It’s Bath Time

Continuing our showhouse-heavy week of reveals, we’re bringing you a bunch of after photos from three more spaces – the master bathroom, the atrium, and the master closet. We showed you the master bedroom on Tuesday (along with the office and the butler’s pantry) so it only felt natural to continue our virtual tour where we left off.

The master bath and closet sit off a corner of the bedroom and are separated by a space that we’ve been lovingly calling the “atrium” (it’s really more of a vestibule) which you can see above on the right side.

Here’s the floor plan for a clearer map of how that area is situated:

The atrium features a brass floor mirror donated by West Elm, a driftwood light from Shades of Light, and walls that are painted Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore just like the bedroom. At one point we wanted to do a “living wall” back there with a bunch of built-in planter boxes filled with greenery, but due to the architecture of the roofline, we couldn’t put a skylight there. So because it felt unwise to cram a sunlight-less area with live plants, we scrapped the idea. It’s still a nice spot between the bathroom and the closet for a floor length mirror, and the driftwood light is one of our favorites in the house.

When  you turn to your right, through the double doors you’ll see the space that we most want to pick up, stuff in a suitcase, and put in our own house.

It felt fitting to aim for that spa-like effect in such an airy space (the house’s floor plan meant we knew that this room would be spacious with a big window over the tub). So pretty early on we decided we wanted a light color scheme with a wash of color on the back wall of the shower. We actually considered a more intense cobalt blue tile at one point, but it was out of stock. We love the calming aqua glass tile that we ended up with, (it’s the 3 x 12″ New Haven tile from The Tile Shop) so it was just one of those “happy accidents” throughout the room’s evolution.

The sides of the shower are basic 3 x 6″ white subway tiles, also donated by The Tile Shop, which we picked because  they were the same height as the bolder back-wall tiles (so the rows would line up), as well as feeling nice and simple – to keep the attention on that green glass tile. It’s considered a double shower since it has Baliza showerheads on both side walls, which were donated by Brizo. At the suggestion of our local Ferguson rep, whom we worked through to select plumbing fixtures, we included a handshower on one side (we learned that new builds frequently include them, just to give people options like spraying off their feet or a pet).

The floor tile in the shower pan is the Tile Shop’s Evanston series in Frost Snow, which featured some small aqua glass accents between the marble squares which help tie the big accent wall together with the marble floor (that’s 12 x 24″ Tempesta Neve marble) throughout the rest of the room. You can check out a detailed photo of our tile pics (and more clearly see those little green glass squares in the floor) here. We also really like how the tile installer wrapped the white subway around the shower threshold.

I’ll be honest that as the glass tile was being installed I was certain we had made a big mistake (three different tile choices for the shower walls and floor felt like they didn’t really “mesh” yet) but as soon as it was all grouted with the same white grout throughout, it tied everything together. And now it’s my favorite thing.

But let’s step out of the shower for a second and talk about the vanities (you don’t get to say that everyday), which came from the same local cabinet company (Affinity) that did the kitchen. They’re also painted in their stock gray color, which we’ve discovered is close to Benjamin Moore’s Timberwolf Gray. The walls are Moonshine.

The driftwood mirrors and Soho sconces were donated by Shades of Light, the faucet is Brizo Baliza just like the shower fixtures, and the subtly green-veined counters are Lady Onyx which were purchased through a local company called Eternal Stoneworks.

The onyx counters have a hint of the same seaglass color that’s in the shower tile, so we thought they’d be a nice counterpart to the more traditional marble on the floor. The little woven baskets are from HomeGoods.

We added a little more interest to the vanities by selecting mirrors with a soft patina effect that we placed behind the x-frame doors (similar to the clear glass ones that we chose for the kitchen). We also went with arched trim along the base of each vanity to give the built-in cabinet a bit more of a furniture feel (you can see that better two shots up). The giant bathmats are from Target.

And now, let’s get weird for a second. I have to take a moment to talk about this toilet. I’ve never given toilets much thought, but when our builder urged us to pick something more stylish than a basic model we both fell in love with this one (the Tresham, donated by Kohler). And now I have this crazy case of toilet envy. So I guess that’s a thing. The little vases on the top are from World Market and the framed seafan art is from HomeGoods.

