Setting The Mood


During last week’s update about our Homearama Showhouse for Habitat For Humanity, we included a few peeks at how some of the rooms were shaping up. Well, shaping up in our heads, technically, since we’re still about three weeks out from being able to put any furnishings into the house (the walls are getting painted as I type this, and then the cabinetry will go in and the hardwood floors will be stained on site), so everything has been in shopping list and mood board form so far. But in the last week the builder and his awesome team have been humming along, and we’ve made some really good furniture-and-accessory planning progress in several of

House Crashing: Cheery Across The Pond


We like to House Crash at least once a month but somehow it has been nearly two since our last one, so we’re sorry for the delay, but we hope that this awesome one all the way from the UK makes up for it! We knew as soon as we saw this place that it was primed and ready for a crashing, and since it’s a little too far for a road trip, we had a lot of fun getting all of the virtual details (and photos) for you guys. Meet Kimberly. She’s married to Wayne, and is an American who has been living in Manchester, UK for over a decade. This is her charming

An Easy Handmade Nursery Mobile


Wanna see a pregnant lady in a crib? Boom, there it is. Yes, this is a story all about how my life got twist turned upside down I made our little man a mobile. It’s kinda rustic (it’s made from a manzanita branch) and kinda modern (there are fun circles in a bunch of colors and sizes that hang down at different lengths) and most of all it makes me smile. Is it weird that hanging this actually made me feel more ready to have the little guy in my arms? Like “OK, the mobile’s up – now the baby party can start.” Much like the mobile I made for Clara’s room (that one was

Our Favorite Richmond Virginia Activities, Shops, & Eats


Exactly eight years ago today, Sherry and I picked up and moved from NYC to Richmond, VA together. Apart from the towns that we grew up in, neither of us have ever lived any place longer – and it’s the only hometown that Clara has ever known. So we thought it would be fun to commemorate this date – and this city that we love. Especially since you guys ask us plenty of “when in Rome Richmond” questions – the biggest one being “what thrift/discount stores should I hit up when I pass through?”   Three years ago we celebrated our 5th anniversary by sharing a quick post about our “Five Richmond Top Fives” –

Fab Freebie: A Perfect Ten


Pop quiz: What’s ten times $25? Answer: It’s what someone’s getting this week from Shop Ten 25. Shop Ten 25 is an online boutique with an eclectic mix of pretty home goodies. Interior designer Abbe Fenimore has curated a colorful and luxurious mix of accessories, pillows, rugs, furniture, and art that is filled with modern conversation pieces. In addition to the $250 gift card that our winner’s getting, everyone can enjoy 15% off their order now through March 5th with code YHL15. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter (it might take a second to load, but it should eventually pop up below this paragraph). This giveaway is available to the United States &

An Easy Ikea Hack: Bookcase To Wood-Wrapped Changing Table


The changing table was the last functional piece of furniture we still needed for the nursery. And although we quickly agreed we didn’t want to spend a ton of money on that particular function – since diaper changing feels like such a short phase in a bedroom’s life – that was pretty much all we were sure of. I remember before Clara was born a co-worker told me that changing tables were unnecessary since you usually end up changing the kid wherever is most convenient – like on the floor or the nearest piece of furniture – rather than going through the formality of walking all the way to the nursery. This was after we

Showhouse Smorgasbord


The Homearama Showhouse train continues to careen towards our deadline (you can read more about it here, here, here, and here). The show opens May 1 – although we have a baby who’s due a few weeks before that – so we’re scurrying to get things done and holding on for the ride. It simultaneously feels like we have a million things to tell you, yet no tidy way to share the news, so this post may feel a bit scatter-brained as I attempt to update you on everything swirling around the project these days. First up, thanks for all of your input on the front door color. We can’t believe 38,000 votes came in

Making Pleated Curtain Panels (The Easy Way)


I’ve always thought that curtains are the unsung hero of room makeovers because everyone’s quick to talk about how paint can make such a huge difference (agreed, it totally can) but I’d argue that curtains can rival the whole “wow, paint totally changed that room” because they can: make a small window look twice as wide draw the eye up and make ceilings feel taller add a whole lot of color/pattern/interest (or not, if you just want something simple/breezy) make any room feel more cozy by adding softness add function (block light and drafts, provide privacy, absorb sound, etc) So there it is. My name is Sherry, and I’m a fan of curtains. Just look

