We’ve rounded up all of our favorite video tutorials, house tours and more for your viewing pleasure. And you don’t even have to turn off your cell phone or locate the emergency exits before the show. Just click the photo or the title below it to watch the video and read the related post (which includes lots of additional info that might shed even more light on the subject).

Wet Sanding Drywall

Mudding A Corner

Soft Close Drawers

Clara’s Fourth Year

Showhouse Video Tour

Craft Challenge

Painting A Room

Messy House Tour 2014

House Tour: Winter 2014

Showhouse Construction Tour

Applying Polyshades

Christmas 2013

Us on Oprah (!!)

Blogiversary 6: Q&A

Blogiversary 6: Clara & Burger

Whitewashing Brick

Clara’s 2nd House

Current House Outdoor Before

Paint Spraying Doors

Power Washing Brick

Clara’s Third Year

Removing Old Carpet

Current House: The Before

Spring 2013 Outdoor Tour

Installing Crown Molding

Spring 2013 House Tour

Our Rap Video

Board & Batten: Construction

Board & Batten: Finishing

Winter Pinterest Challenge

Christmas Morning 2012

Our Gradient Christmas Tree

Our Sunroom Before

Book Bonus: Stencil A Wall

Frosting A Window

1st Time Seeing Our Book

Trying Out A DIY Chalkboard

A Toddler Friendly Pumpkin

Decorating Mantle For Fall

5th Blogiversary Q&A

Granny’s Bathroom Reveal

How to Caulk Cleanly

Our Book Preview Video

Fall 2012 House Tour

Comparing Our New Camera

Painting A Train Board

Clara Playing Trains

DIYing A Basket Pendant

Re-Painting The Bedroom

Raiding Goodwill (Part 1)

Raiding Goodwill (Part 2)

Summer Pinterest Challenge

Touring Our Exterior

Cutting Off Our Bedposts

Demo-ing Our Old Balcony

Making A Dollhouse

DIYing A Haircut

Recapping Clara’s 2nd Year

Showing A Messy Basement

Enjoying A Rock Box

Creating Custom Fabric

House Tour Spring 2012

Installing Cork Floors

Filling Our Empty Shelves

Patching Ceiling Holes

Grouting Penny Tile

Installing Penny Tile

Cutting Penny Tile

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Our Tabletop Tree

A Farewell To Old Tile

Easy Painted Ornaments

Q & A with Katie Bower

Stenciling Our Office Walls

Blogiversary IV: Q&A

Not So Perfect House Tour

Clara & The Clothespin Light

Burger’s House Tour

Pinterest Challenge Intro

Painting Kitchen Paneling

Goodwill With Katie Bower

Outside Tour

Clara’s First Year

FOX5: Blogging for Bucks

NBC12: Radon Dangers

Making Wood Look Old

Staining Our Console

Seven Minutes of Normal Life

Our Not-So-Perfect House

Stodgy Is Sexy Documentary

Painting Tip: Cutting In

Sectional Time Lapse

New House: One Month In

Clara’s First House

Clara’s First Xmas Tree

The Nate Berkus Show

Burger vs. Bed Making

3 Ways To Tweak Your Table

Video House Tour 2010

Burger’s First Year

Knock Knock, Who’s There?

Making Glasses From Bottles

Clara’s Weekly Photo

Burger & The Crib Mattress

Building The Bean’s Crib

Adding Some Holiday Sparkle

Here Come The Holidays

Here Come The Holidays 2

Basement Space Planning

Buggy Pumpkins

Halloween Decorating

Blogiversary Q&A – Part 1

Blogiversary Q&A – Part 2

Shopping for DIY Inspiration

Traveling With A Dog

Hotel Inspiration Part 1

Hotel Inspiration Part 2

Dallas Road Trip

Frame Arrangements

Making A Crib Skirt

Painting Nursery Stripes

Cardboard Safari Adventure

Garage Time Lapse

Live CBS6 Interview

One Table Five Ways House Tour

HGTV Rate My Space

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