Speaking of envy, Sherry (in all her pregnant glory) has had a few moments of longing in front of this tub. Ever since one of our book tour hotels had a big soaker tub, she has been jonesing for one. It’s the York from Victoria + Albert, and the cool thing is that lots of people paint the outside an accent color. We considered it, but decided that we wanted to leave the shower as the main accent in the room – but we thought we’d toss that tip out because it could be a fun idea for your space.

The stool and basket are both from HomeGoods, and the floor mount tub filler is the Trinsic, donated by Delta. You can see that we also had the carpenter add some beadboard wainscoting around the tub area as an accent, and to provide some extra protection from splashing, bubbles, and whatever else your particular tub fantasy entails. Mine includes nachos. Just sayin’.

This is the view looking back on the room from the shower. Yes, I was literally in the shower when I snapped this. And yes, I did consider taking it for a test drive.

The mirrors were actually an 11th hour decision (as in, we were hanging them a few days ago) because the original chrome-y mirrors that we picked were blending too much with the other gleaming/polished items in the room and felt a little too invisible. So we decided that we needed something with more contrast and texture, and it hit us that rough driftwood frames would be an awesome reference to our lighting choice in the nearby atrium.

As soon as we hung the new mirrors we got more excited than we should have. Maybe we were just delusional at that point, but they’re one of our favorite last minute changes.

The main light fixture in here is the Clear Glass Chandelier from Shades of Light. It doesn’t pop in pictures very much, but in person it’s pretty amazing. So much so that we bought another one for the living room, but had them wire it in a gold finish to tie into some other fixtures down there.

The master bedroom closet is equally envy-inducing in size and sports two sections (which make it convenient for a couple) thanks to a little partition in the middle to carve out two sides. We can’t claim much credit for how this turned out, since we mostly just nodded along as the builder and his carpenter told us their plans, but we’re happy to show off their handiwork and our meager styling of it (closets typically get a few outfits, bags, and shoes for these shows, so you get the idea but don’t have to see them stuffed with an entire wardrobe).

As we mentioned yesterday, we did hang a trio of our new doorknob hooks (two large ones and one small one) to create a little display space on the partition that separates the two sides of the closet. That flat wall was originally going to have a full length mirror on it, but it started to feel excessive after putting the floor mirror in the atrium – especially because we added a table-height mirror in that vanity area right behind it.

Speaking of that little vanity space, the stool is from Target, the green lacquered box is from HomeGoods, and the gold bowl with the plant in it is from World Market. The bags and clothes are mostly ours, along with some thrift store items and few scarves from Target.

The vanity sits in the back half of the closet, which in addition to bars and cubbies, also sports this wall of angled shelves for shoes. I tell ya, Carpenter John (yes, yet another John who worked on this project) knows whats up.

The front side is mostly bars and shelves, as you can see in this shot of that area…

…but it does feature a built-in tie rack and a couple of shoe shelves. We bought some thrift store ties to fill it, only to get them into better lighting in this closet to discover they were all stained. Luckily some other folks working on the house had some (cleaner) spares to loan us, and my dad donated a few to the cause as well.

So now you’ve officially seen all of the master bedroom area of the house, bathroom and closet included. There’s still lots more house to show – and we’re madly trying to photograph it all before the baby comes (along with recording a video tour) but since we’ve probably overloaded you enough with photos for the week, we’re going to spend Friday at our house in a final-hour attempt to paint the office (ceiling and walls). So we won’t be posting tomorrow, but we’ll hopefully be back on Monday with a freshly painted office, which means we’ll finally be able to clear more chaos off of other surfaces – like the kitchen & dining room tables – before this baby arrives.

PS: For those asking about Homearama tickets, they’re usually $10 (children 18 & under are free) but you can get them for 20% off (and show some love to Habitat if you’re so inclined) here. The show is open Thurs-Sun, the first three weekends of May.