Email Answer: Second Guessing A DIY


Question: Are there any projects that you wish you hadn’t DIY-ed? I’m in the middle of one that’s not going smoothly and I’m second-guessing my decision not to hire it out. – Holly Answer: This question comes up fairly frequently – it even popped up during the Q&A portion of our talk at the Richmond Home & Garden Show earlier this month. The truth is that we both have trouble recalling a project that we got to the end of and said “man, I wish we hadn’t DIYed that one.” Maybe it’s that post project rush of victory, the relief of completion, or the joy of saving money? Or maybe it’s like childbirth and you

Filling Our Nursery Built-Ins & Making A Paper Mache Narwhal


The bookcases in the nursery have officially been filled with board books, toys, stuffed animals, framed prints, and a few other random bobs and bits that I hope our little man will love feasting his eyes (and mouth?) upon. You know, in the case of those gummy blocks in the bottom right corner of this shot that Clara loved chomping on. Of course we still have a bunch of bigger toys, puzzles, and games that will probably get stored in baskets or some sort of cubby system in another area of the room, but it’s nice to have some fun kid stuff on the bookcases that’s easy to grab and gaze at. This is the

Fab Freebie: A Good Impression


Wanna see my impression of someone who might win $3,000 to spend on hardwood floors this weekend? Go look in a mirror. Get it? Because it’s you. Okay, terrible segue aside – Impressions Hardwood Collection is giving someone three grand this week, so now might be your shot to upgrade your floors. They’ve got options ranging from wide hand-scraped varieties to traditional 3 1/4″ planks, with a variety of color options, all backed by a lifetime warranty. Oh, and through March you can get $250 off any order of 750 square feet or more from their Classic Series with the code YoungHouse. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter (it might take a second

Adding Tons Of Pantry Storage & Function


Let the pantry party commence! I never thought organizing a space that sat behind a closed door 90% of the time could be so cathartic, but working on this pantry with Sherry has made us both feel like the whole kitchen – nay, the whole house – is more functional. Clearly it has even made us more prone to hyperbole. First we got an outlet added, switched up some shelves, and moved the microwave in. Next we moved the trash out. Then it was time for a few fresh coats of primer and paint. Sherry and I briefly debated choosing a happy or bold color in there (either on the walls or the shelves or

Taking Care Of Bid-ness


That’s me these days. At least I like to think it is. Checking off those tedious and lingering to-do list items that I’ve been meaning to do forever, and taking names. So how about a Friday smorgasbord post? The funny thing is that just a few days ago we got a comment that said “hey I miss your Dude Get On That Already updates – will those ever come back?” Do you guys remember those? Where I’d finally get around to tackling something that had been sitting around waiting to get done (usually just painting or hanging something) and I’d share a little update – like this wall plaque, this box, this coat hook, and

Installing A Pull Out Trash Can


Thanks for all of your thoughts and suggestions on the beginnings of our pantry project on Tuesday. We’re kind of swimming in ideas for what to do, but for starters we knew we wanted to take everything out (even the door off its hinges) to begin the process of priming and painting. And, thanks to the conversation between Sherry and I that Tuesday’s post sparked, one thing that won’t be going back into the pantry is our trash can. Instead, it’s gonna go into this cabinet right here. This the cabinet on the end of our peninsula, facing in towards the prep area (as opposed to the eating area). Just ignore all of the pantry

What Do You Splurge On & What Do You Save On?


We get this question a ton, and although it’s completely one of those varies-by-every-scenario things (we might splurge on one mirror because we love it and can’t find anything like it for less, but then save on another mirror because we fall in love with it for $5 at a yard sale), we thought we could attempt to answer it as simply as we could. With a junkload of words and bullets and lists. You know how we do. Of course the words “splurge” and “save” can have wildly different definitions according to the individual. For example, one person might consider a splurge to be hiring out some custom built-ins to the tune of $5,000

Adding Extra Shelves And A Microwave To The Pantry


There’s a party in my pantry. And everyone’s invited. Although, it’s not really a party. And the pantry is far too small to host any sort of gathering. Hmmm. This invitation is going over just about as smoothly as Brick Tambland’s. But back to the pantry. See it there, hiding in the back of the kitchen by the fridge? This is the only “before” I could find of it with the door open. By all the wallpaper and brown trim I could’ve sworn this was from before we moved in, but something about it being stocked with our mess of food tells me this is post-move. #sherlocking Regardless of when the photo was snapped, you

