Day One


We love being able to look back on Day One at our previous house (as clammy as the photos make us) – so we took a second to walk around our new house on Day One (in this case, the day all of our big furniture finally got moved over) and snapped these lovely photos. What do you guys think? Gorgeous, no? Our work here is done. The living room: The kitchen: Other side of the kitchen: The office: The dining room: The guest room: The hall bathroom: The spare room: Clara’s room (here’s us frantically trying to get it ready so she had a place that felt like home – and a place to

Did We Make A Profit Selling Our Second House?


We answered this question after the sale of our first house (spoiler: we bought in the bubble and sold in the recession), so now we’re back to do it again – but this time the coins stacked a bit more favorably, thanks both to selling in a slightly better market and by not sinking as much into this house’s improvements (it helped that we didn’t need expensive upgrades like a new roof and windows this time around). We managed to sell this latest house for $23,000 more than we bought it for back in 2010. And our best estimate is that we put around $14,500 into improvements that stay with the house (i.e. not furniture

Fab Freebie: Arhaus To Your House


***This giveaway is now closed – see who won below!*** And our randomly selected winner is… Alyson (who says they use their sofa for “cuddling with our dog while watching tv or reading. My day doesn’t feel complete without cuddle time!”) Congrats! Sit back. Put your feet up. Take a load off. Because someone’s winning a new couch this week, courtesy of Arhaus – up to over $2,500 in value! Arhaus covers a wide range of rooms (from dining to bedroom) in a wide range of worldly styles (from traditional to unique). So to showcase that spectrum, this week’s winner will get to pick one of three sofas: the curvy and tufted Club sofa, the

What We Did To Sell Our House Faster By Owner


Ok, so today our house looks like this: We did get Clara’s room pretty settled though (we want her to feel right at home – and light blocking curtains are a must to get her to bed). We left nearly all of the curtains in our old house, but we wrote these guys into the listing as coming with us since she picked them out. And as for our new place, she LOVES it – probably thanks to doing lots of fun things with her here leading up to the move (like painting castles and a big piece of fabric for her birthday photo). When she came running into her all-set-up bedroom for the first