And Now For A Household Crafting Challenge

The other night Sherry and I came up with the idea to challenge each other to craft something using objects around our house – the catch being that the OTHER person gets to choose the objects. It wasn’t necessarily a competition, but we still came up with some ground rules:

  • You can use anything to make the craft, but the three chosen items must be incorporated in some way.
  • The “challengee” may choose one of the items before seeing the other two chosen by the “challenger.”
  • No money can be spent.
  • The project will be shared on the blog, no matter how awful it turns out.

We rock-paper-scissored and I lost, so I was up first. I exercised my right to choose one object and I picked this bright string/twine because I thought it would be functional plus it could bring in some color (I was going into it thinking I’d try to make some sort of art). Sherry, quite dramatically, hid her objects under a bowl to reveal to me.

Continuing the unnecessary dramatics, we decided to video tape my challenge – which I’m glad we did because what I ended up doing would’ve been hard to explain otherwise. So unfortunately you’ve gotta watch below to see the outcome. And if that’s not reason enough, might I entice you with these other teasers?

  • I enlisted Sherry’s help, but it was really just to force her beautiful baby bump on camera
  • Both Burger and Clara videobomb at some point
  • One of Sherry’s chosen objects came out of the fridge…
  • Sherry tried to talk me out of sharing the sound effect that I included at the very end of the video (I didn’t fake that – it was the true sound of the project culminating), but I said “my challenge, my video!”

My craft turned out much better than I expected, wouldn’t you say? Now to figure out where to put it… especially some place where it won’t get rank. Oh yeah, and one other thing…

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS, Y’ALL. Hopefully you won’t ever actually find me crafting with mayonnaise. We just wanted to see if it was possible to create a more cringeworthy video than last year’s April Fools rap-fest. Ah, traditions. If you want to catch up on our other “just kidding” posts of yore, you can find them here: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009. Hope you guys are enjoying some good pranks (and some MUCH better music than the likes of this video) today!

PS: We’ll be back with a completely legit giveaway later in the afternoon. Totally swear it’s for real. Like $500+ real.

PPS: In case you really did forget about the time Sherry hung out with Eminem, you can get that whole story here.


  1. Maria says

    Y’all are hilarious! Sherry gets the cutest pregnant woman award! Thanks for brightening my morning!

  2. Amanda Washburn says

    You two are hilarious!! Oh my word, you just made my day. Best April Fools ever. Now I am going to go back and watch last years video… how did I not know you were a rapper Sherry?? Love little miss cutie Clara as well. – You are a rockin momma and dad! Now go have that baby!

  3. Maya says

    HILARIOUS. That shot of Sherry dancing (belly dancing?) just made my month, and it’s only April 1st. My two-year-old is obsessed with Clara and with mommies with babies in their bellies, so I think if I show her this video when she wakes up from her nap it will blow her mind and become her new favorite song EVER…

  4. says

    I (and my husband especially) love a good April fools prank. Today we announced on Facebook we’re expecting a baby in September… only thing is. It’s not a prank! I really am pregnant! Who’s getting fooled now!?!

  5. Michele from IL says

    Classic! And, I must say, I don’t know where Sherry gets her energy for all these projects while pregnant! :)

  6. Michelle says

    That is an awesome paperclip twine mayonnaise sculpture. I wouldn’t have known where to start, but you nailed it, John.

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