Burning Question: Bare All?

This week’s big query is all about stairs. Namely, do you prefer them to be bare wood, plushly carpeted, or a bit of both thanks to a runner? Do you love the look of wood stairs but think they’re dangerous when it comes to kids (or just your own clumsy self)? Do you think carpeted stairs are a nightmare to vacuum? Do you adore runners or think they’re a bit too non-committal either way?  

Unexpected Source: PB Teen

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 7.25.13 PM

Who knew PB Teen had so many punchy and fun pieces that definitely transcend the living-with-the-rents and dorm-decor category? Here are a few things- some on sale, some a bit pricey (but still quite cute)- that caught our eye: This cheerful organic duvet and pillowcase would definitely brighten up a guest bedroom. This coconut shell chandelier had us at hello- and just happens to be $100 off. We also adored this colorful capiz shell chandy. We can picture this smile-inducing organic pillow cover in front of two teal pillows on an all white daybed. So sweet. This ruffled tone on tone shower curtain reminds us of something from Anthropologie, but it’s happily about 20 bucks

Steal Of The Week: Punchy Pinwheel Pillows


Even though the last thing we needed were more pillows (we have a ton of them that we like to migrate from room to room) we just couldn’t pass up these fun yellow beauties from Target. So for 24 bucks a pop we took two of them home: Sure we’ve found cheaper pillows (like this $2.50 guy from Bed Bath & Beyond) but we can’t deny how much color and fun they bring to our living room, especially since they complement the patterned yellow rug and even seem to work with the fun geometric pillow on the slipper chair nearby. Lately we’ve really been loving a few pops of bright hue in a room to

Oh Baby, We’ve Got A New Gig At BabyCenter


Back even before I knew for sure that I was prego I used to peruse BabyCenter for articles about “early signs.” And once I had a test in my hand that confirmed that I was in fact “with-bean,” John and I immediately logged on to find out when Baby P would be due. While there, I also signed up for emails about our baby’s weekly growth (which I used to read aloud to John every time they landed in my inbox) and joined a message board to converse with thousands of other expectant May moms. After Clara arrived I started receiving emails about her development outside of the womb (which I continue to read aloud

The YHL Take On A Few Controversial Issues


We’ll start this post off by saying that when it comes to decorating your house, we believe there are no right answers. Rules are meant to be broken and feathering your nest is definitely one of the most subjective and personal things you’ll ever do. Our mantra has always been “just do what you love” so you end up coming home to a house that makes you smile. But what if you don’t know what you love? Just look at rooms in magazines and online and find out what tickles your fancy and use it as a springboard to take your house to the next level. Or stare at your favorite painting or even a

Seven Cheap Ways To Crisp Up A Room


Is it weird that John read my headline in passing and used it as an opportunity for a comedic performance? A few “room-crisping” suggestions from him? 1) Flambé it. 2) Put crunchy noodles on the floor. 3) Starch it. Funny guy. Anyway, here are seven super affordable and easy ways to freshen up any space. They might seem simple and straightforward, but it’s amazing what a difference these little tweaks can really make. So if you don’t have the energy (or the money) for a full scale room makeover, these might be just the thing to give you a new look in a snap. 1. Paint your trim with crisp white semi-gloss paint. Whether you’re

H2Oh No! (Getting Our Home’s Water Tested)


Right around the time we announced that we were expecting there were a number of friends and family members who also revealed that they had a bun in the oven… and people always joked that there must be something in the water. The ironic thing is that ever since that bad joke popped up a few dozen times many months ago I’ve been wondering: what IS in my tap water anyway? Then I recently caught the end of a Dr. Oz show where he was talking about lead in your water- and when he mentioned that pregnant & nursing women need to be careful when drinking from pipes in older homes which could have lead

Let’s Build It: Kara’s Amazing DIY Ottoman


You guys may remember Kara from Kara Paslay Designs thanks to the amazing house crashing tour that she took us on a while back. And when she sent over some photographs of a stunning ottoman that she DIYed, we begged her to treat us to an exclusive little YHL tutorial. And- oh happy day!- she was game. So without further ado, we’ll hand this post over to Kara so she can take you through the process of making your very own version of the lovely (and surprisingly doable) ottoman that she whipped up. Gorgeous, eh? Hello YHL readers! I am so excited that John and Sherry have invited me to share the details about my

Burning Question: Faux Real?

This week’s big q is all about real vs. fake. Don’t worry, it’s not a plastic surgery debate- we’re talking about plants. Do you think fake plants of any kind are T-A-C-K-Y? Or do you think that tastefully made faux blooms, herbs, topiaries, and potted orchids can add to the illusion of freshness even if they don’t need water? Do you have a black thumb so fake plants are your only option? Or do you despise faux plants so much that you would rather go plant-less than live with something plastic or silk?

Keeping It Real: The Baby Gear Factor


Since the day that we announced there was a bun in my oven, we’ve been getting comments and emails to request details about how our house is changing thanks to our growing family. And now that Clara is two months old (time flies!) we decided that it was high time we took some candid photos to show exactly how our home has changed thanks to all of the baby gear that we’ve accumulated thus far (and yes, we know it’ll only grow from here, so stay tuned to see how we deal with everything else as we go). The following photos weren’t edited or cleaned up in any way- they’re actual snapshots. And you know