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How You Like Me Now?

You guys have been curious about everything from how our concrete counters are wearing and how our refinished foyer grout is holding up to how our new blogging schedule is working for us. And since we’re not always great at updating you guys (blogging tends to follow an “on to the next thing!” pattern), here’s a big ol’ rundown, which marks the third one in this series (here’s our first one and our second one so you can check out if we covered other topics you’ve wondered about there).

Our Ardex-concrete counters: These guys have largely been awesome, and our sealer choice has made them even more durable than we expected. For example, we thought we’d end up with scratches/divots/marks, but after nearly two and a half months of use, there’s not a one! Not sure if it’s because we haven’t been chef-y enough (we tend to make pretty basic meals, and we hardly wield Top-Chef-sharp knives at all times) or just thanks to the two large wooden cutting boards that we keep on the counter (they’re where we place hot pots and slice things for the most part). We do hear that using the dark stain with the Ardex might show more scratches (we went au-naturale with ours) so that tip might help those considering that option.

As for staining, nearly everything we’ve spilled just sits on the surface and can be wiped away without issue (like how water beads up on sealed wood) so we have only noticed a few splatters (perhaps citrus?) that sat long enough on the counter to soak in and make subtle dark spots on the concrete that can’t be wiped off (below left). They don’t really bother us since the counter has that industrial vibe going on anyway. I did place piping hot tea on the counter and a very very very very vague ring of haze appeared (it’s nearly impossible to see unless you’re a inch away looking at the exact right angle), so we’re sure to use those cutting boards for hot things, and so far there haven’t been any others (below right).

The grout stain in the foyer: Still looks identical to when I applied this stuff back in early January. Even with semi-frequent moppings, muddy shoes/paws, and a whole lot of foot traffic, the grout is holding its own. And it was awesome to hear from folks who used this in spaces like showers many years ago who say theirs is doing just as well.

The appliance paint we used on our fridge:  Our bisque-turned-white fridge pretty much looks the same these days, other than having a lot more magnets on it thanks to Clara. The good news is that the magnets don’t seem to scratch or peel the paint off at all, but we did notice a bit of a scraped area along the right side of the door. We think we were carrying something large like lumber and it must have brushed against that edge and scraped it. D’oh. So in summary: everyday use doesn’t seem to hurt it at all (even on the handles where we touch it all the time – or the doors where Clara drags magnets around). Just don’t scrape heavy stuff along the corners and hopefully yours will be in good shape.

Our new washer & dryer: LOVE it! We have been using these guys HARDCORE with a newborn in the mix, and we couldn’t be happier. You can read more about how/why we picked them here, but so far the washer gets things super clean and spins them dry a bunch so they’re only damp when they go into the dryer (bonus: less dryer time, and more encouragement to sun-dry things since they’re not emerging soaking wet). We also really like crouching less thanks to the washer being a top-loader, which is surprisingly handy with a baby in your arms.

Our pantry re-org: This food-storage upgrade has been holding its own. It’s not as perfectly organized as it was back in the day, but it’s such a huge step up from the old dark shelves and no-system-at-all issues it had before. We really like having the microwave tucked in there, and the door organizer and the hanging bread baskets are the MVPs of this makeover. We gained a lot more narrow storage (read: nothing can fall to the back and get lost) and that has been invaluable.

The game closet: This is what our little “toy library” currently looks like after a newborn came into the mix. No, Teddy hasn’t been playing with that stuff, but with a baby in my arms (or on my chest) most of the time, I don’t spend as much time helping Clara put things back in an über organized fashion like I used to (well, most of the time). But although it’s completely messy, all that mess is tucked behind that door – and for that I’m eternally grateful. Clara miraculously still follows the one-thing-out-at-a-time rule, which explains why this chaos isn’t spread out all over our office or living room instead of being contained to this closet. So ultimately: this closet has been a lifesaver. Even if it’s kind of a pit these days. And yes, that’s my Kahleesi wig on the floor. Clara is obsessed. It’s all sorts of hilarious.

Our fiddle leaf figs: There have been a lot of questions about these guys, so the answers are: they were $58 from Home Depot on sale, the red pot is from Lowe’s, and the little wheeled cart that it’s on is also from Lowe’s. I just water them once a week (deeply, usually around 20 ounces or so) and they seem to like indirect sunlight. The one in the corner of the office seems happy for the most part (below left). The other one seemed pretty happy in that other office corner, but when we got the shelves for along that wall I moved him into the dining room. BAD IDEA. Turns out he hated me for it. Not sure why (there still seemed to be indirect light in there, and I kept watering him the same way I always did). So yesterday I moved him into the corner of the kitchen (below right). It’s like a fiddle leaf fig hail-mary. I hope it works.

