and even ones that I get as gifts or at garage sales). Because they’re all grouped together in one place it’s easy to swing open the door and see what I have so I remember to use them all as often as possible. Ah organization, gotta love it! Hope it helps!


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