Business, Bedding, & Butlering

As of 5:30pm yesterday, our second big Homearama Showhouse deadline was hit. Phew. The builder was throwing a preview party at the house so everything had to be done, cleaned, and ready to be shown off to a whole slew of people (realtors, prospective buyers, generous local companies who donated furnishings/accessories to this cause, etc). Heck, the weather even cooperated in the final seconds and gave us this nice photo op.

It was kinda weird yet exciting to have the place alive with people, music, and food. They brought in caterers to show off the kitchen/appliances, and Sherry and I pretty much gorged since we had been running around in hyper-drive all day. There were literally picture frames and window treatments being hung in the last few minutes, so it was one of those down-to-the-wire moments.

We were also able to begin snapping some “after” photos in a couple of the rooms (we figured they’d never look cleaner). And since we’re hopelessly impatient, here we sit at 11pm, sizing and uploading pictures so that we can share them with you right away. I blame all the cookies I downed at the party.

So here’s what we had time to photograph before the crowd rolled in: the study, the butler’s pantry, and the master bedroom. Get ready for lots of photos and lots of source links.

You’ve seen the office in various forms already, including this mood board, but here she is in her final state:

Here’s a shot with the double-doors pushed fully out of view. The rug and chair were donated by West Elm, the table is from a local furniture purveryor called Green Front Furniture (I think the manufacturer is called Barkman, but I don’t have a link), the light is from our Shades of Light collection, and the curtains were made by U-Fab, in this fabric (the curtain rods are from Lowe’s). The walls are Simply White and the ceiling is Skydive (both by Benjamin Moore).

As we mentioned a while back, we wanted to stage a more feminine office than what we’re used to seeing in other showhouses (they usually feel sort of study-ish and masculine). So Sherry had a blast planning a little spot she’d love to call her own.

The metal tray and vases are from Target, and the big fiddle leaf fig is from a local nursery.

Tucked along the inside wall is a bit of open storage to help keep this fictional work-at-home mom organized. It’s this whitewashed wood & metal shelf from West Elm.

A theme with all of the shelves in this house is that they’re a little bit more bare than we’d probably keep them in our own home (read: we have more clutter), but for budget, time, and practicality reasons we went a bit lighter for the showhouse (two weeks to outfit nearly 25 spaces = mad dashes like whoa). So even if it’s not completely realistic, we tried to add a few office-y details (binders, boxes for file storage, a few frames, containers full of paperclips and rubber bands, etc) while keeping things from getting too busy.

The shelves are mostly stocked with items from HomeGoods or Target, plus some magazines and books that we brought from home.

At a local craft fair this weekend we picked up some more of these motivational “wisdom cards” that we have scattered around our own house. This one says “know when to show up.”

Speaking of motivational art, once the curtains were hung and that metal shelf came into the room we had less wall space to hang the two larger prints from Help Ink that we originally planned to put in here (we ordered large 24″ x 36″ prints) but they kindly sent along some smaller extras for us, which we were able to frame at the last second (literally minutes before we snapped these photos yesterday).

So yeah, the fictional gal who works in this study has pretty much zero excuse not to be motivated.

We were going to have the electrician add a floor outlet (for plugging in desk items, like the computer charger) based on our final furniture placement. But instead he’ll probably just do it for the eventual owner so it can be customized to their furniture layout, and not ours. Especially since a real laptop won’t be hanging out on that table for the show (we have a stack of notebooks that’ll be in its place most of the time).

Now let’s slip through the butler’s pantry (i.e. the small hallway between the kitchen and dining room) which is nearly impossible to shoot since it’s so small, but is such a fun accent in person (it garnered a lot of attention during last night’s event, which was really fun to witness firsthand). We pictured it serving as a fun spot for a family to write out meals for the week, jot notes to each other, or even scribble up a drink menu for a party if they want to use the small space as a makeshift bar – but we wanted to set it up as a fun little coffee/wine station with a bolder look for the show.

