Projects: Lovey-Dovey

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Making Sentimental Art Making Sentimental Art

Dyeing My Wedding Dress Dyeing My Wedding Dress

Making A Faux Needlepoint Making A Faux Needlepoint

Displaying Wedding Mementos Displaying Wedding Mementos

Starting A Romantic Tradition Starting A Romantic Tradition

Adding Bedroom Monograms Adding Bedroom Monograms

Resolving Decorating Disagreements Resolving Decorating Disputes

Accessorizing With Meaning Accessorizing With Meaning

Writing A Letter To Our House Writing A Letter To Our House

Road Tripping Together Road Tripping Together

Commemorating Vacations Commemorating Vacations

Displaying Our Favorite Souvenirs Displaying Travel Souvenirs

Celebrating Valentine's Day Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Cereating Annivesary Traditions Creating Anniversary Traditions

Making A Couples To-Do List Making A Couples To-Do List

Creating A Custom Calendar Creating A Custom Calendar

Customizing A Calendar (Again) Customizing Another Calendar

Cooking More Together Personalizing Calendars Again

Getting Monthly Flowers Getting Monthly Flowers

Hanging Anniversary Portraits Hanging Anniversary Portraits

Cooking More Together Cooking More Together

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