Blayne’s Design Dilemma


Blayne and her hubby requested a warm and contemporary Moroccan take on their bedroom so we served up something exotic yet elegant in a bright and colorful mood board. Gotta love this modern meets bohemian bedroom!

A Sweet & Cheap Holiday Gift: Paperwhites & River Rocks


Potted paperwhites just might be the perfect gift (for under $10!) and they really don’t take much effort at all. Check out our simple step-by-step tutorial for planting these gorge little holiday presents for friends and family.

In Addition


We daydream pretty consistently about someday getting an addition and we found an article that helped us think it through. Got any tips or stories for us? Do share…

How To Make A Faux-Tiled Tray With Cards & Clear Resin


Using one pack of Moo MiniCards, we whipped up two festive holiday crafts with some serious customization. And to top it all off, we scored a special discount for our readers.

Jean and Andrew’s Design Dilemma


When Jean and Andrew requested something beachy and open to greet them at the door, we had fun making over the entryway and front room on a dime with style for miles.

Our Airtight And Odorless Compost Container


What can we say… free organic garden soil and good karma make us smile. Check out how easy it is to make your very own compost bin, and have fun while you’re at it!

Reader Redesign: All Fired Up


When Christy sent us her backyard before and after pics, we were super inspired (and green with envy). Wait ’til you see her fabulous DIY transformation…

Susan’s Design Dilemma


When Susan hired us to swankify her dining space we couldn’t wait to add a beachy polished vibe to set off those gorgeous floors and stunning shutters. Here’s her mood board breakdown.

A DIY Paw Print Painting (Great Gift For A Pet Lover!)


Burger and I whipped up some fun little birthday presents for John’s big 2-7. From DIY doggie art to green nonstick cookware, John loved his birthday bounty.

Knock Knock. Who’s There? Before. Before Who?

We did it. We rounded up all of the before and after makeovers that we’ve completed to date (both virtually and in the flesh) for your viewing pleasure. We hope you enjoy the eye candy!

Adding A Pinboard For Recipes Inside Your Kitchen Cabinet


… cause we’re done with our latest DIY project. All you need is $5 and ten minutes for a convenient and creative way to store all your favorite recipes. Mmmm.

Fab Freebie: Furry First Aid


Safety doesn’t take a time out for your pet, so here’s your chance to be prepared. Comment on this post to win a free Pet First Aid Kit from

Eight Different Looks For Your Living Room Mantel


We decided to swap out a few accessories on our mantle in the den for an exciting new look. And we took some pictures to document our evolving arrangement- along with our fresh new final product.

Honey, We’re Home For The Holidays


We’re back from the much mentioned R Home For The Holiday’s event, and we’re brimming with ideas, inspiration, and pictures to share. Here’s to the most festive Christmas yet…

Rodney’s Design Dilemma


When Rodney wrote to us in search of some crisp and current lodge-inspired style for his living room, we whipped up a custom mood board to help him hunt down that warm and natural vibe.