Fab Freebie: Showhaus To Your House


As John mentioned in yesterday’s post, we somehow convinced Arhaus to hook one of you up with the entire Wyatt Outdoor Collection, valued at $4,500! It includes the matching sofa, ottoman, and swivel chair (as shown below) that we used to deck out the front porch of our showhouse. It definitely passes the comfort test, each piece is hand painted to look like weathered wicker, it has a sturdy (but lightweight) aluminum frame, and there’s durable Sunbrella fabric to keep it looking good for the long haul. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter (it might take a second to load, but it should eventually pop up below this paragraph). This giveaway is available

Clara Conversations


A bunch of you asked if we’d be continuing this series from Young House Life over here after this post, and the answer is yes. So… happy Saturday! And happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies out there who are celebrating it (says the bleary eyed sleep-deprived mom who wouldn’t have it any other way). Convo #1 Clara (stalling before bedtime): Wait! Before bed let’s talk about my room! Mom: What about your room? Clara: My fairy lights. Mom: What about them?  Clara: They make… my eyes… feel… so… round.  Convo #2 Clara (randomly in the middle of breakfast after looking down at her outfit): I have the most beautiful dress in Virginia. Convo #3 Clara (looking through

Teddy’s Weekly Photo Project


A lot of you have been asking if we’re taking weekly baby photos of Teddy, like we did with Clara for the first year of her life (you can read more about that project here, here, and here). The answer is yes! Although we had some fun putting a slightly different spin on our weekly project this time around. Here are his first two shots: Note: the number font is called Sullivan and the “weeks” font is called Big Mouth. While we were tempted to do something entirely different for Teddy, we didn’t want to completely reinvent the wheel (when it came down to it, we really liked how Clara’s project turned out). So just

Seven Speedy Nursery Updates


When we last left off in the nursery, we had painted the closet door green, but still had a few lingering functional things that we needed (like a changing pad cover, a hamper, and a bin for dirty diapers) as well as a plan for the wall behind the crib that we had been debating. Update #1. You probably remember when we were considering this fun arrow wallpaper for that spot (among others) but thought it might be a little busy on that side with all the built-ins, so imagine our surprise to find a changing pad cover in the same pattern on Etsy. Teddy loves it. So much, in fact, that he has already

Less Is More (Unless You’re Talking About Oreos)


Life has been busier than ever for us – and there’s nothing like having a baby to confirm your true priorities. We’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately: what exactly are our goals? What are we working towards? Hoping to gain? The answer, we realized, was definitely not more blog hits or traffic or approval. Honestly we both feel unsettled by the idea of our blog growing any larger, and we look fondly back on the earlier days when we worked less, slept more, and spent more quality time with our family and friends. This little website of ours has already surpassed every expectation we ever could have had for it. So what are

Listy VonListerstein


I’m not going to lie. These days this is pretty much all I want to do (add Burger, Clara, and John in there and I’m even more mooney-eyed and kissy-faced). But to everyone who requested an updated Listy post, I finally got ‘er done. We last shared our to-do list in November, so this check-in is well overdue – and I figured it could make us feel somewhat accomplished just to look at all the stuff we’ve crossed off since then. Picture me making Zoro-esque slicing sound effects with every slash (Teddy thought it was hilarious). These posts were born when people asked how we organize all the stuff on our to-do list and I

He’s here!


We’re thrilled to introduce the newest member of our family, baby Teddy! On Wednesday, April 16th at 8:51 am, Theodore Freeman Petersik was born wielding a tiny drill weighing in at 8 lbs on the dot and measuring 19.5 inches long. We’re crazy in love with him, including Clara who just can’t stop kissing and snuggling “her baby.” Especially when he whimpers or coos, it becomes her personal mission to soothe him. Teddy was named after my dad’s dad Theodore (who went by Teddy his entire life) and his middle name honors John’s maternal grandfather (Freeman is John’s middle name too). Teddy is already proving to be a little spitfire like his sister, although he

How We Roll (Painting A Room On Video)


The office ceiling and walls are officially painted, which is good news because we’re at T-minus 48 hours until this baby’s scheduled delivery. Note: the trim is pure white in here (the same color as the desk in the middle of the room). No idea why it’s looking a little cream – maybe just the time of day/lighting? It’s still looking really stark in here (holy cow, who watched Game Of Thrones last night?), so we can’t wait to add: a rug window treatments a fun pendant or two over the desk area art more storage along the left wall (and a craft table/photography zone) an updated kid-desk area on the right etc, etc, etc

