Budget Blooms: Tiptoeing Through The Tulips

While we wait for our primed and painted open shelves to dry (ahhh, tomorrow is H-Day, aka: haaaanging day!) we realized that we’ve been waaaaay overdue for a budget blooms post. Remember when we used to do them every month? Yeah, we fell off. Oops. And a few of you have actually requested them, which is just what the doctor ordered since book chaos + kitchen chaos = a hankering for a sliver of beauty in a completely trashed house like ours. Seriously, it looks crazier than it did the day we moved in. Bed in the living room? Check. Painting and repainting a five foot swatch of wall in the playroom different colors every few days? Check. Photography equipment filling up our dining room? Check. But six bucks at the grocery store later, and I had me these beauties – and a small slice of gorgeousness in this crazy house full of people, projects, and other miscellaneous craziness.

I love this vase from Crate & Barrel (a gift from John’s older sister for my birthday a few years back) and it looks especially good with floppy flowers sort of splayed out around the wiggly perimeter.

And I love the two-tone tulip action going on. The prettiest color combinations are always found in nature, huh? Buttery yellow + poppy reddish pink + fresh green = yes please.

I like how they’re leaning out like they’re growing towards the sun in our natural-light-less kitchen. Oh the irony. These guys have actually been alive a few days now, so I guess they only need water but not too much sun (since they have yet to fall to pieces). Whew.

Oh and just for fun, I played around with them in another vase. Well, I guess it’s not really a vase (it’s a seeded glass hurricane meant for a candle that I grabbed at HomeGoods a few years back). Just as pretty, huh? Oh and I got us a kitchen radio on clearance from Joss and Main about a month ago (and we finally plugged it in after staring at it on the counter for a while). Let me tell you, it’s novel. We’ve actually never had a radio in the kitchen but since we log so much hangout time at the peninsula these days (doing blog stuff/book stuff/projects/eating) we thought it would be nice. And it is. Especially with pretty tulips next to it.

The hilarity of this photo is that if I were allowed to share behind-the-scenes book pics, the next photo would be what you see if you swing the camera about six inches to the right. A shot of our monstrous dining table that sits just beyond this half-wall and is completely full of lamps/ceramic things/paint cans/fabric/baskets/bottles/books/frames/etc. Seriously, you can’t even see the tabletop anymore. So when I say there’s a sliver of beauty in our completely trashed house, I really do mean it. And the juxtaposition is hysterically funny to us. So just know that the over-sharer in me is dying to slather chaos pics all over this end of this post to balance the sweet charming “moments” in the kitchen. Oh well, when the book is out we’re allowed to share it all, so we’re counting down the months.

Anyway, back to the kitchen and our little budget blooms. I now firmly believe that every kitchen is made better by three things: flowers, a radio, and a white ceramic tea kettle (of course). Closely followed by a giant ceramic rooster. And a wall full of penny tile doesn’t hurt either. Have you guys been buying flowers or other greenery lately? Have you played around with a few different vases just for fun? Do you have a kitchen radio? Do you even listen to the radio anymore? Oh and what are three things that you think makes any kitchen better?

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  1. says

    ADORE that first vase. And your radio is sooo cute. I want to steal it!

    I love snipping roses from my back yard and bringing them in to brighten up the dining room table. My current dwelling is open concept, so I can admire them easily from any of the main living spaces in the house. Not quite the season for roses yet, though!

  2. Larissa says

    I can’t wait to see the behind-the-scenes pics! Isn’t it amazing how the most simple things are what get us through sometimes?

    We have an iPod dock like the one you have in Clara’s room in our kitchen. Whenever we feed our 10 month old we play Bach’s Brandenburg concertos and he looks at the iPod and says “Bacccchhhhhh!” It’s adorable.

  3. says

    I have to have:
    cute salt shakers.
    Cute soap dispenser
    a single bloom of whatever flowers I have for the week in a bud vase by my sink.
    also besides the penny in the tulips you can take a sewing needle or pin and prick a small hole right below the base of the tulip head in the stem. It will fill the stems up with air and perk them back up if they are droopy…

  4. Gavin S. says

    Did you know that tulips are the only flowers that keep growing after they’re cut? Might be a fun thing to track with Clara (because every kitchen is better with flowers that double as a science experiment/observation learning game!).

  5. Amanda R says

    I love the little hints about book projects sprinkled in the post, so excited to get my hands on a copy of it whenever it’s done!

  6. says

    Oh, fun!! This seriously makes me want to run by the grocery store on the way home just to get some fresh flowers!(And that’s saying a lot ’cause I hate the grocery store right after work when everyone and their brother decides they need something last minute for dinner. ha!)

  7. says

    Love the tulips! I was super excited the other day because Trader Joe’s had gotten a huge shipment of daffodils in from England. They were SO lovely and SO hinted at springtime that I couldn’t resist buying a bunch. And at $1.99 the price couldn’t be beat!

    I constantly have the radio on in the kitchen – I joke with my husband that David Ginder on Classical WETA is my morning time boyfriend. Sometimes I stream the radio through the iPad, but that still counts right?

    3 things that make my kitchen better:
    -My Chinese “happiness pot” where I keep my tea (looks like this: http://www.wisteria.com/Happiness-Pots-Short/productinfo/W1810/ but cost $11 at a consignment shop)
    -A living plant (or three!). Detoxifies the air and makes the space look lovelier.
    -The picture of my family that’s in a frame with about a thousand little rhinestones on it. There is a sliver of light that reaches it around mid-afternoon and it casts about a million rainbows all over the room. Makes me smile every single time it happens. xoxo

  8. says

    Gorgeous tulips! I’m a perfectionist, so I have a hard time just letting flowers “flop,” but I need to control that. It looks really pretty!

  9. Ashley says

    Do y’all know about the other H-Day? When Sweden changed from left-hand drive to right-hand drive in the 1960s? The whole country stopped at 5p to allow for the change of direction; everyone literally came to a stand-still. So it’ll be like you – when the whole Petersik household comes to a stand-still to appreciate your new shelving. :)

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