Kiss Me You Fool…


We whipped up another Burger-themed holiday card for our friends and family that we just had to share. Gotta love sending cheap (and personalized) holiday cheer to the ones you love!

We Need Therapy


We’re back to plead for your love: Apartment Therapy’s accepting nomination for their new Homies Award for the Best Home Design Blog of 2008 and we’d love to have your vote.

Alissa’s Triple Design Dilemma


When Alissa hired us to help her transform not one, not two, but three rooms in her new home (!) we jumped at the chance to add three times the swank-factor to her Northern California ranch. Here’s her letter: We just moved in to our Northern California ranch. We plan to make this our forever-house, so we’re ready to pull out all the stops!  We prefer a traditional style, but nothing fussy. I can follow any plan and am excited and thrilled that you’ll build one for our living room, dining room and family room all at once! As for what must stay in the living room: nothing. The TV should be relocated to the