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Remember 2012? Yeah, that 2012.

Surprise! Along with crown molding the heck outta a few more rooms, here’s what’s going on around here these days (and there’s a big ol’ post coming your way as soon as it’s cleaned up and we have after photos for ya):

Meanwhile, last year is soooo, well, last year. But we’re currently experiencing a resurgence of 2012 love thanks to the recent arrival of the 2012 Petersik Family Yearbook.

We have an annual tradition of ordering a photobook each January (which we share every year) to encapsulate the previous year’s favorite photos. We were big fans of the first one that we bought back in 2010 from MyPublisher, so we’ve stuck with them each year since so that all of the books look similar (plus, we love the quality). So with the addition of yearbook number three, we’re finally starting to have a nice little collection going.

This year’s book was a bit late in coming because I’m very strategic about ordering from MyPublisher. I like to use up the maximum allowed number of pages (100). But since you pay per page (after the first 35) it usually costs over $100 per book. BUT, I get MyPublisher’s promotional emails every week (maybe I signed up on their site, I don’t remember) and I know that they regularly run a “FREE EXTRA PAGES” discount. So even though I put the finishing touches on our book in early January (I was quite eager this year), I camped out for weeks while I waited for them to run that particular promotion. And I’m so glad I did. Boom, $80 saved.

Just like we did with last year’s book, we opened with a “highlights” page to sort of summarize the year in a few bullet points.

But rather than just re-type them for you guys, we thought we’d share some of the corresponding pages inside. So here goes nothing!

Some of the other bullets were:

One new thing that we did this year was also to include a special Instagram section at the back. Since 2012 was the year that we got started addicted, it was only fitting that we dedicated a few pages at the end of our family yearbook to some of our favorite little candid snapshots.

Now the only bummer is that we’ve gotta wait another ten months or so ’til we get to make the next book in the series. Oh well. I guess in the meantime we’ll just try to take lots of photos. Somehow I don’t think we’ll have an issue with that…

Oh and I think this shot really demonstrates the value of these books as a way to document your life year by year.

Three photo albums wouldn’t be nearly as thin and easily storable or displayable (their pages are thicker and their bindings are huge). But we imagine that even after a decade of yearbook-making we’ll be able to easily store (or display) ten or more of them in a nice little stack, as opposed to a decade’s worth of photo albums, which could easily take up an entire shelf.

And when it comes to cost, hello money in my pocket.

If you do the math, 100 pages of photos with an average of 7 photos per page = 700 photos. Which is a TON of photos for each year, but we’re snap-happy like that. And it usually costs around 15 cents per picture on sites like Target or Shutterfly (that’s their best “bulk” price), so for 700 prints it would be $105! But you’d still need to buy albums if you were doing it the old school way (at Target they’re around $15 for each album, and they typically hold 200 photos, so to store 700 you’d need four albums! So to get a nice custom made book for $45.99 versus spending $165 for traditional prints & albums – well, we’re down.

You can read our original post from 2010 with a little more about why we became photobook converts in the first place along what we put in that album. And if you’ve got another system – or an alternate photo storage trick – we’d love to hear about it. Until then you can find us taking pictures. Lots and lots of pictures…


Let’s Get Some Love Up In This House

This post will cover two important issues:

  1. How we whipped up 16 Valentine’s Day goody bags for Clara’s classmates for 43 cents each (literally in the final hour, thanks to an 8pm run to Target last night)
  2. How hilarious Hey Girl memes are (and a fun way to show your man you love him, or just freak him out – could go either way)

First we’ll dive into the Valentine’s Day goodies that we whipped up (with some Clara-help of course) for her classmates. The first thing we did was troll the aisles of Target (we hit up The Dollar Spot, and Valentine’s Candy section, and the kid’s party aisle, just to check out everything that was left). In The Dollar Spot in the front of the store, we found these cute little clear bags in a set of 20 for $1. Sold!

Then we walked over to the party aisle, where they sell lots of kid-items in bulk, like stickers and markers and even glow sticks. After mulling over all of our options, we settled on some little boxes of washable markers, which were $2 for 4 (so we could get 16 for $8) but Clara seemed “meh” on them, so we didn’t commit to them fully. Then in the V-day section among all of the candy hearts and lolly pops and chocolates we saw it: a cute little red and white striped box full of crayon sets – and the entire box of 24 crayon sets was marked down to just $3.

So since that box of crayons plus our little baggies were only $4 in total, we decided to poke around a little more just to see if there was something else we could toss into the bag along with the crayons. Boom, these little spiral notebooks were being sold in sets of 8 for $1.50 each.

So for $3 more, each little bag could contain a striped box of crayons and a spiral notebook for kid doodles (I actually keep a small notebook with crayons in my purse to keep Clara busy while we’re in a restaurant or waiting at the doctor’s office). We asked Clara what she thought of the notebook and crayon idea, and her “I want to draw in the notebook with the crayons now” answer made us feel like it was a good choice. So $7 later we returned home with our bounty and opened it all up:

Then we just stuck one pack of crayons and a little notebook into each bag, like so. Clara was such an awesome and fast helper, all the photos were blurry. Ha! But she was very good about only putting one box of crayons and one notebook in each one.

We already had square labels (which we decided to use to seal the bag and indicate who the bags were from) so we got those out and had fun whipping up a quick little design that we could print directly onto the labels. At this point it was around 9:30 (and Clara was in bed) so we racked our brains to come up with something Valentine-ish that has to do with crayons and notebooks for the labels. After a bunch of duds like: “Hope your Valentine’s Day is cray” or “You draw me to you. Happy V-day!” (terrible!) we finally came up with “Crayons are red and yellow and blue, preschool is fun because of you!”


It only took one sheet of the square labels that we already had to knock them out, and then we just peeled them off and stuck each one on the back of a bag to hold it closed.

So for anyone who’d like to adapt that little label of ours for some last minute V-day making (which can be customized with your child’s name, etc) you’ll just need to grab this font from Font Squirrel (it’s free) and then download our label here and use Photoshop to edit it. Ours is sized to fit Avery 288 labels, and you can download a printing template for them right here from the Avery website. Of course you can also just hand-write stickers or print your own designs if you don’t have Photoshop or the same labels that we used.

Oh and here’s how they looked all assembled. Cute, huh? Clara can’t wait to hand deliver them to all of her friends. And she made sure there was one that she got to keep too. Haha. What can I say, the girl likes crayons…

Now onto the second important issue: how hilarious Hey Girl memes can be. So without further ado, I give you… mah man:

And because I couldn’t stop at just one…

These were inspired by the hilarious Hey Girl challenge that five awesome ladies (Kelly, Michelle, Chelsea, Bliss, and Ashley) are hosting for V-day. I just couldn’t resist having some fun with my honey’s face, so… bam it happened. Twice. Hope it was as good for you as it was for me.

And now because I’m in that corny love-mah-dude mood, I’ll share a new favorite photo that I snuck of John last night while we were watching TV. Is there anything hotter than a scruffy man in glasses? Methinks not.

Ok enough photos of my Valentine. Is anyone else making homemade V-day cards (or partially homemade ones like ours)? Are you Hey Girl-ing your guy? It’s a good time, I’m telling you.