Artistic License

The latest R. Home magazine has hit the newsstands and you know what that means…


Our monthly column is out! Last issue we talked about unexpected ways to decorate with ornaments and this month we’re back with fresh and fun ways to create custom art on a serious budget. There’s no shortage of affordable everyday objects that you can use to make a masterpiece of your very own (keys, wrapping paper, greeting cards, photographs, spray paint, fabric, corks, matchbooks… the sky’s the limit). So click here to read our latest column and unleash your inner Picasso.


And of course you can subscribe to R. Home magazine right here if you prefer to peruse things in all their glossy glory (like a certain chihuahua we know). A slew of other mags like Richmond Magazine, Dine, R. Healthy, and Richmond Bride are all included in the subscription price and of course they feature images (like our dorky headshot) that aren’t visible online.



Our Home In R. Home

Ok, so we’ve extended our 15 minutes of local fame a smidge thanks to the latest issue of R. Home magazine, the much loved home & garden offspring of our hometown’s über popular Richmond Magazine.

We’ve been anxiously awaiting this July/August issue since way back in April when they first contacted us for an interview and a professional photoshoot (I know, we’re fancy), and it’s finally here. And I must say we’re thrilled (especially Sherry, who has worried for two months that her pose on the second page might make her appear one-legged).


young house love in r home magazine

The article chronicles the short story of us and the birth of Young House Love, while sporting some swanky, professional pics of a few of our favorite before and afters (the sunroom, the den, the master bedroom and, of course, the kitchen).

Click here to read the full article as a PDF or (if you’re local) pick up a copy of your very own at Kroger, B&N or Ukrops. We promise it’s better in all of its glossy glory. And if you’re a new visitor thanks to R. Home: welcome! Feel free to kick off your shoes and stay awhile. Hopefully we’ll bump into you around town one of these days (feel free to shriek if you recognize us).