June Superlatives

Note: This is a retroactive post that I cobbled together in December of 2011 so I could make this page full of monthly recaps for the entire year (our first in our new house!). Yup, I’m just a bit type A. So here’s what we tackled throughout the month of June – high school yearbook style.

Most Improved: Finally painting our kitchen paneling

Most Annoying: Priming the paneling (which took more than a few tries)

Most Destructive: Removing a few cabinets & patching the floor (to make way for our impending paneling makeover)

Most Goal Oriented: Announced a new initiative to clear the kitchen table of miscellaneous clutter every night before bed (we’re still hit or miss on this).

Most Snow White-esque: Planting some fast-growing evergreens while making friends with a frog & a duck (to add some much-needed privacy to the side of our house)

Most Gifted: Commissioning (that sounds so fancy) a sketch of our first house for our hallway frame wall as John’s Father’s Day gift

Most Organized: Relocating and organizing the junk drawer

Most Likely To Get Dirt Under Our Nails: Weeding, landscape-fabric-ing, planting, mulching, & removing/relocating a few signs on our horrifically overgrown mailbox

Most Edible: Making a little container garden for our farmer’s market herbs (with a galvanized tin and a drill)

Most Desperate: Making eight curtain panels for our living room (by halving and hemming some no-longer-sold Ikea ones)

Biggest Heart Hearth: Painting our fireplace

Class Hothead: Removing an old wood stove (that Clara was unsafely enamored with)

Most Circus-esque: Sharing a really (really) weird elephant-related dream

Most Incoherent: Going thrifting in Georgia with Katie B (and getting waaay too hyper, as usual)

Most Colorful: Sewing curtains from imperfect discount fabric for the dining room

Class Nomad: Relocating a dresser and a mirror to the guest room

Most Superstitious: Making some “lucky seven” art (with painters tape and a scrap of wood)

Most Likely To (Not) Succeed (At Least The First Attempt): Dyeing some inexpensive slipcovers (a few times) for our dining room chairs


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