Fab Freebie: Worth The Wait


“Life should be lived beautifully every single day” is the mantra that drives the founder of Waiting on Martha, the virtual boutique where one of you will be getting $300 to spend this week. From home decor and entertaining to jewelry and kids, Mandy has collected a wide variety of beautiful things, with plenty of pretty, shiny, and quirky goods in the mix. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter (it might take a second to load, but it should eventually pop up below this paragraph). You can also get 15% off with code YHL15 through April 15th. This giveaway is available to anyone anywhere! Click To View Rafflecopter Widget

A Colorful Door & More Nursery Art


At two weeks from my due date we’re checking off a few more lingering nursery updates, like painting the closet door a bright happy color, organizing the clutter within… … making/hanging some more art, and changing our minds in the curtain arena (you know we love a good final-hour switcheroo). The green closet door was heavily influenced by Clara, who kept saying “my baby will like a colored door like mine but not pink” – and since a bold green door was originally in our plan back in January (which we mentioned to Clara, hence her obsession) we decided to stop hemming and hawing and just go for it. After hanging our apple-green curtains and

Hey Girl


We spent the weekend checking off a bunch of hands-on projects for the girls room in the showhouse. It’s definitely still looking sparse, and is far from done, so I’m sure it’ll keep evolving right up until our deadline. The bed needs to be raised and we have a colorful throw to add Linens need to be ironed and we have a custom bolster that we’ll layer in there too Colorful fabric window treatments will be hung as soon as they’re in We might switch out the end table – not sure yet… We have a soft blue lamp and a bunch of other accessories to add to tie things together But we did manage

House Crashing: Joyful & Happy Go Lucky


Can you believe it has been a month since our last house crashing adventure? And while February’s house tour was from across the pond, this one was local, so we got to stop by and soak up all of the details in person. Meet Becky and Brian (and their dog Fergie). They live just outside of Richmond with their two daughters and this charming red door. It’s Heritage Red by Benjamin Moore – and she got that charming “Hello” decal here. When you walk inside, there’s a room to your right that they call the music room. Let’s just say that the yellow piano, which Becky painted herself, had my heart immediately. It was Brian’s

Some Overdue Office Organization


Let me tell you a tale of a girl who used to be organized, oh…. about four years ago. Since Clara came along, well, it has been a slippery slope. I’ve kept notes to myself in various notebooks, on my phone, on post its, and have scribbled in every square inch of my day planner. I’m almost never sure what I need to do next since there are so many active lists competing for my attention these days. So when John and I were asking ourselves what our home office needs to make it as functional as possible, it was about two seconds before I was pulling a Mary Katherine Gallagher and jumping around and

The Easiest & Fastest Dishwasher Update Ever


Happy Friday guys! Since the first three days of this week were full of bigger updates (like this craziness, our desk haul & overhaul, and a bunch of showhouse progress) it felt nice to switch gears and knock out a few smaller updates at the end. It’s always refreshing to bounce from broad planning stuff – like office layout debates and showhouse furniture arrangements – to focusing on a few quick tasks (like yesterday’s mirror switch). And thankfully this update couldn’t have been easier. Remember our lovely almond dishwasher? As you know, we’re planning to replace our appliances during a full kitchen renovation down the line, but I heard an almost-sounds-too-good-to-be-true tip from a few of

Updating A Craigslist Desk For The Office


Before we dive into our recent office progress, we just wanted to send out a heartfelt thanks to everyone who left such sweet comments on yesterday’s announcement. To say that it has been completely surreal and that we’re so grateful are two of the biggest understatements we could make. But back to the office. You might remember on our initial planning post, we left off saying “We’re still letting the concept simmer in our heads, but we’re fairly confident that we’ll start heading in that last layout’s direction since it feels like it makes the most sense for the way we work.”  We still wanted to tape things off on the floor to really get a

Wallpaper In The Nursery?


I know it sounds kinda crazy, but after painstakingly removing five different wallpapers from this house… we’re considering putting some up. I think I even passively mentioned it in this post about the nursery mobile. Ever since we imagined the idea of these built-ins, we pictured making the space between the two of them sort sort of accent – either with a color or pattern or treatment of some sort (in our first post we even mentioned a planked wall). Those ideas fizzled a little bit after completing the built-ins and realizing they had a lot of stuff on them (so we didn’t want to clutter up that space between them above the crib too).

