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The following images make me wish I could carry a professional photographer around in my pocket at all times. But since I can’t, at least we had the pleasure of having one over for the afternoon. Local-ish photographer Andrea Hubbell (she’s from nearby Charlottesville, VA) is doing a series of “living spaces” photo shoots and asked if we wanted to participate for fun. Since we’re (a) not too camera shy – at least when it comes to our house and (b) always excited to see our home through someone else’s eyes (especially someone a lot better with a camera), we gave an enthusiastic yes.

And boy are we glad we did. Not only was Andrea super nice (and very stealthy too – we almost forgot she was here a couple of times) but her photos are beautiful:

Of course we loved seeing the wider-angled full room shots, but what was most amusing for us was seeing all the little details that Andrea picked up along the way. You know, the things we hardly notice and never think to shoot and share. So we thought you guys might get a kick out of that too. What’s a trip to the Petersiks without a shot of Sherry’s pile o’ paint chips after all?

Be sure to hit up Andrea’s blog to see the rest of her photos of our house (barely half of them are shown here). They were taken about three weeks ago, which is why some rooms (ahem, bedroom and living room) are already looking semi-out-of-date and others (this means you laundry room) aren’t shown (since our little built-in shelves were just getting started when she arrived). Oh and here we are with Andrea. Most surprising thing ever? Sherry’s not wearing a black shirt. Crazy, right? I hardly recognized her.

But wait – there’s more. Andrea wasn’t the only person to capture our house recently. We got a very sweet email the other day from a 16-year-old reader from the Netherlands named Karlijn. She’s an avid fan of the video game The Sims, and thought it would be funny to use her Sims-ing skills to virtually recreate our house. And considering the limitations of the game (she said she would have added a Burger if she could have), we’re pretty darn impressed by how close she got!

First we have our guest room with the teal walls, green headboard, and two slipper chairs that look almost exactly like the ones we have:

We chuckled at the accuracy of the “alley” on the left side of this screen capture of our living room (complete with a big gray sectional, a green rug, the bedroom door, and a giant paned window just like our house):

And how true-to-life it is that our windowless kitchen is pretty dark with the lights off? Maybe you don’t know that so I’ll answer for you: very true.

Our favorite is probably the Sims-ified space that is Clara’s room (although the highway that leads into her window kind of cracked us up, since the view is a little different in real life- but we’re sure Karlijn didn’t have much control over that):

And perhaps Karlijn was dropping us some decorating “hints” along the way too. Like maybe we should add a zebra rug in the bedroom? Ooh la la.

Or some outdoor lighting to the patio? (Totally agree with her on this one, btw – we’re thinking about big bulb string lights).

Maybe some Sims players out there can find Karlijn’s place in that giant Sims universe to virtually drop in on on our house. Is that how it works? I’m so video game dumb it’s not even funny. Last time I played The Sims it was called Sim City and I think I gave up after a tornado and a monster attack simultaneously took out all of my skyscrapers. Anyway, we’re sending out a big thanks to both Andrea and Karlijn for taking the time to capture our home using their respective talents. It’s always fun to see a familiar place through someone else’s eyes. Have you guys ever tried to recreate your house in a video game or with online room-planning software or anything? Or seen photos that someone else took of your house that make you take notice of little things that you’d never really “see” on your own?

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  1. says

    Andrea’s photos are fantastic. I can see how it would be interesting to see how someone would view your details. Speaking of details, could you share more about that subway style art next to the map and wedding photo? Please?

  2. Bryan W. says

    NERD ALERT! I am totally green with envy that someone took the time to recreate your home in the Sims. Used to love that game but haven’t played it in years.

    • Abbie P. says

      I totally agree on that one! :) I still like it though. It’s great to enjoy once in a while. The last time I played was a few weeks ago. I only get to play on occasion because of…you know…real life! haha.

  3. says

    Sherry! You’re gorgeous! I love that shirt… where did you find it? Also, Andrea did an amazing job with the photographs. Very cool. And, I like The Sims version of your house. I actually play that game myself and Karlijn did a great job!

  4. says

    Wow – the professional shots turned out great. Where are those hanging flower balls located? I feel like I missed some super cute post along the way.

    AND Someone made your house on Sims? Talk about celebs ;) I always joke that if I see you guys around our little city, I would feel like a stalker since I’d probably jump up and down clapping my hands while yelling your names.

  5. bethwashdc says

    Fun post, you guys. The photo of the dining room made me wonder: Are you using that space much, eating at the table when people are over? And are you as pleased with the chair covers as you hoped to be? I confess I still envision a pot of green leather.

    • says

      Yup we use that room whenever we’re more than four people and love the brown covers (so easy, hides stains, doesnt compete with the painted built-ins or curtains, etc).


  6. Mallory says

    Wow! I’m so blown away by your Sims-ified house! I’m so impressed! It’s really scary how accurate it is! She did a great job. :)

  7. says

    Haha I just posted my floorplanner version of my family room last night. I’m a moron so I made it a flat room or something instead of a floorplan I could add windows to. I realized this after I added every detail of the room. I suppose I’m video game dumb too :)

  8. Lindsay says

    I LOVE the Sims! hahaha Haven’t played in a long time, but that is SO cool that she recreated your house. Also, love the other photos!

  9. says

    OMG that virtual recreation of your house really creeps me out! I mean, I know we all love having a little look into your lives, but this takes it to a-whole-nother level.

    Love the pro shots, by the way. But wow, I don’t think I’d like to know that people are THAT interested in my house. I suppose if imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, then you should be really flattered though!

    • says

      I love it, but then my fiance is currently recreating the House of Battiatis (or the House of Mattiatis – his name’s Matt) from Spartacus in Minecraft.

      What’s creepy is when your next door neighbour can tell you exactly what time you go to bed at night! It’s nice to know he keeps an eye out for any dodgy behaviour for us, but still it was a slight shock to realise how predictable we are!

  10. Lindsay says

    I like the idea of big bulbs string lights. Target had some great ones that were solar powered – how easy would that be!

    Sherry – you look really thin in that picture! Just thought you’d like to know : )

    • says

      “all this heat”…ah, Virginians are adorable. Over the last five or six weeks, Austin has only had a couple of days that didn’t reach a hundred (and those days were 99). Today’s high is 107.

      LOVE the pictures! Especially the dining room. I’m in love with your cabinets. Really. I would leave my husband and marry them if I could. (No I wouldn’t. But still.)

    • Carrie says

      Your heat comment made me chuckle. We have only had one day under 100 in weeks and haven’t been under 95 in over a month. We were going to go to the drive in Saturday night but the index is supposed to be 105 at midnight. Pass!
      Unlike Texas we Missourians aren’t used to this nonsense. A week here and there like this but not continuous. I have been so swollen sometimes I think I will pop!

    • Katie says


      I am from STL and the heat and humidity are crazy every summmer! It is seriously hard to breath sometimes! It’s 85 degrees today and it feels amazing compared to the 100 degree weather for the past month!

  11. Nicole says

    Are you guys still loving the brown slipcovers on the dining room chairs? I love that room but am finding myself wishing they were white or green….

    • says

      Yeah they’re great in brown for food stains and all that (white might be hard to hide stains and we worried green would take away from the painted built-ins and the curtains).


  12. kate says

    Those photos are amazing! I also said in my head, hey Sherry isn’t in black! I also own that shirt, too – it’s in my regular rotation and is easily one of my favorite shirts now! :)

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