Fab Freebie: Cupid’s Bar


Valentine’s Day is Friday and since we can’t take you all out to a romantic dinner for two, we’re giving away $500 worth of jewelry courtesy of BaubleBar. Their site is well stocked with an ever-updating array of necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and even some handy storage items. You can shop by what’s trending, what’s new, and even by what’s on tap from their notable “guest bartenders.” Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. It might take a second to load, but it should eventually pop up below this paragraph. And there’s a chance to win another $500 over on Style Me Pretty today, too. This giveaway is open to residents of the United States

Adding Crown Molding To A Room (And Some Built-Ins)


We hoped to have all of the nursery’s extra chunky crown molding painted, cut, hung, caulked, and touched up by the end of the weekend, and we just made it by the skin of our teeth (where did that gross expression come from anyway?). Crown is always one of the those “it’ll be nice” things on a to-do list, and then whenever we add it we’re blown away by how much of a difference it makes. Even the most basic and boxy rooms suddenly look taller and just generally upgraded in a surprisingly significant way. Which we always appreciate since a lot of the rooms in our homes have been devoid of amazing architecture (no

Picking An Exterior Paint Color


When we last updated you on the progress of the showhouse that we’re working on for Habitat For Humanity (you can read more about it here, here, and here), its exterior was largely complete and it was awaiting some paint. Well, then it snowed for three weeks in a row, which is a complete rarity in Richmond, so while we continued to scurry around finalizing materials like light fixtures, tile, and cabinetry (more on that here), we weren’t able to update you on our color choice. UNTIL NOW! Can you tell I’m EXCITED?! Get those jazz hands up, y’all. We knew from the get-go that we wanted it to be in the navy family with

Making Our Family Yearbook (An Annual Photo Book)


This week has already been pretty word-heavy with two big construction tutorials and a laundry saga, so we thought some lighter fare was in order – especially since a bunch of you have been asking if we made a family photo book again this year, and if so, when we’d share the details. Well, in the ever esteemed words of Madame Britney, “oops, we did it again.” In fact, the newest edition of the Petersik Family Yearbook landed on our doorstep this weekend. I have to say that we’re still so stunned at how thin-yet-picture-packed these books are. That picture above shows how five years of photos (over 2,400 of them!) can be stored in

Installing Bedroom Built-ins


Top o’ the built-in to ya! On Monday the bases to our nursery built-ins were complete, and now (yes, you guessed it) so are the tops… well, except for some caulking, paint touch ups, and crown molding to finish things off. We’re really happy with how they’ve turned out, and Sherry is about to explode from waiting to fill them in (I’m making her wait until we’ve finished all of our final caulking and paint touch-ups along with the rest of the room’s crown – I know, THE NERVE). But let me show you how we got to this stage, because the tops took a bit more planning than the bases did since I was

So Fresh & So Clean, Clean


Well, our new washer and dryer have arrived! And we promised to share how the installation went, what we did with the floors under them, and how we like them so far (that’s where things really get interesting). We realized a few days ago that we’ve had a whole bunch of different laundry situations. In our first house we had front loaders with a counter… In our second house we had stacked front loaders with cubbies next to them… … and in this house we’ve had top loaders with cabinetry above them. Here are the new guys sitting pretty (although not quite as pretty as the others since we haven’t tackled the rest of this

Fab Freebie: Seeing Red


A few years ago, our cousins took us into a fun home shop during a visit with them in Old Town Alexandria, VA called Red Barn Mercantile. The store had such a collected feeling of rustic weathered wares mixed with modern, often quirky, accessories and gifts – including a great selection of Dash & Albert rugs, which we’re always drawn to. So when they recently approached us to offer up a $500 gift card to anyone in the world, we couldn’t say yes fast enough. And they’re also giving 20% off to everyone with the code HOUSELOVE at checkout. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter (it might take a second to load, but

Turning Store Bought Dressers Into Bedroom Built-Ins


It’s been a busy but productive week in the nursery built-in department, so I’m going to cover a lot in this post. Hang on to your hats, crank up your favorite Swedish electropop, and be prepared for some nitty-gritty detail on how we began the transformation from free-standing Ikea dresser to built-in dresser/bookshelf combo (that’s not a finished result on the right, by the way, it’s just photoshop). As you might recall, we bought two FJELL dressers because they were the size we needed and they were made of solid wood. But they did need a little additional help when it came to giving them a built-in look: The indented side profile meant it couldn’t