Paint, Paint, And More Paint


Just when you thought we were all painted out on Monday, I’m back with another painting update. With this bun of ours arriving in five short weeks, it’s lighting a “paint all the things!” fire under my rear. I know that being laid up with a c-section will mean staring at all of the not-done things on the ol’ to-do list, so humming through a few of them before the little man is here will hopefully put my nesting slash home-making mind at ease. So we set our sights on the upstairs hallway. It connects so many rooms (the nursery, our room, the hall bath, Clara’s room, the guest room, the laundry, etc) that we

Fab Freebie: Art For U


With over 6,000 original pieces to peruse and $500 to spend, UGallery is going to help someone upgrade their walls in a major way this week. Browsing so many artists and works is easier thanks to being able to filter by medium, price, color, size, and style – plus they ship everything for free and will even let you try things out at home for seven days to make sure your selected piece really works in your space. It’s sort of like dating your art before you put a ring on it. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter (it might take a second to load, but it should eventually pop up below this

Making An Easy Handmade Baby Quilt


A few years ago I chronicled how my not-nearly-a-seamstress buns were compelled possessed to make a quilt for the bean. And here I am a few years later (after a tornado of thread and a surprisingly successful sewing machine date) with another homemade quilt – this time for our baby boy on the way. I don’t think I would have been so into making him a quilt if Clara hadn’t grown so attached to hers. She not only has slept with it pretty much every night since I finished it… … but she brings it in the car for road trips, and even drags it downstairs to to the sofa for lazy Saturday snuggling. The

Painting On A Faux Inlay Pattern


This kind of spoils the whole “wait for it… here it comes…” build-up, but I had to lead with an after picture for you guys. It’s a super affordable, deceivingly simple thrift store table upgrade. Seriously, don’t tell me you can’t do this. You can. And I’ll give you one of these if you say you can’t. Do you remember the $25 thrift store Moroccan table that I brought home nearly two years ago? Even after cleaning it up, the top still had a few issues, but I didn’t want to rush into altering it right away (like attempting to putty, sand, prime, and stain/paint it) so I just tossed a few things on the

House Crashing: Cheery Across The Pond


We like to House Crash at least once a month but somehow it has been nearly two since our last one, so we’re sorry for the delay, but we hope that this awesome one all the way from the UK makes up for it! We knew as soon as we saw this place that it was primed and ready for a crashing, and since it’s a little too far for a road trip, we had a lot of fun getting all of the virtual details (and photos) for you guys. Meet Kimberly. She’s married to Wayne, and is an American who has been living in Manchester, UK for over a decade. This is her charming

An Easy Handmade Nursery Mobile


Wanna see a pregnant lady in a crib? Boom, there it is. Yes, this is a story all about how my life got twist turned upside down I made our little man a mobile. It’s kinda rustic (it’s made from a manzanita branch) and kinda modern (there are fun circles in a bunch of colors and sizes that hang down at different lengths) and most of all it makes me smile. Is it weird that hanging this actually made me feel more ready to have the little guy in my arms? Like “OK, the mobile’s up – now the baby party can start.” Much like the mobile I made for Clara’s room (that one was

Fab Freebie: A Perfect Ten


Pop quiz: What’s ten times $25? Answer: It’s what someone’s getting this week from Shop Ten 25. Shop Ten 25 is an online boutique with an eclectic mix of pretty home goodies. Interior designer Abbe Fenimore has curated a colorful and luxurious mix of accessories, pillows, rugs, furniture, and art that is filled with modern conversation pieces. In addition to the $250 gift card that our winner’s getting, everyone can enjoy 15% off their order now through March 5th with code YHL15. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter (it might take a second to load, but it should eventually pop up below this paragraph). This giveaway is available to the United States &

Making Pleated Curtain Panels (The Easy Way)


I’ve always thought that curtains are the unsung hero of room makeovers because everyone’s quick to talk about how paint can make such a huge difference (agreed, it totally can) but I’d argue that curtains can rival the whole “wow, paint totally changed that room” because they can: make a small window look twice as wide draw the eye up and make ceilings feel taller add a whole lot of color/pattern/interest (or not, if you just want something simple/breezy) make any room feel more cozy by adding softness add function (block light and drafts, provide privacy, absorb sound, etc) So there it is. My name is Sherry, and I’m a fan of curtains. Just look