Our organic mattress: This mattress is half a decade old, and we have been really happy with it. We heard from others who had issues with dents from where their bodies are, but ours doesn’t feel pitted or dented after all this use, and it’s still nice and firm (we like a firm mattress, so we “built” this mattress to that specification).

Our Target hooks: You guys have been asking if we’ve used any of our hooks besides this picture hanger in our house. I put a mismatched group of white ones to use in the closet to hold all of the necklaces that were formerly tangled and crammed into a drawer in my night table. Now I actually wear necklaces! Also: necklaces hypnotize Teddy.

Our white & stained kitchen cabinets: The white painted upper cabinets and wood stained lower cabs are still doing well. It has only been about half a year, but so far, so good. The white isn’t too hard to keep clean (I occasionally wipe down a drip if I see one, or dust the ledges a few times a month when I remember) and the stained lowers have been good too (they hide more dirt and splatters, but I can’t figure out if I like that or if that’s a con, since at least with the white uppers I know they’re clean and a big glob of syrup isn’t blending in). Nothing has chipped off or bubbled or anything, which is nice. We definitely recommend good prep work (sanding, deglosser, etc) and good primer/paint if you’re going the painted route (it can scrape right off without those steps).

Our homemade terrarium: A moment of silence please. This guy is dead as a doornail. Womp-womp. Regardless of keeping it in the sun and using that supposedly helpful “activated charcoal” somehow this one went wrong. So let’s file this under Black Thumb Petersik.

Our Expedit changing table: So far this has been great. We have a big basket of diapers and the wipes are kept on top to the right of the pad. We both have been using it a lot (we even walk upstairs to change him there sometimes since it’s more comfortable than using the ottoman downstairs, where we set up a little station). We haven’t switched to cloth dipes yet (tried them but they’re still a little loose and I live in fear of blowouts these days) but I’m looking forward to seeing how the changing table works for those as well. We’ll probably store the cloth diapers in the same basket where we keep our disposables, and line the white trash pail with a wet-bag and possibly move that into the bathroom so we don’t have to bring diapers that we spray back into the room. Will keep you posted.

Our upstairs hardwoods laid with Elastilon: The hardwoods we chose and the underlayment choice of Elastilon have been awesome for the most part. Our wood floors themselves haven’t felt too soft or scratched/dented, even with a dog and a preschooler beating on them. As for how the flooring is laid, it hasn’t appeared to flex or have any gaps or anything after over a year of use (through extreme heat and extreme cold). The seams look just as good as they did when we laid them, and everywhere that had nice level underlayment feels super solid and nailed down. In other words, you would never know it was a floating hardwood floor instead of a traditional nailed-down version in our hallway, our bedroom, Clara’s room, or Teddy’s room. BUT… (here comes the but)…

… there’s one spot in the guest room where we think the underlayment wasn’t level and we WISH we had known that so we could have fixed it because now that area feels a wee bit bouncy. It doesn’t look janky at all, and guests have said they don’t even notice it when I confess how much that spot bugs us, but it doesn’t have that nailed-down super solid feeling like the rest of the floors do. Boo. But for the most part we love Elastilon, and our hardwoods. Just a warning to anyone using it: unlevel subfloors might make things feel a little flex-y and less solid.

Our scaled back blogging schedule: We’ve been really happy with our decision to slow down. As some of you have wondered, fewer posts have correlated to lower traffic and less income just as we expected, but the change has felt really good to us. I’ve never been a more hands on mom than I’ve been for the last two months, and I’m so grateful that I didn’t miss out on those moments in the name of one more project or one more post.

Do you have anything that you’ve tried and ended up loving or loathing? Feel free to share the gushiness (or the warnings)!

Psst- In the “oops that was a bad call” arena, you can check out this post, this post, & this post. Sometimes the best choice is elusive, but there’s something comforting about the whole if-at-first-you-don’t-succeed-try-try-again thing.



Since I’m Genetically One-Quarter Egg Chair…

John described me that way in this post, and it made me laugh because let’s face it, it’s true. I’m also one-quarter dog fur (it’s always all over me) and one-quarter ceramic animal (no further explanation required).

How quickly this post got off track.

Anyway, now that we have a sofa and a coffee table on our back porch, the next thing on our list was a little more seating to round out that side of the room in the form of a comfy chair. Our first option was just to buy the $749 chair that matches our sofa. We liked that it would definitely tie into the color/look of the woven sofa without us having to worry that it would clash or look off. But we wondered if we would wish we went for something a little more fun and a little less matchy down the line, and it did take up a pretty big rectangular footprint, which might crowd the corner where we wanted to put it.

