Appraise The Lord

One part of our recent refinance that we haven’t yet expanded upon was the home appraisal that was required as a part of the process. It was admittedly a bit exciting and nerve racking at the same time. Exciting because, for the first time since we purchased in 2006, we’d know exactly what all of our improvements were worth to our home’s value. Nerve racking because, well, we all know what the market is doing to home prices these days…

The appraisal process was also interesting because it was a chance for us to reminisce about all of the improvements we did over the last 3 years (the appraiser asked what we updated and couldn’t believe our lengthy list). In being asked to recite all that we did, we came up with this list of everything that’s changed (each bullet is conveniently linked to more info & pics on that subject):



We provided a very general estimate of what we estimate we spent (and expected that not all of it would show up in our appraised home value in this sluggish economy) but we were pleasantly surprised when our appraisal came back at that exact amount over the purchase price. Not to mention that the appraiser said it deserved to be even higher, he just couldn’t find comps in the area to justify it on paper. We’re just overjoyed to see our home’s value moving in the upward direction at all, let alone recouping all of our improvement costs thus far in such a bum market.

Have you guys had any interesting home appraisal experiences lately? Or are most of you just shielding yourselves from even having to know at this point? Do tell.






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