White Hot


We’ve have a hypothesis: around 75% of the stuff we bring into our house is white. And what better way to substantiate this theory than to share some of our latest and greatest home purchases. First, one of our favorite finds of all time- a playmate for my concrete greyhound V-day present from John. Another amazing Home Goods find, our jumbo ceramic pooch was only $29. Which puts it around $436 cheaper than this almost identical version from Perch. Score. And now he can guard the sunroom while his concrete older brother keeps an eye on the living room. And while I was toting our new four-legged friend around the store, this little gem practically

Initial Reaction


Ok, I’ve rambled about monograms and personalized initials a few times, but this time they hit closer to home. As in we actually brought a few into ours. Other than the makeshift monogram above our bed and a few P’s here and there, we’ve never actually introduced our first initials to Chez Petersik. Until now. In celebration of our newly refreshed black and white bathroom, we decided to add a few personalized accessories. Please allow me to introduce our cute new bathroom towel hooks courtesy of Anthropoligie (only $12 a pop). Identifying my towel has never been easier: And for only six beans each, we also grabbed these Anthropologie mugs, which hold some handy dandy

Hue Knew?

Washington Post Designer Paint Color Tips

While celebrating Easter in Northern Virginia, my parents dropped a copy of The Washington Post in my lap that featured a BIG collection of articles on the blog world’s recent love affair with paint color. Blogs? Paint? Yes please. The lead article focuses on two colorful blogs. (And no, Young House Love wasn’t one of them- but you can read about our own adventures in wall color selection here.) The first blog, Color For Your Home, is authored by several home color experts who dispense rules, tips and even personalized advice about color selection for the interior and exterior of your home. The second blog, Hue, is less about what to put on your walls

Dryin’ To The Oldies


A recent bout of spring cleaning turned into an archaeological dig when Sherry uncovered this piece of ancient history: Ok, so it’s no dinosaur bone, but who expects to find something this dated in their own filing cabinet? What we had stumbled upon was the installation manual for our old – wait, scratch that – REALLY OLD dryer, which has since been donated to make way for our new front-loaders. (Below is the only pic we have the old stuff, which was taken mid-demo. It was too ugly to photograph otherwise.) Somehow we didn’t see the manual during our first flip through the files we inherited from our home’s previous owner. But based on the

Birthday Booty


My birthday came early this year, with our trip to Williamsburg kicking things off last Friday, and no shortage of cards and special deliveries arriving in the days that followed. And because today is actually my 26th, I thought it was high time I shared the goods. First, an adorable (photoshopped) pic of my baby boy (in the appropriate birthday celebrating garb) from my best buddy Heather : My hubby pulled at my heart strings too with a custom ordered portrait of Burger that was actually cut out of black paper by a fabulous silhouette artist. It’s amazing that Burger’s complex personality (snuggly, squirmy, squishy, sweet) can be captured in a clipping, and no detail

Get Outta Town


Friday was the start of Sherry’s birthday. Her real birthday isn’t ’til tomorrow, but what kind of husband would I be if I didn’t start the party early? So we took the day off and day-tripped down to Williamsburg, VA, which most of you probably know as the epicenter of America’s colonial history. We, however, were there to check out the town, shop a bit, stuff our faces and, of course, keep our eyes peeled for home inspiration. But the history’s a little hard to avoid in that town. For instance, we bumped into our good friend Thomas Jefferson and took his mind off declaring our independence for a little while: And Sherry spotted one

You Might Want To Sit Down


This is one of the most comparable product features we’ve ever done. And it’s one that’s close to our heart. You see, we registered for two of these chic and totally versatile slipper chairs from Target (where else?) and received them as wedding presents from the fam. Fabulous- and oh so comfortable (especially with a snuggly sheepskin casually draped on top). Here’s one of ours in action. And thankfully they didn’t set our family back like most upholstered chairs could. Coming in at just $129.99 (with free shipping right now) they’re a total steal. Especially when you compare ’em to this almost identical slipper chair from West Elm for $599 (plus $35 for shipping). Admittedly,