Another contender was a hanging egg chair like this $498 one from Anthropologie, just because we thought it could be fun in a lounge-y outdoor space. But we questioned the comfort factor (without plush seat and back cushions, would it get much use?) and we worried a little about the kid-stunt factor (some of Clara’s friends are a bit more… acrobatic). Didn’t want any broken wrists on our watch – especially with the hard tile below. We also worried about the logistics of it holding enough weight to be safe since John the Builder actually had to reinforce the overhead beams on the showhouse’s front porch to accommodate the porch swing.

Then we talked about an egg chair that hung from a stand instead of the ceiling, like this $590 option from Joss & Main, but still didn’t fully trust that we’d want to constantly enforce the whole “do not swing on this” rule (would kids try to twist it around and ride it like a tire swing?). We also thought the futuristic silhouette might not go as well with our outdoor sofa. Although we did remark that Nuni & Nooni would love it.

We also saw this one on Pinterest from World Market, which might have gone better with our sofa, but when we clicked over to see the price it was sold out. Oh well, it still had that hanging-on-a-chain-probably-isn’t-ideal thing going on.

Then there was this one from Joss & Main, which was more like a boat than a chair, but it did look pretty cozy. It was too big for our space, and the $1500+ price tag was more than we wanted to spend, but if we ever have a  spare house in Bali to our name we wouldn’t be mad at a few of these out by the pool.

We kept saying things like “I wish we could find something that sits on the ground like the egg chair at the showhouse.” We loved everything about that chair (the color was great, it swiveled, it was super comfortable, etc). And although we checked every shop we could think of, as well as just doing some random googling, we didn’t come up with anything that really compared.

It kind of reminded us of this one that Pottery Barn used to sell for $1300 a few years back, except that one was a little too warm to go with our cool brown/gray sofa, and it didn’t swivel.

Then we realized we could try buying an identical egg chair to the one from the showhouse directly from GreenFront. We just had to see if they had another one in their store. And as we were telling one of the folks from the showhouse this story they said “why don’t you check with John (the Builder) to see if the showhouse egg chair is one of the borrowed pieces that he’s planning to return, because if so I bet you can buy it over the phone from GreenFront (around 50% of the GreenFront furniture we got was on loan and they were picking it back up after the show).

So we called John the Builder to ask about it, held our breath, and… he said we couldn’t buy the chair. Sad clown. But the reason he wouldn’t let us buy it was because the whole team wanted to go in on it as a thank you to us for working on the showhouse with them over the past year! We couldn’t believe it. We’re still doing that “no way just take our money” thing, so we’ll have to report back if we can sneak them the cash somehow (my mom is a fan of the “hide-it-in-their-purse” method, but most of the team is purse-less…).

Doesn’t the wicker look like it was meant to be paired with the sofa? We’re so glad they work so well together. We also appreciate that the seat is Sunbrella fabric, so it should hold up to Clara’s bubble-solution-covered hands and Burger’s muddy paws. As for the side table, we decided it was a little too much wicker for us (you know my love of ceramic garden stools – especially to add color outside) so we sent it back to GreenFront with the rest of the borrowed pieces that they came back to collect instead of purchasing it – but it was nice to take a look at it first to be sure.

Now it looks more like this in that corner (we took this photo after the others in this post, so ignore the wicker side table’s presence and pretend you see this shiny red beacon of garden stool love):

But back to the chair. It has already been getting a LOT of use from this guy…

… and even some lounge-time from this guy…

I’m getting in on the action too. Sometimes I find myself out there, just gently rocking with the baby in my arms while Clara plays with her water table (swivel action FTW). Definitely one of my favorite new spots.

So that’s the Great Egg Chair Hunt of 2014. Although when you pan out it’s clear that we still have the other side of the sunroom to furnish. I’m thinking a little bistro table under that second fan would be nice since there’s still room to walk around something like that. And of course we still need to build a box to cover those ugly wires that snake down the brick wall.

Here’s a wider shot from further back. You might notice that we parked our dining chairs around the table just because we thought they’d get more use out here in the nicer weather (they’re outdoor chairs so they ain’t afraid of no ghost rain). The jury’s still out whether it’s a temporary move for them, but Burger has already been found lounging on their plush seat cushions, so that’s one vote for them staying outside over the folding chairs that were there before.

Are you guys shopping for any outdoor stuff lately? Are you one-quarter garden stool? I might be too. Hey, maybe we’re related.

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