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Guest Blogger: Hamburger Petersik

Some of you might not know that Burger’s full first name is actually Hamburger. And you also might not know that we named him two years before we ever got him when we first started dating and agreed that it was the best dog name ever (other favorites: Meatball and Tyra Banks). You also might notice the occasional typo from time to time. I blame Hamburger. Look at how unaware he is of his errant appendages when he sleeps:

burger guest blogger young house love

Sherry snapped this shot of him randomly poking his arm out across her keyboard as she worked. And after she took the picture, he looked up at her as if she was the one in the way:

hamburger the chihuahua is blogging

Look at those cold, accusing eyes.

Do any of you have pets who like to interfere with your daily routine? My parents’ cat likes to sit right on the newspaper as they try to read, and he’s been known to walk across the computer keyboard mid email. But at least he’s not on Facebook superpoking us or anything…



Reader Redesign: Calendar Girl

Lindsay’s fabulous dining room project is proof that art doesn’t have to cost a mint. Here’s her letter:

I found your site a few months ago and have been reading everyday since. I love your ideas. In December I finally bought the new dining room table I’d been eying. And at the end of December you blogged about using calendars as artwork. You even showcased a black and white New York calendar. I was so excited about this. I ran it by my husband and he agreed that that is what we need to do in our new dining room. Thanks for the idea! – Lindsay




Thanks for the fabulous pics Lindsay! Your calendar art looks lovely, and we like that you punched things up with thin slices of those fab red mats to complement the red accents on the other side of the room. Suddenly I’m craving a big juicy tomato.