America’s Next Top Model Home: Cycle 2


This weekend kicked off Richmond’s latest tour of new model homes. The “Dream Home Tour” is March’s answer to last October’s “Parade of Homes,” which we covered here last fall. This one was much smaller (60 homes vs. 158) but it still a great opportunity to check out the latest design ideas featured in brandy new homes just hitting the market. Between dozens of cookie-cutter houses, we were happy to spot some unique, interesting and inspiring designs in the bunch. There were even some beautiful exteriors, like the swank Craftsman-inspired home above. (Sherry was so in love with this one I practically had to drag her out of the front yard). Here are some of

Richmond Blows


This Saturday, 60 mph winds blew through Richmond. And boy did they carry some drama our way. First we returned home at around noon to discover that we were without power. Now it’s no big deal to be without tv, internet, and heat for a few hours, but learning that our “estimated power restoration time” was Monday night at 10pm was quite a shock. No power for three days? Those must have been some winds. But learning that 200,000 other people are having the same problem helped us understand why there’s such a long waiting period. At least we’re in good company. And we’re actually luckier than most, since we have a gas fireplace in

Junk in the Trunk


A couple of weeks ago, Young House Love reader (and former Richmonder) Jennifer W. tipped us off to a great local source for junk – er, architectural salvage. She described Caravati’s as a paradise for old windows, doors and other historic home goodies. With our curiosity sufficiently piqued, we paid Caravati’s a visit as soon as we got the chance. Their huge warehouse is in a quiet, industrial part of town- you could miss it if it weren’t for the crowd of cars outside. And the inside is just as crowded… with rows and rows of any and every type of architectural detail: fireplaces, mantles, doors, archways, stained glass inserts, toilets, windows, railings, columns, metal

How We’re Liking Our Arietta Vent Hood


Ever since we first posted about our vent-tastic Arietta hood back in October, it’s been one of the most asked about items in our home. Does it work? Does it really look that good? Is it too good to be true? We had to dodge those questions for months while the hood just sat on the floor waiting for its friends, the cabinets. But now it’s been up for a few weeks and we’ve been able to put it to the test. So let’s put all the speculation to rest. Yes, it works. Yes, it looks pretty darn fine. And no, it’s not too good to be true. For all of you out there who

Young House Love: The Sequel

Every good movie has a sequel (Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, anyone?) so it’s about time we debuted the follow-up to last fall’s partial-house tour. Sherry’s back in her starring role as “tour guide” and I’m directing again, but the set is much improved this time around. Not only do we have a completed kitchen to share, but this time we take you through the bedrooms, the other bathroom, and even let you a peek inside our fridge. As you’ll see, a lot can change in five months. So grab some popcorn, silence your cell phones and enjoy. (Also, please excuse Sherry’s blurry face in the very beginning. The censored look wasn’t intentional.)

Coming Soon


Ok, this is the ultimate teaser post. This weekend John played director man while I put on my tv host hat and we recorded another video house tour for ya. And this time it’s the full monty. Every room, and even some closets. Oh yes, it’s an all access invitation into our perpetually transforming casa. So stay patient while we upload the winning take (it’s actually take one if you can believe it) and check back within 24 hours for the exciting debut. It’s guaranteed to be more fun than most home improvement projects, so ya’ll come back now, ya hear? Until then we’ll throw you this scrap of entertainment. A gorge mirror that I

Great Berkus

Nate Berkus portfolio sample 1

You know how you’re allowed to pick someone who’s famous to have a crush on with your spouse’s blessing? Well, Nate Berkus is mine. And John’s pleased as punch seeing that even if Nate and I somehow ran into each other I’d still have no chance due to that tiny little detail that he’s not exactly interested in women. Anyway, beyond his boyish good looks and boundless charm and charisma, Nate has one of the best design senses of anyone on this green Earth. And that’s not just my crush talking. Look at some of his gorgeous interiors here. Yummy. Swoon. Yes please. Those earth, elegant, natural interiors never fail to inspire me. In fact,