So we called up a local restaurant called Urban Farmhouse who is known for their chalkboard menus and signs (heck, we even Instagrammed one last summer). A few days later Li was there creating this masterpiece for us, all of which she hand lettered (any locals who want to hire her for signs and chalkboard art can email her at

As Sherry mentioned yesterday, it’s all done in chalk marker (so it’s not dusty and can’t be smudged) but it can be erased with a magic eraser (or just painted over if the eventual owners don’t want it). But for the purposes of the show, it’s a fun surprise to cap off our little coffee/wine set-up in there. And it was awesome to see how many people were taking their photos in front of it for the party.

Let’s switch gears and check out the master bedroom.


The funny thing about sharing the office and the bedroom in one post is that they both have a similar palette. The office’s jumping off point was the rug Sherry found along with that awesome Help Ink art, and in here we were inspired by that awesome painting that was donated for the duration of the show by Lesli Devito (all of her art is for sale by the way, and she’ll ship it anywhere in the US).


The king bed is a woven banana leaf frame from Green Front Furniture, which is also where the wood nightstands hail from, along with the dresser made by Universal. The curtains are the same fabric as the office ones, just in aqua (also made by U-Fab) and the walls are Stonington Gray by Benjmain Moore.

We haven’t found the perfect thing for over the bed, so that’s why it’s bare (we figure bare is better than hanging something we don’t like up there) but the camera was set on a low tripod, so when you walk through at eye height the light fixture hangs down into that spot and fills things in a little more, which is nice.  Still wouldn’t mind finding something for that wall before the show though…


As you know, we’ve also experimented with mixing in some gold and brass accents throughout this house (we have two gold fixtures in the kitchen over the island, one in front of the fireplace in the living room, one in the hallway above the stairs, another one in here, and a few more peppered throughout). We didn’t want to use gold/brass exclusively (we fell for a few other silver and oil-rubbed-bronze lights – and even a few colorful/painted ones), so we just mixed in enough of each type to feel intentional, so no light fixture is the odd man out.

In cases like this one over the bed, it’s awesome that it’s paired with chrome, so the fixtures in the nearby bathroom (which are all chrome) feel related. This wood ring chandelier was donated by Shades of Light.


The rug is this Fair Isle 9×12′ donated by Dash & Albert and the bedside lamps are HomeGoods scores.


We kept the night tables simple, kinda like the cleaner version of what ours usually look like. Sherry picked up some inexpensive jewelry from World Market along with a simple mug and a plate (also from there) to casually hold the things that our imaginary lady takes off before bed.


As we mentioned yesterday, the bedding’s from Pine Cone Hill and we love how it relates to Lesli’s art.


Our first instinct was to put more lamps on the dresser, but that made the room feel kinda lamp heavy (with two on the side tables already), so we went for plants and baskets.

Two woven benches (clearanced down to $33 from Target) sit at the foot of the bed to round out the texture-heavy space (we love how they tie into the woven headboard). And you can see where one of our original Help Ink prints that we got for the office ended up since the color worked nicely in here. Oh the benefits of carrying a color scheme through more than one room…


If we had the foresight, we probably would’ve ordered a version mounted on wood to tie into the wood furniture, but for now the simple white frame from JoAnn Fabrics does the job. There are definitely a ton of things we learned/would have done differently throughout this process, so we’re thinking about writing a post like that for you guys when this whole show is said and done. There’s a giant learning curve, so trial and error has really been our method along the way.

Across from the bed is where the feminine elements of the room get balanced out a bit, thanks to some gray nailhead chairs with blue pillows (all HomeGoods finds) and some gritty framed photography. The side table is from Target and the gold planter is from HomeGoods. In the background you can see a bit of the “atrium” as we’re calling it (with a Shades of Light driftwood fixture and West Elm brass-framed mirror).

A local shop called Modern Artifacts was kind enough to lend us some artwork for the show, so at the last minute (i.e. yesterday afternoon) we picked up some of these yellow-hued urban photographs by Bill Dickinson. They relate to some of the yellow in Lesli’s artwork and hey, you get a little peek into the bathroom there.

The party started before I could finish photographing the master bathroom, but we can’t wait to share that room with you guys (it’s one of our favorites). But this post is long enough anyway, so we hope to be back at least one more time this week with more after photos and sources.