Adding More Square Footage To Our House On The Cheap


How did we gain a ton of extra square footage to take our for-sale casa from 1300 finished square feet to 1550 in the last 48 hours? We’ll give you a hint: we didn’t add an overnight addition. We just added a permanent heat source to our existing sunroom… and now it counts as livable square footage! A realtor friend of ours advised us that rooms don’t need to be heated and cooled to count as “finished” here in Richmond –  just heated. Meaning the only thing keeping the biggest room in our house (our sunroom) from getting counted as official square footage was a source of heat. So we called a few electricians and

Making A House Hunting Wish List


First off, my cheeky hubby has decided he’s deserving of a public “you were right.” So here it is. Check out this video from a year ago where he calls that we’ll move someday while I vehemently deny it (skip to 5 minutes and 45 seconds). Who’s married to a know it all? This girl (points to self with thumbs). Before I climbed on the moving bandwagon UHaul with my smarty pants spouse, we rethought a bunch of potential layout adjustments to this house and even entertained the idea of an addition instead (which we also tossed out as an option in the above video over a year ago). But the fact that the already-here

Halloween Decorating Ideas: Crows, Candles, Skull Photos & More


Halloween is in just a few short weeks so we broke out the old creepy raven along with a bunch of other spook-tastic props from last year (see our big Halloween ’09 set up here). And other than springing for some candy for the kids in our neighborhood and some candy corn for ourselves we didn’t spend a dime (hindsight: candy corn is the worst- it’s basically just a stomach ache waiting to happen). Oh and we grabbed some $4 carnations too. So here’s the console table all decked out: Nothing too fancy, just a piece of burlap as a casual runner with things like some eerily titled books that we dug up along with

House Crashing: Inspired & Inexpensive

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 8.51.21 PM

After Jordan and Landon shared their amazingly affordable (and drop dead gorgeous) kitchen overhaul with us (here), we definitely were left wanting more. So when they offered up the opportunity to House Crash them, we said “uh… yes please.” And we figured since it’s their house they’d be the best at showing you around, so we’re passing the virtual mic over to them for the tour while we clean our house within an inch of it’s life in an effort to woo a few more potential buyers this weekend (fingers crossed). Enjoy the tour! Welcome to our home in Columbia, South Carolina! We’re Jordan & Landon from You’ve already seen the kitchen (here), but

Super Quick Decluttering Tips To Try Before A House Showing

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 3.56.51 PM

How do we learn around these parts? By doing. And sometimes by panicking. So when someone called us to see our house out of the blue, and wanted to drop by in an hour, we panicked. But only for five to ten minutes. Then we used the other 50 minutes to do the ahh-someone’s-coming-to-look-at-our-house shuffle. Luckily the house was already pretty clean since we knew we would be showing it sooner or later. But what about that recommended pairing down step to reduce clutter and make cabinets and closets look bigger (so you don’t seem like you’re bursting at the seams)? Here’s how that went: Step 1: Take two large plastic bags (ideally big black

Mo Mortgage, Mo Problems

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 8.50.24 PM

One of the first steps we took when we officially dubbed ourselves “house hunters” was to find out how much house we could afford. Sure, we knew what was in our bank account and what sort of mortgage payment we could handle… but it’s not about what we think. It’s about what the banks think. So we made an appointment with our lending agent (the same guy who helped us buy & later refinance this house) so he could analyze our assets to estimate what loan amount we’ll get – which obviously will help us determine the price range of the new house that we should be hunting for. We were cautiously optimistic about this

Farah’s Living Room Makeover: We’re Done!

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 8.49.18 PM

Here’s where we explain the second half of Farah’s home makeover (click here to read our first post on the subject). Basically HomeGoods offered us some free merch for our house and we asked if we could pay it forward and transform someone else’s casa instead. Unbelievably they agreed. And we decided that we couldn’t stop at just sprucing up Farah’s mom cave after we laid eyes on her family room. So we have another before and after for all you transformation loving fiends. Here’s her cute family again, just to refresh your memory. And here’s their family room before: Here’s the same room after we got our mitts on it: It was pretty much

Word To Your Motha Cave


Move over man cave, this post is all about a mom cave. When HomeGoods contacted us to offer us a gift card to create a mom cave in our house, we asked if we could pay it forward instead. And they were game. Oh and then we asked what the heck a mom cave was. It’s actually a little haven for any mom in her own home. The mom’s answer to the man cave if you will. It can just be a small corner of a bedroom with a chair for relaxing and reading or an entire room devoted to crafting, pedicuring, or anything else that your little mom heart desires. So I set out

Sweat Drops


Holy bananas. We just stuck the For Sale sign in front of our house (the one in this post was photoshopped in case you couldn’t tell). Big day. So it’s official. Our house is really on the market. We’re still in the process of doing a ton of things to woo potential buyers both inside and out (stay tuned for those details as we go) and we’re actually trying the for-sale-by-owner route… at least for a little while. Being such big DIYers it seemed odd not to give it a go (especially since my mom and dad have sold nearly every house they’ve ever owned themselves). Although we’re definitely not opposed to turning to a

Making Easy (And Gourd-geous) Fall Decor


Yes, that was a gourd pun. Although I must admit that my all time favorite post title ever was Oh My Gourd (see that post here). Anyway, in case you couldn’t tell, this post is about gourds. I like injecting a little seasonal interest into our home in a few fun and inexpensive ways (think Halloween decor like this and Thanksgiving decor like this). And given my love of all things white and ceramic I couldn’t help myself when we came across these faux gourds at JoAnn Fabrics for 50% off their $2.99 price tag (so I grabbed all five for $7.45). Then I spray painted the heck out of them with some white glossy

Blogiversary III: You Asked, We Answered


Just like last year (here and here) we decided to answer as many random and personal questions from our Facebook & Twitter friends as we could in honor of this year’s blogiversary. With over 200 questions to choose from (you guys are curious!) we couldn’t tackle them all, but we did our best to answer a bunch. Here’s hoping we don’t sound as lame to you guys as we sound to ourselves. Q: What is the weirdest question you have ever been asked? – Jessica Sherry: Someone actually asked me while I was prego if I was a thong wearer. I assumed they were from the UK and replied that I wasn’t wearing flip-flops anymore

Blogiversary III: Goal Tending


Every year when our blogiversary rolls around, we like to take a moment to outline our goals. So it’s time to officially state three things that we’re going to work really hard to accomplish over the next 365 days. After all, there’s nothing like a public proclamation to light a fire under the ol’ buns. So enough chit-chat. Here are the three biggest things on our list (speaking of big, check out my ridiculous calves). Goal Numero Uno: Move On- As we recently shared, we’re saying peace out to our lovely and amazing casa. It’s definitely bittersweet, but we can’t wait to get our mitts on something new-to-us and shine it up like a lucky